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Cuisinart DCC 1200C DEFECTIVE

by Thor
(Delta, BC, Canada)

We bought a Cuisinart DCC 1200C coffee maker in the early 2000's and while it made great coffee, it began to turn itself off shortly after completing the brew cycle. At the time we were able to get warranty repairs done here in Vancouver and did so. The repair lasted for about a year but then the problem began to recur. By this time the machine was no longer under warranty so we bought a new one. The old one then began to function normally so we kept the new one in the box and only recently opened it after the old one finally gave up the ghost. Within two months after beginning to use the new one, the same problem reoccurred however, this time Cuisinart (Conair) advised us to "simply" mail them the coffeemaker and they would determine whether warranty repair or replacement would be done. I expect that the cost of mailing the machine would approximate half it's value so I guess we will chalk it up to experience and never purchase a Cuisinart product again as they produce a defective product and do not stand behind it.

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