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Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-900BC

There are many grind & brew coffeemakers out there. Even Cuisinart has other models. Still, the Burr Grind & Brew thermal 12-cup automatic coffeemaker has a special combination of features for a particular group of coffee lovers. As with any other model, this coffeemaker aims to please but may only be able to hit the target with some, if not many, of its users.

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Like other Cuisinart coffeemaker models, the DGB-900BC is fully automated and fully programmable. It serves up to 12 cups of freshly grounded and brewed coffee. The taste is preserved by the special burr grinder, which is the focus of the DGB-900BC.

Another Cuisinart brew & grind model made use of the water filter to preserve the flavor. The DGB-900 BC makes use of the burr grinder itself to perform that role.

Key Features

- The Burr Grind & Brew thermal 12 cup automatic coffeemaker serves up to 12 cups of piping hot coffee.
- The DGB-900BC is programmable up to 24 hours.
- The coffeemaker model has a double-wall insulated carafe, for keeping the coffee hot.
- The grinder's movements can be adjusted with the use of the grind control and the strength selector.
- The coffeemaker has an automated shut off.
- It has a water filter.
- It has the Cuisinart patented Brew Pause function, which allows pouring of coffee even before brewing the whole pot.
- It has an 8-ounce coffee bean hopper.
- It makes use of a gold commercial filter.
- The brew can be limited to 2 to 4 cups of coffee.


Burr Grind & Brew users rave about the fresh tasting, hot coffee that they get served with using the said coffeemaker. They love the insulated walls of the carafe that keep their coffee warm and fresh even after a few hours of not even adding hot water into the brew.

The hopper lock also keeps the coffee beans in one place. So, when you take off the hopper to brush off some coffee grounds, the beans do not spill out.

Cleaning, according to some costumers, is quite easy. You only need to take out the basket assembly every after using and clean it up. This is a whole lot better than having to disassemble all the parts for cleanup every after brewing a pot. There are also a lot of other user-friendly features that make using the Burr Grind & Brew so much fun.


Not everybody is pleased with the Burr Grind & Brew. Others actually find it difficult to keep the coffee warm inside the coffeemaker. It seems, for them, that the thermal coffeemaker feature is not working.

Unsatisfied users also complain about the loud, gritty noise every time the coffeemaker is grinding some coffee beans. Beans also get stuck in difficult to reach places. This makes cleaning up generally difficult.

The fact that the water intake section and the coffee bean intake section are barely separated from each other makes it easy for droplets of water to make the coffee bean intake section soggy and all clogged up.This is quite a mess that would require regular cleanups. A situation like this, if it happens regularly, may make the coffeemaker go bust even before it lasts a year. Some users have actually already complained about the DGB-900BC's short life span.


- has double-walled insulated in its carafe
- has a water filter
- has easy to disassemble and assemble parts
- is easy to sue
- serves up to 12 cups of coffee


- thin separation between water intake section and coffee bean intake section
- annoyingly loud when grinding coffee beans
- easy to get messy

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Comments for Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-900BC

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Apr 21, 2012
Dont waste your hard earned money
by: Nick Gajowski

I concur with all the writings above. The company doesnt have a QC.

Apr 20, 2012
What's a good alternative?
by: Anonymous

I posted on this page back in 2010 and I'm still amazed that my machine is still working. I'm also amazingly frustrated by it.

So I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions for a quality alternative? I'd like a machine that holds the beans in a hopper, that grinds and that brews. Pretty much what the Cuisinart does but better! Oh, and that doesnt cost $500!

It would be great if people could post their thoughts on alternatives on this page seeing as we've established that this machine is junk!

Apr 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Pouring coffee from the pot is a disaster! Coffee everywhere! There is a lip on the inside of the pot that makes you have to practically turn the pot upside down to get coffee out and you can't get the last bit of coffee even out of the pot as it will shoot all over. Very frustrating!

Jan 18, 2012
Expensive and Inconvenient
by: Ralph

For a $200 coffee maker, one would expect a quality product that brews fantastic coffee. If it doesn't do that, why would one spend that much money?

I have had several Cuisinart Grind and Brew coffeemakers. I liked the product and, after a part wore out in my old one, decided to step up and get one with more features and, hopefully, a coffee maker that would make the morning Starbucks even better than getting it from the local coffee shop.

That was a mistake. The DGB-900BC sounded good. I liked the idea of being able to put in a number of beans without filling it each time. The product also allowed adjusting the brew strength and the thermal carafe would, as did the earlier version, keep the coffee warm for a long time.

Unfortunately, I have now parked the DGB-900BC in the garage, unused and unwanted. After having coffee spill all over the counter, into drawers, and on to the floor on more than one occasion, it was obvious this product requires more "care and feeding" than the instructions would lead one to believe.

The small port used to drop the grounds into the coffee filter jams up. In effect, if it jams up, you will get a pot full of hot water with no coffee.

And, depending on how religiously one cleans the coffeemaker, you may also end up with grounds clogging up the filter and spreading water all over the immediate area in which the coffee pot is located.

I went so far as to contact the company about this product, specifically about the grounds clogging up the port for dispensing the grounds. I was told: "Depending on the type of coffee beans you use it will clog the unit and requires it to be cleaned on a daily basis."

I was selecting the lowest level of coffee strength. No matter. The coffee is always very strong. Moreover, the unit requires removing the beans, removing the bean holder, and cleaning out the unused grounds from the previous brewing each and every time it is used.

If this coffee maker had been $50 or so, I would not have thought much about the inconvenience and the problems I have experienced with this unit. The reality is, a consumer purchases an expensive product for ease of use and quality of the product. In this case, it fails. Save your money and buy a cheaper product for a better cup of coffee.

Jun 08, 2011
Does this website test the machines or just regurgitate what’s on the box?
by: Anonymous

My original post was 'Very Poor' - Sep 09, 2010. I since contacted Cuisinart who were not interested in the least that they are selling junk!

It's interesting that every comment about this machine picks up the same faults. Makes me feel better that it’s not just my machine that’s a dud!

Got me thinking though... does whoever write the official review on this website actually use the product though? I understand that some issues only become apparent over time, but problems such as cold coffee and the useless pour function of the jug/lid should have been highlighted in the ‘cons’ section from just one use?

Jun 07, 2011
worst performing appliance ive ever used
by: Anonymous

cuisinart has a lot of work to do to make there products more reliable and user friendly. All I require this appliance to do is to brew coffee once a day and it is incapable of initiating the brewing sequence. All it does it tick at a high frequency. The grinder only worked a handful of times before it completely failed as well never to functuion again. What a complete waste of time and money! Cuisinart, you've officially lost a family of potential future consumers

Jan 11, 2011
Don't be sold by features.
by: Anonymous

What was Cuisinart thinking when they made this? Did they ever actually make coffee with one? The grinder jams up every other use and it is VERY difficult to unjam. Basically you have to pick the packed in grinds out with your fingers while contorting them into the grind shoot which you can't actually see into. I called about this and their response was: "What beans do you use". I said Peet's French Roast. They said "oh, those beens are too oily, try a different type of bean." I am left thinking how about making your (nearly $200.00) coffeemaker actually work? Or maybe I was stupid to buy your product and should just buy a non Cuisinart coffee maker. We have resorted to not using the automatic bean grinder due to the jamming issues, and now we have discovered that they have another design flaw. If you put just a little too much beans in the filter, the coffee grinds will splash and block the spout to the coffee pot, which will cause 12 cups of coffee to dump out just behind the coffee pot insuring that you will have nearly 12 cups of hot coffee all over your kitchen. As if there were not enough issues the water is never hot enough. Mmmmmm. Not hot enough fresh coffee!!!
Shame, shame, shame on you Cuisinart for making such a terrible product. I have a Cuisinart chopper that I love, but because of this, I will never buy another Cuisinart product.

Oct 30, 2010
good idea, if it worked
by: Anonymous

I bought this coffee pot to replace my old red cuisnart grind/brew coffee maker that bit the dust after a power outage. Had the first one for under 2 months, the grinder stopped working. I packed it up and returned it to the store. Came home with a replacement. It worked great...for 3 weeks. Then the grinder died again. I returned it and got a totally different coffee maker.

I don't mind paying a bit more for a great coffee maker because its my only vice. But this one sucked! The coffee was lukewarm at best, by the third cup you had to microwave it to have it be an acceptable temperature. The carafe poured soooo slowly! I did replace my coffee maker with another cuisnart model...praying that this one lasts longer than the warrenty at least :{

Sep 09, 2010
Very Poor
by: Anonymous

What a shame Cuisinart didnt test this product before selling it.

I've had this for two years and to be honest, I'm surprised it still works at all! Here are my issues!...

Thermal caraf - great idea but think about it. Hot coffee is going into a cold metal jug = luke warm coffee. On the upside, it keeps the luke warm coffee luke warm for several hours. I have to pre heat the jug everytime with hot water before starting to make coffee. Not ideal.

Grinder - has no control over how fine or coarse to grind the beans. It seems to be set to a standard coarse setting meaning it eats through beans like crazy!

Cog mechanism - plastic cog teeth are never going to last. It doesnt take a genius to work this out! Now, it takes at least three attemps every time to set the cog-like lid and close the door.

All in all, not impressed. Spend your money wisely and avoid this product.

Aug 09, 2010
(this review is for the 12 cup)
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker needs work, which is particularily annoying, considering the price.

To use the grinder, you need to dis-assemble it regularly, removing the bean holder, and brush/scrub out the inner chamber of compressed grinds, or otherwise it regularily clogs. This is an akward, and messy proceedure, and appropriate engineering design should have negated the need for the consumer to get so involved with the inner workings.

In addition, for all it's sophistication, no alarm will sound if the basket lid is missing (preventing overflow of the entire water chamber as it drips down), or if the pot is positioned 100% acurately (also to prevent overflow). Either situation will cause the entire chamber of water to drip through the basket, and drain completely out, all over your counter. yet if the lid to the water chamber isn't on (causing no ill effects), the alarm beep will sound, preventing the pot from being made.

Come on! Not worth the $200. To add insult to injury, Cuisinart refuses to warrant / fix these through local dealers, and insists that you bring the unit directly to their warehouse for repair (and then return to pick it up) - which is not centrally or conveniently located.

Mar 23, 2010
design issues
by: Anonymous

What an absolute disappointment. I was taking the vacuum cleaner to it everyday to clean it out and sometimes you cannot get it clean because you have to clean in such awkward places. I set the machine up before I go to bed and it comes out water in the morning. I have switched to ground coffee until I can get another coffee maker. I have complained to Air Miles (bought it with Air Mile Points) and to Cuisinart and received the following email from Cuisinart:

Simply mail us your defective product or part with a detailed letter stating your name,mailing address, model , serial number, a brief description of the problem , a photocopy of your receipt and a cheque made out to Conair Canada for Conair products($5.00) or Cuisinart Canada for Cuisinart products ($10.00) for return shipping. Your product will be serviced and or inspected for possible warranty repair or replacement.

I sent the following email back and have not (or will not I am sure) hear from them.

Our machine is not defective it is inefficient and I would suggest you rethink your design. We will think twice before we buy another Cuisinart Product and do not recommend it to anyone. It is also unbelievable that you would charge us money to return a defective machine

Mar 11, 2010
by: BRN

great coffee, terrible reliability, often wanted too hit it with a shovel

Mar 10, 2010
good results but messy
by: Anonymous

I bought this model last month at Linens 'n Things, and it's currently my daily coffee maker.

Cuisinart makes three models of the Grind and Brew. The DGB-9000BC is the top of the Grind and Brew line and I chose it because it has a burr grinder, which produces much better coffee quality than the standard grinder that comes with the other Cuisinart models. I also prefer the thermal carafe that comes with this model over a glass carafe, so I was pretty happy with my choice.

It has the standard features of most coffee makers: it's programmable, so you can get your morning coffee ready the night before, it has a strength selector, and the brew pause features allows you to steal a cup of coffee before the brew cycle has completed.

The unit features a sleek chrome finish with black accents. My only caution is that because of the burr grinder mounted on the top of the unit it is unusually tall for a coffee maker. You might want to measure your kitchen cabinets before purchase to ensure the Cuisinart will actually fit underneath your cabinet. Mine doesn't and it looks a little awkward to have it sitting out in the middle of my kitchen counter.

In the month I've had it, it's been extremely reliable. This unit does require a bit more cleaning than a standard coffee pot. About twice a week I take apart the two sections where the coffee is ground and wipe them out with a paper towel to clear out any buildup of coffee grounds. If you don't do this you'll get an occasional coffee ground in your brew and a quick cleanup twice a week seems to take care of this issue. The thermal carafe cleans up quickly and so far it's been fairly stain resistant, which is a plus since staining can be a problem with thermal carafes.

So, I loved the features and aside from the unusual height I loved the machine. The big test, of course, is how the coffee actually tastes. The Cuisinart Grind and Brew DGB-900BC produces terrific coffee! It brews quickly (a big plus - my previous coffee maker, a Braun, took forever to complete a brew cycle), the coffee is deliciously full flavored and best of all, the temperature is perfect, nice and hot.

I would highly recommend this model if you want outstanding results and don't mind a little extra cleanup with the unit. If you don't use whole beans yet it's definitely worth making the switch from buying pre-ground coffee - your morning cup will be richer, fresh, and delicious. Enjoy!

Dec 10, 2009
cold coffee
by: Bridie

It does'nt keep the coffee hot

Oct 23, 2009
I lost the manual
by: Roberto Davila

I lost the manual - instruction to learn how to use the coffee maker Cuisnart model DGB-900BC.
Is there any web site where I can down load the user manual/instruction?
Thank you.
Roberto Davila

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