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Cuisinart Grind N Brew Model DGB-500R

by Mike Hansen
(Yardley, PA)

The Cuisinart Grind N Brew Model DGB-500R is the best coffee maker in the world! It's unbelievable how fresh coffee tastes each and every day the coffee maker is used.

My fiancee and I received a gift certificate for Linens N Things as an engagement gift, and decided to use it, along with one of their 20% off coupons to purchase a coffee maker.

The Cuisinart Grind N Brew was on sale at the time for just under $100. With the coupon and the gift certificate, I would pay less than $40 out of my pocket, including tax.

That was a good reason to make the purchase, but after using it, I can say I would have paid full price! It is the only appliance I use every single day I am home.

It is easy to use. Just put a filter in and fill it up with water. The beans go in a hopper on top that has a lid.

Obviously the freshest coffee beans will make the freshest coffee, but Bucks County Coffee Company has an outlet near my home that sells recenty expired or about to expire sacks of coffee for a fraction of the price (4 for $10). The coffee is vaccuum sealed, so how can it go bad?

The only annoying part of the whole experience is when you first turn it on and the grinder is grinding the coffee.

It does make a bit of noise that makes you wonder if a jet engine is starting up in your kitchen (or bathroom, if that's where you like to brew your coffee). Just when you feel your head becoming unraveled, the grinder ceases and you start to smell the fresh coffee dripping into the pot.

It takes about 10 minutes to fill the pot. For me, the flavor and freshness beats the high price specialty coffee vendors any day. Flavored coffees work just as well as different roasts.

My favorite is Sumatra. Cleaning is a breeze as well. Only 5 pieces total: the pot, the 2 piece basket, and the 2 piece hopper. all are removable and all are dishwasher safe, or a quick rinse and wipe will have you back in business.

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