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Cuisinart DCC-1200BW Coffee Maker

Combining a chic retro design, a range of programmable and built-in features, and the trademark brewing technology of Cuisinart, the Brew Central 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker is perfect for the fastidious coffee lover.

This stylish coffeemaker can brew up to 12 cups and comes with a 24-hour timer that brews your coffee fresh and hot just when you wake up and automatically shuts off for a worry-free brewing session every single time.

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Key features

- It has a 24-hour programmable timer that lets you brew your coffee anytime you need to.
- This coffeemaker comes with a charcoal water filter that removes impurities from tap water.
- The BrewPause feature lets you have a cup before brewing has finished.
- Its signal light provides easy indication when it’s time to clean the coffeemaker.
- The automatic shut-off feature prevents burning the coffee.
- The 1-to 4-cup setting is ideal for brewing smaller amounts of coffee.
- This coffeemaker has an indicator when decalcification is already needed.
- The machine comes with a heating plate that allows for easy temperature control once brewing is finished.
- Once brewing is complete, it automatically beeps as a signal.
- It comes with a gold tone filter and measuring scoop.
- It carries a 3-year warranty.


There are more than a few things that set this coffeemaker apart and one of these is its excellent brewing technology from Cuisinart. The coffee maker is simple to use and is flexible, for easy brewing anytime and anywhere.

With its digital clock timer, anyone can brew his favorite cup no matter what time of day and even pre-set the brewing time to the early hours of morning for that perfect “wake-me-up” aroma. Also, this coffeemaker comes with a heating plate that helps keep the coffee warm for long.

Adjustable controls allow you to choose the right temperature for the coffee, so you don’t have to settle for lukewarm brews that get stale very easily. And if you want to treat yourself to a cup just when brewing is still going on, you can simply remove the carafe from the plate and pour yourself some heavenly dose of caffeine.

Placing the carafe on the warming plate resumes the brewing process, without affecting the flavor of your coffee.


The disadvantages to the Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker include a poorly visible clock or timer display. Some consumers have found the machine to be less durable than other models. Filling it up with water is also a little difficult and could take up some time, so you have to be extra careful when doing so.

Some users also find the water reservoir poorly located, which is at the back of the machine, next to the lid’s hinge. While the machine comes with a gold filter, it may not always fit the machine, and may result in clogging if not placed properly.


- has a stylish stainless steel finish
- capacity to brew up to 12 cups
- 1 to 4 and 5 to 12 options allows for brewing of anywhere from a cup to a full 12 cups
- comes with a charcoal water filter, warming plate, and decalcification indicator
- brews fast and makes flavorful coffee each time
- warming plate keeps brewed coffee at the right temperature


- gold filter does not always fit and may clog up machine
- controls are not too visible, especially at night
- high settings on the warming plate can easily burn the coffee
- water reservoir difficult to fill up with water
- extra care is needed in handling the pot to avoid spilling

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Comments for Cuisinart DCC-1200BW Coffee Maker

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Jan 10, 2012
Failed Model
by: Anonymous

We have owned two Cuisinart Coffee Makers of this style and both have failed within two years. The first was replaced but the second was not. We are highly dissatisfied with this product.

Mar 11, 2010
33% of time doesn't work
by: Anonymous

About 1 out of 3 times, the coffee beans won't grind. We have to take the whole thing apart and clean it. Not fun to get up expecting coffee to be brewed and find you have to do maintenance work on it.

When I called Macy's to see about returning it, the sales woman said someone had just returned another Cuisinart coffee maker with the same problem. I wonder if it's a flaw. I'm returning mine tomorrow.

Apr 09, 2009
Easy to use and makes great coffee
by: Ryan

My mother bought me my Cuisinart Brew Central off of amazon a few months ago. With shipping and handling, the coffee maker cost a little under 100 dollars, which I told my mom was a little pricey, but so far it has been totally worth it! I absolutely love this coffee maker. I usually only make coffee for myself, and this machine has a small batch setting so I can make just enough coffee for myself.

Also, there's a timer, so I don't even have to wake up and start the coffee, it just automatically starts whenever I set it, making it really convenient. There is three settings for the heat, and you just have to make sure you have it on the highest setting if you like hot coffee. The lower settings don't make the coffee as hot as it should be.

I really like the look of this coffee machine, the silver and black are classic colors that look great in any kitchen, especially mine! Also, I like how it's more rectangular shaped, and the carafe sits inside the machine. Not many coffee machines have that look, and that made this machine seem different than others.

This machine has been very reliable so far; I've had no problems whatsoever. There is a three-year warranty if I do have any problems. It washed very easily, no problems at all. This is my first coffee machine I've ever used on my own, and so far I'm totally satisfied. This machine makes nice, hot coffee that tastes great.

I would definitely recommend this coffee machine to anybody who makes small batches or big batches of coffee. This machine is easy to use and makes great coffee. No complaints here! The only suggestion I would make is to make sure that you set the heat setting on the highest one, otherwise the coffee isn’t as hot as you might like it.

Apr 05, 2009
I like the clock feature
by: Mel

I have had this coffee maker several years now. Prior to purchasing this, I always bought Krups or Braun. I used to go through a new machine at least once a year. We make several pots of coffee a day, so I guess we're a little hard on machines.

Just the fact that this model has lasted for so long would be enough for me to be happy with the purchase, but there are several other things that make this a good buy. It's a twelve cup model, it uses a cone shaped paper filter or a reusable gold filter. It has a water filter you can replace or remove altogether.

It has a temperature adjustment which is a great option to me. It also offers an adjustment for when you are making 1 to 4 cups, and that adjuster some how increases the quality for those small pots.

Oh, and I have to mention how cute it is. Mine is black and brushed steel. I'm not even sure it comes in any other colors, but this one looks nice.

It is fully programmable so you can have fresh coffee waiting for you in the morning, and it even offers a cleaning cycle that pauses in mid brew to hold the cleaner (I use vinegar) where it will be the most effective.

I like the clock feature, and I love the carafe lid; unlike some models, the top never comes off when I'm pouring. Speaking of that, it doesn't do the annoying drip when-you-pour thing that so many coffee pots do.

The one thing I don't like is that if you break your glass carafe, you have to order one from Cuisinart, and they don't have the quickest shipping or the cheapest price.

I paid about $99 for this machine, I see them advertized now for $79 or so. Somehow, the price drop doesn't make me feel too bad, this coffee maker has been well worth it's price.

Feb 08, 2009
Programmable start and auto shut off
by: Anonymous

This is a great coffee maker. It fits the color scheme in my kitchen and has a programmable start, and auto shut off. The size of the coffee maker is not too big and bulky, it is sleek and fits almost anywhere.

The only complaint I have is that it doesn't keep the coffee as hot as I like it. This is a minor complaint because I just really like my coffee very hot.

Feb 04, 2009
Easy to work
by: Jon

We bought this coffee maker about a year ago. We had a Cuisinart coffee pot that lasted for about five years before it finally died one day. We make coffee every day for breakfast and dinner, and we brew more than usual when we have company, so we do put our coffee maker to an average amount of usage.

Ever since we got it we have never had an issue. It is very simple to set up. There are simple knobs and switches and just two buttons on the front of the machine, nothing complicated; even my grandmother, who does not read or speak english understands how to turn it on and set the timer.

The timer option works great and it works perfectly for our busy schedule, we set it up the night before and by the next morning the coffee is ready for us.

We like the fact of having the filter and that is so easy to change, also the filters are very easy to find and the regular appliance store, no complicated models or types.

It is also very easy to keep it clean, just wipe it down and off you go. We never liked coffee makers that are white or color because they tend to attract dirt and grease very easily.

The stainless steel construction of this coffee maker is great, it makes it so easy to clean, and black plastic accent matches with our toaster and other appliances. We will probably upgrade it to a unit that has a coffee grinder built into it.

That will probably be the only time we get rid of it, by upgrading or when it brakes. The only thing that I wish it had is a thermos type coffee pot, sometimes glass pots tend to make coffee get cold, even when they are set on the hot plate. Besides that we love it.

We definitely recommend this unit, it is not really expensive and well worth your money. Go and buy yourself one.

Dec 12, 2008
Somtimes difficult to pour into narrow reservoir
by: Susan

This handsome, black and stainless steel Cuisinart coffee maker lets me wake up every morning to the scent of hot, delicious coffee wafting up from the kitchen, and it has done so flawlessly for four years now.

The clock and timer are very easy to set. I've never had to read the manual. We the timed brew both for morning coffee and for dinner parties. The coffee is delicious, and the parts are easy to clean. In particular, the brushed stainless steel finish looks great in our kitchen, much nicer than coffee makers that are all plastic.

The only thing that I found difficult to get used to is pouring the water into the narrow reservoir at the back of the machine. The opening is narrow enough that you have to be careful not to splash. Also, I find it difficult to see the numbers describing the amount of water filled, since the narrowness of the reservoir puts the lower numbers farther away and into shadow. I would prefer to have a narrow window on the side to see how much water has been poured in so far. If I want to make a 4-cup pot, I rely on the pot to measure the water, or else I’d have to get out a flashlight and reading glasses.

I used to use "French press" coffee makers exclusively until we received this one as a gift about four years ago. My general tendency in the kitchen is not toward automation, and I do appreciate the simplicity of a French press machine, in addition to the rich flavor. I do still enjoy coffee that is made in a French press, but compared with the pleasure of waking up to hot coffee already made, I discovered I am a sucker for this unexpected luxury. Of course, a drip coffee maker is also much easier to clean for the next round.

Dec 12, 2008
never going to starbucks again
by: Frances Shi

I just fell in love with coffee all over again after brewing a fresh, steaming hot cup from this coffee maker. Cuisinart is a very reliable company (I've used a lot of their appliances), and this coffee maker definitely meets my high standards.

The coffee tastes fabulous brewed from here, and it looks great too! Sometimes, I get some very light colored drink that’s been diluted by a poor quality coffee machine, but this was just perfect. There is a small batch setting, which is great since my husband doesn’t drink coffee (tea’s more his style).

The only problem I’ve had is that there’s no water-level gauge so I have to estimate the correct amount each time I want a cup of coffee. Nevertheless, the coffee maker is very forgiving, and I’ve had very good results each time I brewed a cup.

The price is just right for me. The retail price is around $80, but I got mine for only $60. It’s definitely worth every penny of your money, even if you do have to buy it at full price. The taste is much better than that of commercial coffee, or coffee that you buy at a store.

And after a dozen or so cups, you definitely earn your money back!

There’s a 3 year warranty on this model, which is great since I’ve heard that some people thought their maker wasn’t very durable. I have yet to encounter any such problems.

I’ve been using for almost a year now, and it is as good as new. Just remember to clean it once in a while (wipe off the sides, which can get dirty with fingerprints). I also brew a batch with just plain water (no coffee beans added) just to rinse out the system.

I’m never going to Starbucks again!

Nov 28, 2008
Best I've ever had
by: Anonymous

I bought the Cuisinart Brew Central about 6 months ago when my old coffee maker finally bit the dust. This is a decent priced coffee maker, that runs at about 80 dollars.

I got mine on sale so I only spent 50, but 80 is the regular price. This coffee maker is the best coffee maker I've ever had. Not only is the design very sleek and stylish, matching my black and chrome kitchen, its got a timer and a small batch setting. The timer is awesome! I love waking up in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

All I have to do is put the coffee in it at night and set the timer, and by morning I have a nice pot of coffee just waiting for me. The small batch setting is also nice, especially since my husband and I are the only ones in the house that drink coffee and we only drink about a cup and a half each.

This coffee maker also has an adjustable temperature hot plate which is really nice. I like my coffee pipping hot and with other coffee makers I've had in the past, the coffee sometimes loses its heat while sitting on the hot plate. With this coffee maker I can set the plate to its hottest setting and I don't have to pop my cup of coffee into the microwave to increase its temperature.

The Cuisinart Brew Central is really easy to clean, which is nice because I don't like to spend all day cleaning and it comes with a three year warranty. I haven't used this warranty, the coffee maker is really durable, but I still like knowing that in the even that something does happen, I have some coverage.

This coffee maker truly is the best coffee maker I've ever had and well worth the 50 dollars I spent to get it.

Nov 26, 2008
Easy to use and dependable
by: Anonymous

The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is a great coffee maker. It looks very classy and fits in with almost any décor. At first, I was hesitant to purchase a coffee maker of this price (around $80), however, after owning one for 6 months, I have no regrets.

It can brew a full pot of coffee in under 10 minutes. A great feature is the variable heat setting for the hot plate. It allows you to keep your coffee warm throughout the day without it tasting burnt. Another nice feature is the small batch setting, which allows you to brew just enough coffee to go, so you don’t feel wasteful. Another huge plus is the timer, you can just the coffee maker the night before and wake up to a nice cup of hot, non-burnt tasting coffee.

The reuseable filter is great, easy to clean, and prevents coffee rinds from getting into the water. Another feature that I appreciate is the design of the lid, which allows for a non-drip pour every time. This coffee maker comes with a 3 year warranty, which is great for a coffee maker.

I liked this coffee maker so much, I recommended it for our office and we purchased one. It gets a lot of use there, and seems to be holding up well.
One downside to this coffee maker is that you need to use your right hand to pour the water into the base.

Being left handed, this makes it slightly challenging. Another fault is the internal water gauge. It can be difficult to determine how much water you are pouring, so if they were to redesign it, I would recommend an external water gauge.

All in all, if you want a dependable, good-looking coffee maker that has several very easy to use settings, I would highly recommend this one.

Nov 26, 2008
Liked so much, purchased some for friends too
by: Anonymous

I've owned a number of coffeemakers and the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker is hands-down the best I've ever had. In fact, I've purchased another for myself (to use at work) and also purchased one as a gift for some coffee loving friends.

This is a 12 Cup capacity automatic drip coffee pot. It has a very attractive, dignified design in stainless steel and black that blends nicely with my kitchen and other appliances and does not make me feel as though I'm running a coffee pot ad on my countertop. The pot handle is nice and roomy, so you aren't likely to burn your knuckles on the carafe. The basket and water intake are easily accessible through a nicely wide top lifting hatch.

The coffeemaker runs pretty quietly (as far as coffemakers go) and brews in average to above-average speed. The water reservoir includes an apparatus for you to use a charcoal filter if you choose to do so. I do not use it as I have filtered water, but it runs just fine with the filter basket empty too.

The nicest features of this coffeemaker include an adjustable temperature for the warming plate and adjustable time before the automatic turn-off activates. You can set the warmer on low, medium or high, and set the warmer plate to remain on for up to 3 hours. The auto-shutoff is a nice safety feature and the adjustable temperature helps you avoid burnt coffee.

This coffeemaker includes a timer, so you can prepare the water and coffee the night before, then awake to fresh brewed coffee to get you started in the bleary-eyed work morning. It also includes a self-cleaning feature, which prompts a flashing red light when cleaning is necessary and then allows you run a slowed-down brew process to enable your cleaning fluid or vinegar solution to really clean the workings. I've used both commercial coffeemaker cleaning fluids, as well as just using vinegar and water solutions, and both work just fine.

The only complaint I have about this coffeemaker is that the carafe sometimes leaks around the rim joint (i.e, where the plastic rim affixes to the glass), resulting in coffee running down the outside of the pot and making a bit of a spill. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to this -- sometimes it happens and other times not. It doesn't seem to matter how fast I'm pouring, the temperature of the coffee, etc. A replacement carafe (which I purchased after accidently dropping the original and breaking it) had the same intermittent problem.

That said, it's still a fabulous coffeemaker and, as noted, I've purchased three already (two for me, one for a friend). The leak problem is bothersome, but everything it's "quirk" and this is not so bad as to detract from the otherwise wonderful quality and experience.

A bit on the pricey end, but worth every penny! I have found them priced well at Bed, Bath & Beyond and usually available there.

Nov 26, 2008
Only bad point is the water reservoir location
by: Anonymous

I currently am a proud owner of the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker. I bought it from Amazon for $63.99, with free shipping, which please me. What I really like about this coffee maker is that it makes 12 cups with ease. It has a timer with a 24 hour clock, which is nice because I can program it and have my coffee ready when I’m ready for it when I first get out bed in the morning. I enjoy the fact that you can program it to make 1-4 cups of coffee if that’s all your in the mood for, or you can program it to make 5-12 cups, if that is what you prefer at that moment.

It’s stainless steel, and doesn’t take up much counter space at all. I hardly notice it at times. Granted it’s a little tall for my taste, and a little tall for coffee makers in general, but it still fits nicely on my counter top.

It makes coffee hot, and when I say hot, I mean very, extremely hot. Unlike other models I have owned where the coffee turned lukewarm after 15 or 20 minutes, this coffee doesn’t start turning lukewarm for a good half hour.

My only chief complaint is that the water reservoir is located on the right hand side, I would have preferred the left hand side as that side is closer to my sink, and the water reservoir is located toward the back which makes for pouring the water into the reservoir a little tricky. But the pot itself pours water in the reservoir very well, will almost no spillage unlike other models I’ve owned-the water would go everywhere.

The hot plate has three different settings, which, for a coffee pot surprised me. I found that setting number for the hot plate is the one I enjoy the best, as the other two create a somewhat bitter taste-but that’s just my taste. Overall, it’s worth the money and I really like it.

Nov 21, 2008
Finest coffee maker I've owned
by: Anonymous

It is one of the finest product ever made.I bought it from the Electronic goods store located in Sector 17, Chandigarh. i bought it Six months ago and it has been gr8 experience every morning having a delicious coffee served at bed. Coffee made by this offers such a delicious taste that can never be forgotten and number of features which it possess makes it more recommendable for the consumers.

It has a programmable timer, pause-and-serve, auto shutoff and an adjustable-temperature hot plate which eases the task of coffee making.
Its small-batch setting allows us to make coffee in less quantity and it is also very easy to clean that makes it more preferable for the daily use.From my personal experience i would like to say that this product is worth the money spent on it and gives the taste which can't be forgotten throughout the day.

It has no comparison with any other product of this category.

Nov 21, 2008
nice machine that doesn't break the bank
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker online at ikitchen.com. I found this website to have great deals on the coffee maker, as well as other small kitchen appliances. I loved this coffee maker so much that I bought one for my parents, as well.

The coffee maker is easy to clean, but it is necessary to wipe down the inside of the top cover after use because it gets some condensation inside. The pot is large (12 cups), and is also easy to clean because the top cover is removable. The pot itself is also very durable. I once dropped it on the stained concrete floor after washing it and it did not break, or even scuff up.

The Brew Central coffee maker has a feature that allows you to set a time for the coffee to start brewing. I know that many coffee makers have this option, but the difference is that the Brew Central allows you to set an exact time, like a digital alarm clock. Many other coffee makers simply allow you to set a dial to 4, 6, or 8 hours.

My favorite feature of the Brew Central coffee maker is the temperature control feature. With this coffee maker, I can choose how hot I want my coffee to brew, as well as how hot the warming plate stays. Since I can’t tolerate extremely hot coffee, this feature is great for me.

If you’re looking for a nice coffee maker that doesn’t break the bank, this is a great choice. The stainless steel looks great and is easy to clean. Plus, Cuisinart is a reliable brand that I have always felt I could trust. I loved this coffee maker so much that I bought a matching Cuisinart toaster (and have been extremely happy with that, too!).

Nov 15, 2008
nice features
by: Anonymous

I bought a Cuisinart DCC-1200 from Amazon in late 2005. I had just taken a third-shift job and hoped that a programmable coffeemaker would help me deal with the change by having my coffee ready at 8pm when it was time to wake up.

The job was no good, but three years later that coffeemaker has never let me down. It's got an attractive, streamlined retro style, much like KitchenAid mixers and Waring blenders. I like its automation features -- it has a clock-based autostart (not just a timer), and you can adjust the duration and temperature that the plate should remain warm after the brew cycle finishes. It beeps when the brew cycle is complete and when the plate shuts off. The cone has a valve to allow you to grab a cup during the brew cycle, but it drips quite a bit if you try it.

Using a little more than one scoop of grounds per cup and typically brewing four to eight cups at a time, I haven't had any trouble with weak or lukewarm coffee. Also, there's a little charcoal filter in the water reservoir that seems to do a good job -- it significantly reduces the taste difference between tap and prefiltered water. The removable filter basket and wide-mouthed carafe make it ridiculously simple to clean, and I haven’t had any mineral buildup.

The ultra-simplified controls are attractive, but may require a quick flip through the owner’s manual. I had no trouble programming the machine when I was using automation regularly. After abandoning the automation for a year, though, I wound up having to refer to the website to figure it out again.

The unit came with a permanent gold cone filter, which I no longer use. It was a thoughtful bonus, but it lets too many grounds through. I had previously used French presses, which require a very coarse grind, and even my leftover coarse ground coffee went through.

So I've changed to unbleached paper filters, which have been fine for my purposes. The only other downside is that the machine is unusually tall, meaning that it needs to be kept in an open area such as a kitchen island. In my tiny kitchen, I have to pull it all the way out from under the cabinets to use or clean it.

Oct 28, 2008
found it quick
by: Anonymous

I have had the Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 for several months now. It is a silver coffee maker that used the filter drip method. It had made very high quality cups of coffee. It is slightly faster at brewing coffee than the Bunn coffee makers I have had in the past.

The Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 is silver with a box-like shape. It is not as visually appealing as most coffee makers, but it does make a great brew. Overall I would give this coffee maker a 7 out of 10. The only aspect it is lacking is visual appearance. Other than that, it is a great coffee maker.

Oct 28, 2008
can make a load of coffee
by: Anonymous

Cuisinart really out did there self with this coffee maker. I have had failed repetitively when it some to finding a decent coffee maker, but I really hit the jackpot with the Cuisinart DCC-1200 12-Cup Brew Central Coffeemaker. I love the retro style, it goes perfectly with the décor of my kitchen.

This awesome coffee maker also boast a 12.5 ounces of brew at a time, with a 24 hour clock/ timer for when you are on the go and need your Joe ready when you are. If you are not a mass quantity coffee drinker it also has a 1-4 setting so you are not wasting excess grounds. I also thought that the charcoal water filter was an excellent idea. When I ordered online I was expecting to open the box and find an enormous hunky piece of metal .

But to my surprise the sizing was perfect, it tucks away nicely in between my microwave and fridge. But don’t let size fool you into thinking your not going to get a quality cup of coffee, the java that comes out of this thing taste amazing. I would definitely recommend this coffee maker too anyone looking for a decent coffee maker, or anyone who enjoys a lovely cup of coffee.

There are only minor things I noticed that could be improved. I really don’t like were they placed the reservoir, it is in the back on the right side and it causes me to occasionally spill water when in a rush. But other than that although it is a little on the pricey side I guarantee if you purchase this coffee maker you will be highly impress and will definitely not be disappointed.

Oct 26, 2008
looks great
by: Anonymous

This is a great coffee maker. I like how you can adjust the temperature and the programmable timer. You may run into some problems when trying to see what your water level is, but once you know how full to fill it, that shouldn't be much of a problem. One of the best things about it, is that the coffee really does taste fantastic. Another plus is that it looks great sitting on the counter as compared to some cheaper models. From a lover of coffee, this is a great machine.

Oct 22, 2008
long lasting
by: Anonymous

The best thing about this very affordable coffeemaker lies in the high quality of its manufacture - it lasts for years. The appearance is stylish and sleek and has a number of attractive features for me: it is programmable so that my coffee is ready for me when I wake up in the morning; the heatint plate temperature is adjustable and it has a charcoal that is easily replaceable (and since this is a Cuisinart, the filters are relatively inexpensive and easily available).

There isn't anything I don't like about it I would say that I wish Cuisinart made a self-grinding coffeemake that didn't make a bigger mess than it was worth, but until they do, I will stick with this very reliable machine that makes a very good cup of coffee.

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