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CUISINART DCG-12BC Grind Central Grinder Coffeemaker

Stainless Steel Coffee   18 Cups Large Capacity Heavy Duty Motor

Stainless Steel Coffee 18 Cups Large Capacity Heavy Duty Motor

The CUISINART DCG-12BC not only has a high capacity for storage and for coffee preparation but is also backed up by a heavy duty motor. The stainless steel housing and blades provide durability in the appliance and strength in the grinding. Accurate and easy measurements add some finesse to an otherwise hulking coffee grinder.

Interior Features
  • The CUISINART DCG-12BC can produce up to 18 cups of coffee per grind. This is because this particular coffeemaker can hold up to 90 grams of coffee beans, ready to be grounded into steaming cups of coffee. This coffeemaker may have been designed for the home but it is capable of serving a small office of coffee drinkers.
  • Grinding is consistent with this coffee grinder model. So, coffee comes out as the user expects and prefers. The consistency may be thanks to the heavy duty motor and the stainless blades. Aroma and taste are also preserved as the CUISINART DCG-12BC operates in low heat.

    Exterior Features

  • The CUISINART DCG-12BC is encased in an elegant, stainless steel housing. The housing provides the coffee grinder with an attractive enough look that makes it worthy to be displayed on the kitchen counter. The material prevents the appliance from rusting. Stainless steel also makes parts dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning. Cord storage makes things neat in between grindings.
  • The transparent cover allows the coffee drinker to preview the coffee before actually pouring a cup. This preview may also show whether there is a need for another round of grinding to get the coffee to extra fine. The lid/cover also allows the storage of extra coffee inside the removable stainless steel, grinding bowl.
  • The coffee grinder has an on/off switch for easy operation. There is also a safety interlock system, in which the lid is prevented from opening once the appliance is on.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 5 inches
    Width: 5.9 inches
    Height: 8.9 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 18 cups
    Weight: 8.8 ounces


    The heavy motor and the stainless steel blades contribute to the consistent textures produced by the CUISINART DCG-12BC. Owners of the appliance can enjoy fine coffee textures. The coffee grinder can produce up to 18 cups at one go. That is a lot of coffee, enough to provide a couple cups or more to each member of an average-sized family. This capacity also makes the coffee grinder compatible to small office use.

    The stainless steel parts lend durability and strength to the coffee grinder. These parts are also easy to clean and maintain as they are dishwasher safe. Removable parts further provide ease of cleaning. The CUISINART DCG-12BC produces delicious, aromatic coffee because it operates in low heat.


    Some consumers have complained about its short life.


  • operates in low heat
  • preserves aroma and taste
  • can produce up to 18 cups at a time
  • has removable, easy to clean parts
  • has attractive, durable stainless steel housing
  • consistent grinding performance
    has safety lock


  • short product life

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