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Cuisinart Classic 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker DCC-1100 Series

by Bronwyn H.
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

The Cuisinart 12-Cup programmable coffeemaker is much like the other coffemakers coming from the brand manufacturer. This particular coffeemaker, however, seems to put an emphasis on programmable. There are also a few additional features that make this coffeemaker still worth the buy, even when put side by side with other Cuisinart coffeemakers.

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This programmable coffeemaker can produce up to twelve cups of hot, delicious coffee that could help you and your family get through the morning. It has fully functional automation and programmability. Like other Cuisinart coffeemakers, you will be protected with a 3 year warranty if you buy this particular product.

Key Features

What are the key features of the programmable coffeemaker from coffeemaker? Here they are:

- The Cuisinart programmable coffeemaker can brew up to 12 cups of coffee.
- The coffeemaker is programmable up to 24 hours.
- It has the brew pause feature, which enables the user to pour a cup of coffee long before the whole brew is finished.
- It makes use of a gold filter.
- Its carafe has an ergonomic handle, for easy pouring.
- The carafe also has a knuckle guard and a dripless spout.
- The coffeemaker has a charcoal water filter, used to keep impurities from reaching your coffee.
- It has a 1 to 4 cup setting if you do not want to wait for a whole 12 cup brew to finish.
- It has a self-cleaning feature.


The first thing that consumers notice about the Cuisinart 12 cup programmable coffeemaker is the stylish design. The coffeemaker is definitely a good addition to the kitchen countertop.

Consumers recommend the coffeemaker for its no-drip feature and easy to use filters. The no-drip feature is very good because it helps prevent the kitchen countertop from getting messy from spills. Not only is the surroundings clean but the machine itself is clean. The coffeemaker's self-cleaning feature is a welcome addition for busy consumers.

Consumers who are living alone appreciate the fact that they do not have to brew a whole pot because of the 1 to 4 cup setting. The coffee remains hot in the carafe and tastes great even according to coffee enthusiast. True to its being programmable, the coffeemaker is user-friendly enough that programming it is easy. The multiple settings make each brew suit each household.


Coffeemakers are not perfect. Even the Cuisinart programmable coffeemaker disappoints consumers in some ways. Some consumers do not even agree with the others about the coffeemaker being spill-free. They say that the programmable coffeemaker actually makes quite a mess. The pot apparently leaks all the time while a lot of coffee remains in the holder along with some grounded coffee.
The self-cleaning feature seem not to help, after all.

Petite people also dislike the fact that they have to be a certain height to properly operate the said coffeemaker.


- easy to operate
- has multiple settings
- allows a 1 to 4 cup setting
- brews a whole pot for 12 cups
- has a large pot
- has stylish design
- keeps coffee fresh and hot
- durable design
- easy to clean
- produces delicious coffee
- is affordable


- is noisy
- has a bulky build
- difficult to pour water in
- does not last long
- does not match product claims
- has a leaking pot
- good for everyday use

Final Thoughts

When buying a coffee maker, let this review guide you in making better decisions. As a wise consumer, you should always compare first various products and brands to get the best deal for your money.

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Comments for Cuisinart Classic 12-cup Programmable Coffeemaker DCC-1100 Series

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Dec 26, 2012
Short Life
by: Anonymous

Makes a great pot of brew, but not for long. We discovered this Christmas morning looking :(
Plan to buy a replacement in 2-3 years. [ Not impressed ]

May 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

Had this coffee pot right around three years, but threw away the receipt so couldn't return it-it seemed to develop a huge leak in the water reservoir. I may as well have poured the water directly onto my kitchen counter! Thought I might buythe same one again,as I can't find similar features for a similar price, but after reading the reviews about fires, maybe not.

Mar 06, 2012
Fire Trape
by: Anonymous

Junk --- ours just burnt up we were home at the time lucky it did not start our place on fire

Jan 18, 2012
FIRE!!!!! CALL 911
by: Angie

This should be on recall or no longer made...2nd maker that caught on fire...2nd one only after 6 mos. of use...thank God we were home, smelling burning plastic and a melting coffee maker...ran it outside and tossed in the trash...NEVER AGAIN CUISINART!!!

Dec 29, 2011
A Good name should be it's warranty..
by: Anonymous

I bought quite a pricey Cuisinart coffee maker back in June. Well the Stinkin thing has stopped working and I'm done paying for the same appliance many times over a year. It doesn't seem to matter if you spend the big bucks for a "good" one or 15 dollars for a basic. I decided to give them a chance to make it right, they tell me it is still under warrenty and that all I will need to do is pay $10.00 for them to ship me a new one and then another $10.00 to ship the old one back to them. Um...hello, why do I (the one who has already forked over a BIG chunk of my husbands hard earned money to buy THEIRE product) have to be the one to absorb the cost of replacing a faulty product? I told her , "thank you for your time. I realize it is not her fault and that she was doing all she could for me but I will just go buy a $15.00 dollar coffee maker or a perculater that goes on the stove since they all break anyway.

Mar 16, 2011
Fire Hazzard
by: Sharon

Mine also caught fire yesterday.Thank God I was just in the next room and heard the loud noise it was making, the smoke was coming out all around the pot and the smell was horrible.

I just bought this about 8 months ago and I was really happy with it. I had wanted a Cuisinart for a long time because I thought I was buying the best.

If you own this pot don't ever go away and leave it on even though it will shut itself off!!

Feb 13, 2011
fire hazard
by: Anonymous

mine caught fire - had just made a pot of coffee and thank goodness I was in the kitchen very near it as in a previous review it started to make noises and the light was flashing - by the time I got to it there was smoke coming out of the bottom and a very bad nasty odor as well like burning electrical components - DO NOT BUY THIS COFFEEMAKER

Feb 11, 2011
Unsatisfied Customer
by: Troy H

I purchased this coffee maker less that 10 months ago. After just a short time using it the coffeemaker bagan leaking between the pot and the drip filter. I found that if I shake the pot slightly it would insure that the drip filter would lign up with the pot and everything would work fine most of the time. It has gotton to the point that the drip filter and pot almost never line up automatically. I have to stand right next to it until I make sure the coffee will go into the pot. Too often I have walked away from the maker thinking everything would be OK and the next thing I know coffee is all over the counter and floor. Has there been a redesign on this maker to correct this problem? If not I will be retireing this maker to the trash. Forget the redesign. My wife just took it out to trash. There will never be another Cuisinart product brought into this house. That came right from the bosses mouth. That makes this less a rating that a complaint.

Jan 27, 2011
Fire Hazard
by: Anonymous

FIRE HAZARD!!!!!! Almost burned my house down this morning. I watched it smoke, gurgle and emit a terrible electrical odor. A similar incident happened with a different Cuisinart Coffee Maker a year ago..which was a recall.. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS..IT COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!

Dec 11, 2010
No More Cuisinarts
by: Anonymous

I have had two and both stopped at just over a year. I took the first one back to the store and was given another one free, but when the second quit a year later I just junked it as I didn't want another Cuisinart. And, yes,it is difficult to pour the water in to the reservoir. I always made a mess!

Sep 29, 2010
Dislike water reservoir
by: Donna Maynard

I love the look of my coffee maker, however I hate the way the reservoir is set up. It spills all over making a mess. In order to prevent the mess, you have to pour it slow. The tank should be filled from the front of the maker.

Jun 21, 2010
by: Frank in SC

Owned this unit for less than a year and a half and the main complaints had been what many others mention - hard to fill because of small opening, lid won't go back far enough, height, drips, etc.

Still, I was able to put up with all of that until yesterday morning when for no reason whatsoever the unit (while OFF) started to make a LOT of noise. I noticed that there was a very bad smell coming from the warming plate. I also noticed that even though it was still plugged in the display had ceased to function.

I immediately unplugged the unit and let it cool off for 24 hours. I plugged it back in, the display lit up and I prepared a pot of coffee. After being turned on for over 3 minutes nothing happened. This was completely unusual as the unit always began to brew within 30 seconds.

I've now read other comments on other sites that this is common with this unit. It's going in the garbage today since my house is worth more than taking a chance this thing will start a fire.

Mar 11, 2010
good for coffee beginners
by: Bronwyn H

My fiance and I received this coffeemaker as an engagement present - we registered for it due to positive reviews on the site for our registry. It replaced a truly ancient Mister Coffee that loved to leak everywhere. We've got no complaints about this new machine, especially for the price (around $50.)

It makes our coffee, the pot doesn't stain even though we chose a white one. I like that it has a clean cycle, where you can run a little vinegar and water through to kill anything that might have been flourishing in there... my fiance likes that he can program it to make only 1-4 cups (he hates waste!) and I like that it can be told to brew my coffee at 3:45 am when I get up for work. If you live in an area where temporary power outages occur (1 minute or less) like we do, you'll appreciate that it has power backup. So when the lights click off and then back on a moment later, no worries that your morning coffee won't be waiting when you get up!

Essentially, it's a great starter unit. It doesn't steam your milk or grind your beans, but I don't need any of that so it works just fine for me - and it looks nice on our counter too!

Apr 25, 2009
Feedback on Cuisinart Coffee Maker
by: Anonymous

We had a 12 cup Cuisinart coffee maker before this one. It was the DCC-1200 series. I'm disappointed in this DCC-1100 Series. Where you have the filter there is more condensation on this coffee maker than the one we had before. We thought you would have improved this. Also, the lid does not open back enough to put the water in so it's hard to put it in without it spilling. It makes good coffee and it does look nice on the counter. Thought you would like feedback on this.


Mrs. Linda Dove

Feb 10, 2009
High end performer
by: Anonymous

This 12 cup coffeemaker has such great features. The water sprays over the grounds . It heats up the water hotter than any other machine I've had. Looks high end & preforms accordingly.

It can make as little as 1-4 cups of coffee. Also has a warning light to tell you when there is to much calcification that is interfering with the brewing process. Use the water filter also that comes with the machine. That helps eliminate the chlorine, calcium & any odors in your water.

Beeps when the brew is finished & beeps again when it will shut off automatically in 2 hours. Also has a clock on the front panel.

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