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Cuisinart DCC-100BK 10 Cup Coffee Maker

Having that classic flavor of commercially brewed coffee at home is a dream-come-true for practically any coffee lover. However, it can be difficult to find a coffeemaker that lives up to such standards. When Cuisinart designed the DCC-100BK coffeemaker, they set out to bring the taste produced by commercial brewers straight into your home kitchen.

The Coffee Bar Classic 10-Cup Auto Drip Coffeemaker DCC-100BK is a product that has received mixed reviews from consumers. In this article, we will cover the features, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this classic-style coffeemaker from Cuisinart.

Key features

- One of the best features of the DCC-100BK coffeemaker is that it has the Coffee Bar brewing system, which is designed after commercial coffee brewers. The aim of the Coffee Bar system is to provide quality coffee flavor for every batch of coffee that you brew with the DCC-100BK.

- Another great feature of this coffeemaker is that it holds up to 10 cups of coffee in its glass carafe. The glass carafe and the overall style of the DCC-100BK are an ode to the classic coffeemaker style and design.

- This coffeemaker also comes with the BrewPause feature, which allows you to pause the current brew and pour a cup, then return the carafe to complete the brewing process.

- You can also set the DCC-100BK to brew only 1 to 4 cups of coffee, which is a great feature for those who don't want or don't need to brew a full 10 cups of coffee.

- The carafe is designed with the TasteKeeper lid system, which locks shut to preserve flavor and keep your coffee fresh and warm.


* Good capacity and carafe design - One of the best things about Cuisinart's DCC-100BK is the design of its carafe. Not only can the carafe hold up to 10 cups of coffee, but it also has the TasteKeeper lid, which works better than some of the other lid designs on other Cuisinart coffeemaker models.

* Easy to use - Another advantage of the DCC-100BK is that it is simple and easy to use. You won't find many buttons, settings, and options to confuse you here.

* Classic design - For those who like that class coffeemaker design, this model makes a good choice. Its simple design can compliment practically any kitchen or countertop. Much of its charm comes from the large, glass, classic-looking carafe that defines the look of this coffeemaker.

* Great coffee quality - Another advantage that consumers have mentioned about this product is that it makes great-tasting coffee time after time.


* No bells and whistles - While some people like their coffeemakers plain and simple, others would prefer to have a quality coffeemaker with automated features and options. The DCC-100BK does not have any automation options or settings, which can be viewed as a drawback by some consumers.

* Works well, but not for long - Another disadvantage that has been mentioned by consumers is that this coffeemaker works well for a while, then the quality just goes down the drain. Some of the issues that people have had include the leaking and overflowing. A number of consumers have returned this product because of such issues.


- great coffee quality
- classic, simple design
- good capacity
- feature for 1- to 4-cup brewing
- Three-year warranty
- overall good reviews from numerous consumers
- Also comes in a white version


- no automatic settings
- quite difficult to clean
- leaks and overflows
- doesn't last long (poor durability)

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