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Cuisinart DCC-750 FlavorBrew® 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Long known for its quality coffeemakers and home appliances, Cuisinart has become a well-known and reliable brand. Although the brand has received some criticisms in the past years, Cuisinart still makes some great products for the kitchen. One such product is the FlavorBrew 12-cup Coffeemaker DCC-750.

The DCC-750 has many of the features that you would look for and need in a good coffeemaker. This affordable, feature-rich, and large capacity coffeemaker is definitely worth looking into for coffee lovers.

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Before you go out and buy the Cuisinart coffemaker model, though, let's take a look at some of its features, advantages, disadvantages, as well as consumer likes and dislikes.

Key features

- One of the most important components in any coffeemaker is the carafe. In FlavorBrew DCC-750, the carafe is designed to hold a total capacity of 12 cups of coffee, which is enough to handle the needs of even the most passionate of coffee lovers. The carafe has an ergonomic handle with a knuckle guard and a dripless spout, making pouring and handling more convenient.

- The BrewPause feature on this coffeemaker allows you to pause the brew and pour a cup of coffee before the brewing process has finished. The 60-second reset timer works together with the BrewPause feature to continue the brewing process from where it left off.

- A gold-tone filter and a charcoal water filter also help ensure the quality and flavor of your coffee.

- If you don't want to brew an entire 12 cups of coffee, you can set this machine to brew 1 to 4 cups.

- The DCC-750 also has settings for 24-hour programmable automation.

- Another great feature of this machine is the self-clean setting, which helps save time and effort.


* Programmability - The biggest advantage of the FlavorBrew 12-Cup Coffeemaker DCC-750 is that it is fully programmable. The self-clean option takes care of everyday cleaning tasks, although you do still have to clean the machine manually once in a while.

The 24-hour programmable automation works great because it allows you to program the machine to brew your coffee exactly when you need it.

* Capacity of the carafe - The 12-cup carafe can brew enough coffee for a large family, a small party, or even a small cafe. Furthermore, with the 1- to 4-cup brewing setting, you won't have to worry about extra cups going to waste if you just want to brew smaller batches for fewer people.

* Black or white - Another thing that consumers like about the FlavorBrew 12-cup Coffeemaker DCC-750 is that it comes in either black or white to match your kitchen.

* Small footprint - Consumers like that the FlavorBrew 12-cup Coffeemaker DCC-750 has a small footprint and a relatively compact size, despite its large, 12-cup capacity. This helps save countertop space in the kitchen.

* Limited 3-year warranty - The three-year warranty offered by Cuisinart is also a major plus, because it means that you can get your coffeemaker replaced or repaired by Cuisinart if it suffers from any natural defects or if it stops working.


* Decrease in Cuisinart quality - One of the biggest complaints that people have had with Cuisinart in general is that the quality of its products is decreasing.

Some consumers have complained that the DCC-750's base around the heating plate melt, while others complained that the machine is generally made out of "cheaper" parts in comparison to older Cuisinart models.


- affordable
- large capacity
- full automation
- 3-year warranty
- comes in white or black
- good design


- durability issues
- quality not as good as older Cuisinart models

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