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Cuisinart DCC-755 FlavorBrew® 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

Cuisinart has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling home appliances for decades now. One of the appliance types that Cuisinart has become known for is their coffeemakers. The brand has numerous and varied coffeemakers of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

In this article, we will be taking a look at the features, advantages and disadvantages, as well as consumer likes and dislikes of the Cuisinart FlavorBrew 10-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker DCC-755.

This coffeemaker is in the mid-price range for 10-cuppers, making it a great choice for coffee lovers who are looking for a bargain. Keep reading to learn more about the DCC-755.

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Key features

The DCC-755 has a number of great features and functions that stem from the product's design and engineering. First and foremost, let's take a look at one of the main features of any coffeemaker: the carafe.

- The DCC-755 has a carafe that can comfortably hold up to 50 fluid ounces for up to 10 cups of coffee per brew. Furthermore, the thermal carafe has a double-wall design that helps insulate the coffee inside, keeping it warm for longer periods of time in comparison to typical glass or stainless steel carafes.

- Another useful feature of this coffeemaker is that it has 24-hour programmability, allowing you to automate start and stop functions throughout the day.

- The DCC-755 also has settings for a self-clean mode, as well as 1- to 4-cup settings for when you want smaller batches of coffee.

- Like many of the coffeemakers recently released by Cuisinart, the DCC-755 has a built-in BrewPause feature so you can pour a cup before the brewing finishes.

- Some of the other features that you may like about this coffeemaker are the charcoal water filter, gold-tone filter, black or white color scheme, limited 3-year warranty, and the 60-second reset feature.


* Thermal carafe works well - Many consumers like that the DCC-755 has a thermal carafe to keep coffee warm for quite some time after the brewing has finished. Furthermore, the carafe holds an ample amount of coffee at 10 cups, which is enough to handle coffeemaking for numerous people at home or office setting.

* Automatic programming and multiple operation modes - Another feature that consumers like about this coffeemaker is that it can be programmed to make coffee round-the-clock. Also, the coffeemaker can be set to different operation modes, for 1 to 4 cups or self-cleaning.

* Compact size - The DCC-755 also has a small footprint, despite its large carafe that can handle up to 10 cups of coffee. This means that you have more counterspace to work with, without having to settle for a coffeemaker with a smaller capacity.


* Grind issues - One of the complaints that some consumers have mentioned is that the DCC-755 lets grinds through the filter and into the carafe, which translates to coffee grinds and grit in your coffee cup. This is not acceptable for those who want a high quality cup of coffee. Sometimes, the filtration compartment overflows and spills over onto the countertop.

* Temperature issues - Another consumer complaint about this coffeemaker is that freshly brewed coffee comes out lukewarm or simply not hot enough.

* Pouring issues - Consumers have also mentioned that it is difficult to pour coffee out of the carafe. According to these consumers, you practically have to turn the carafe upside down to get the coffee out--a task that is both inconvenient and dangerous.


- affordable for the capacity
- brews 10 cups
- thermal carafe
- 24-hour programmable automation
- compact size and sleek design


- difficult to pour
- overflowing filtration compartment
- grinds get into carafe
- brewed coffee is not hot enough

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