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Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12 cup coffee maker

Amidst carafe-less designs, there are still easy to use and improved versions of coffeemakers with carafes. One such example is Cuisinart's 12-cup programmable thermal coffeemaker. Its easy to use features are put together in an elegant black or white stainless steel exterior design.

Like modern carafe-less coffeemakers, this thermal coffeemaker is programmable for up to 24 hours. As the name suggests, this coffeemaker can serve up to twelve cups of coffee.

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Key Features

What are the features of a 12-cup programmable thermal coffemaker? Here they are:

- It can brew 12 cups of coffee at one time.
- It has an insulated, double-walled carafe, made of stainless steel.
- The coffeemaker is fully automatic.
- The thermal coffemaker can be paused in midcycle.
- It is programmable up to 24 hours.
- Pour-through lid makes it easy to pour the coffee.


Consumers love the fact that the Cuisinart 12-cup programmable thermal coffemaker is performing as it should: it seals in the heat and the freshness. As a result, the brewed coffee is fresh, hot and flavorful. Coffee in the carafe can also stay hot for hours after the brew. This is exactly how a coffee lover wants it.

Having to go to the coffee shop to respond to a coffee craving can get really expensive. It is great to be able to make tasty coffee all the time, using a coffeemaker that can go for $150 or less, after discounts. This Cuisinart offering is also the only thermal coffeemaker that can actually fill up to 12 cups. Most thermal coffeemakers max out at 10 cups per brew. Some consumers are even able to bring along this handy and useful coffeemaker in their trips via RV. Others are pleased that it has the patented tilt and pour carafe.

Users do not have to remove the carafe to pour the coffee. The convenience and portability offered by the thermal coffeemaker makes it score points to coffee lovers. Another plus to the Cuisinart 12-cup programmable thermal coffeemaker is that it is already quite rare for a product to actually perform as was advertised. The true-to-hype performance makes this particular coffeemaker trustworthy.


While there are a lot of features that consumers love about the Cuisinart thermal coffeemaker, they all do not last long enough. According to consumers, it is rare, if not downright impossible, for a Cuisinart thermal coffeemaker to last beyond two years without any problems.

There are units that start beeping even though there is no brewed coffee ready to be poured. Even the looks are marred after just a few washes. The markings can be removed by soap and water. So, you have to memorize just where to press when you want to do something with your coffeemaker. Some who were initially ecstatic about this particular thermal coffeemaker are sad that though a great product, the Cuisinart unit just not last long enough to look good and work well.

There are also some complaints about the shape of the carafe. Filters that can fit into the oblong shaped carafe are the more expensive ones. Consumers, especially coffee lovers, would have loved a coffeemaker that allows the use of cheaper filters.


- easy to use
- convenient pouring
- portability
- keeps coffee fresh and flavorful
- midcycle pouring cancels the wait
- elegant style


- easy to wear down
- erasable markings
- not so user friendly/recommended to those experienced with thermal coffeemakers

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Comments for Cuisinart DTC-975BKN 12 cup coffee maker

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Dec 16, 2016


Jun 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

The carafe has issues. I beleive that the ball system the carafe utilizes can get too hot.

I have taken 2 machines back to the store b/c the carafe stopped accepting coffee from the machine.

They reported that they have had this complaint numberous times and are debating not holding the machine any longer.

This issue mangles a wood floor.

Aug 25, 2010
Tired of cleaning the floor.
by: crdriggs

Filter holder pops up sometimes when you put the caraffe back in, the pause and serve valve is no longer pressed, and you fill the electronics, cover the counter, fill the drawer and cover the floor with that great Mocca Java you have been dreaming about all night.

Lid on caraffe is easy to cross thread, causing the pause and serve valve to not open, covering the floor with that expensive French Roast.

Check valve stopped sealing about 6 months after I got it and it takes 1 full hour to brew 6 cups.

The "I am done brewing" beep could be a little louder, but they would have to put an amplifier in it and try hard.

Aug 13, 2010
good coffee but prone to issues
by: Anonymous

This pot makes great coffee and at a perfect hot temperature. The issue with this pot is with the top of the thermal carafe which you must spin and align perfectly for the drip to work. Numerous times I have had the top not exactly aligned only to find coffee brewing out over the counter. After having coffee in my silver drawer 10 times I am wondering if there isn't a better option...

Mar 11, 2010
love it
by: Marilyn


First of all, it is a full 12 cup maker. We limit the household to only one pot a day – so having the extra two cups keeps us from fighting over who gets the last cup. As for quality, it makes excellent coffee.

We also purchased the gold tone coffee filter. The coffee maker and the filter clean up easily. We did experience early problems with getting the lid on properly. If the lid is askew, it doesn’t allow the coffee to drain into the thermos properly. This leads to a large mess of coffee on the counter and the floor to clean up. It didn’t take long to figure out how to avoid the mess.

We use the timer constantly. The clock and timer are easy to set and we haven’t had any issues with not having the coffee ready for us in the morning. It can be hard to see the display in less than optimum lighting. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee nice and hot all day long. Often, we find it still steaming the next day if we somehow managed to leave some in the carafe overnight.

The lid to the carafe allows for easy pour. It stays on and keeps the coffee sealed at all times. You do not need to loosen the lid to pour the coffee. No more coffee lids falling into the coffee cup when the previous person forgot to re-tighten the lid.

This has been my favorite coffee maker I have ever owned.

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