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White/Black Coffee Grinder   Stainless Steel Parts Herb Grinder

White/Black Coffee Grinder Stainless Steel Parts Herb Grinder

The CUISINART DCG-20N is built with sturdy, durable parts that may be removed to make cleaning up easy and convenient. This coffee grinder can serve up 12 cups at a time, just about right for most households with avid coffee drinkers.

Interior Features
  • The DCG-20N can grind up to 2.5 ounces of coffee beans. About that amount of coffee beans can fill up 12 cups of coffee. This capacity may have been exceeded by other models in terms of both storage of number of cups filled but it is just about right for most households and small offices.
  • Another unit of this particular coffee grinder would be a great addition to any home or office. The other unit may be used to grind herbs and spices. The grinder can lead a double life as coffee grinder and herb grinder. Basil, parsley and peppercorns all can be grounded in the DCG-20N.
  • The coffee grinder in question has removable, stainless steel parts. Both the facts that the parts are removable and that the material is stainless steel make the parts and the whole machine easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel prevents rusting.

    Exterior Features

  • The DCG-20N has an on/off switch that makes it easy to operate. When the appliance is turned on and grinding, the lid cannot be opened. This is a safety feature that the coffee grinder is designed with to prevent hot beans or coffee from spilling.
  • The cord has a neat storage space in the coffee grinder itself. This product design aims to prevent messy setups and electrocution when exposed to spilled liquids.
  • The coffee grinder is available in either black or white housing. The color selection is chosen so that the appliance can easily blend into any kitchen or with other kitchen appliances.
  • A transparent cover with measurement markings make it easy to take a safe peek into what is grinding. The user will know whether things are going according to plans. The markings prevent the user from using guesswork when preparing coffee that will fill a particular number of cups.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 12 cups
    Weight: 1.7 pounds


  • The DCG-20N has removable, stainless parts for easy cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel prevents the coffee grinder from rusting. So, the appliance is expected to last long. Wiping the product with a damp cloth during cleanup and not immersing it in water can help it last longer. The 18-month warranty attached to the product is more of a response to other defects.
  • The measurement markings are easy to read. So, the user can grind an exact number of coffee beans to produce an exact number of coffee cups.
  • Storage is easy with a neat encasement for the cord. The size of the product also allows it to fit into kitchen counter corners. Because it is light, it is also pretty easy to maneuver.


  • The stainless steel blades are held by breakable plastic.
  • The product operates noisily.


  • easy maintenance and cleanup
  • lightweight
  • produces up to 12 cups at a time
  • can grind herbs and spices
  • neat storage
  • 18 month warranty


  • noisy
  • with breakable parts

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