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Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal DGB-600BC

Combining excellent design and functional features, the Grind & Brew Thermal 10-cup Automatic Coffeemaker is a good choice for any coffee lover.

This coffee maker allows you to pre-set the brewing time in accordance with your wake up time in the morning, so you don’t need to wake up to the sound of your boring alarm clock. The scent of freshly ground coffee will greet you first thing in the morning, thanks to this sleek and revolutionary stainless steel machine that grinds your coffee beans just before brewing time.

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Key features

- It allows you to grind coffee beans and brew your coffee at a preset time.
- This is a round-the-clock fully programmable coffeemaker.
- It has a double wall insulated thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for a long time.
- The thermal carafe can accommodate up to 10 cups of freshly brewed coffee.
- Its charcoal water filter eliminates odor and impurities from tap water.
- It has a removable grinder for easier cleanup.
- It features sleek Italian styling.
- It includes a filter starter kit.
- It comes with a gold-tone permanent filter and measuring scoop.
- The BrewPause feature allows you to pour coffee while in the middle of brewing.


The Grind & Brew 10-cup Automatic coffeemaker from Cuisinart has several advantages. First off, this coffeemaker has a preset brewing feature that allows for automatic brewing whenever you want it, from early mornings to late evenings, or immediately after a dinner party for all your guests to enjoy a freshly brewed cup.

The double-wall insulated carafe keeps coffee hot for longer, so you don’t need to keep reheating the coffee at odd times. This coffeemaker grinds your favorite coffee beans just before brewing so you know every cup is as fresh and fragrant as it can possibly be.

This coffeemaker from Cuisinart is also very flexible, and whether you are brewing a full carafe or just a few cups, the coffee comes out perfectly each and every time. With its 1- to 4-cup setting, you can easily brew less than 10 cups. The setting is designed specifically to enhance extraction and heat so the coffee you make is always flavorful and hot.

Whether you plan on making a full 10-cup brew for your guests for just a few for you to enjoy, it is always simple with this stylish and functional coffeemaker.

Its beautiful stainless steel design makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen. It can blend well with any modern or practical-styled kitchen, and can last for a long time with proper care and maintenance.


While the Grind & Brew 10-cup is quite impressive in itself, some consumers have found that with this coffeemaker, coffee pours out slowly from the carafe. Those who hardly have time for breakfast in the mornings are often frustrated with the way the carafe pours out coffee in slow leaks. This is due to the carafe auto seal feature that helps keep coffee fresh and hot for a longer time.

It is also difficult to tell how much coffee is left in the thermal carafe, especially with its double-wall design. Finally, some consumers have found that the grinder is exceptionally loud when running, which typically lasts for not less than 30 seconds.

Cleaning also demands enough effort, especially since you will need to clean the grinder, the basket, and basket lid regularly.


- can produce up to 10 cups of coffee
- sets grinding and brewing time to a predetermined period
- convenient
- beautiful stainless steel design
- keeps coffee hot for longer


- carafe and grinder are a bit loud
- fairly difficult to clean, high maintenance

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Comments for Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal DGB-600BC

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Nov 16, 2011
Electrical issues
by: Rick

We had this coffee maker for a year and then some electrical issues happened. Buttons would light by themselves and you couldn't turn them off. We contacted Cuisinart who told us to clean it and how to reset it, but that didn't work.

I would advise to keep your receipt and send in your warranty, otherwise there is no hope.

We loved it while it was working and would buy another one.

Nov 13, 2011
Worst Coffee Maker EVER
by: Anonymous

Worst coffee maker I have owned! It is VERY noisy when it grinds, and quit making coffee after only a month of making coffee! After almost a year, the grinder will not remove from the maker, to clean it or to use it. We have to set it at 1-4 cups to brew a full pot, and now it still quits brewing after 2 cups no matter the setting. You have to sit over the coffee maker in order for it to brew any coffee! The filters are hard to find and doesn't effect the taste of the coffee much.

Nov 04, 2011
Poorly made product!
by: Cheryl

This is the third Cuisinart automatic grind and brew in 5 years and we don't drink coffee every day, there life is short and the last one I purchased the grind quit,it is not a year old. Never will purchase another one!

Oct 16, 2011
worst i have owned
by: clockparts@aol.com

Owned for less then a year, cleaned with vinigar as instructed. And it would constantly not make a complete pot or would over flow onto counter and into drawers and cabinet, creating hours of instant cleanup, other then that when it worked coffee was good, I liked the look but it met its demise when it flooded cabinet last evening, it died when smash on concrete.
Thank you for reading hope this helps someone
I believe I will return to a bunn maker

Sep 13, 2011
great for 3 months
by: Ed

Great looking, works great for 3 months.
Now we have to wipe up 1/2 cup of coffee every
morning off the counter.

We had very high hopes, but would not buy again

Jun 06, 2011
a workhorse
by: timothy Martin

After 6-7 years, this machine finally brewed its last for us. while it could be a noisy companion. it brewed great coffee, kept it hot and looked great on the countertop. Have bought a 650 model to replace it and am hoping for a similar experience.

Apr 28, 2011
Don't waste your money
by: Arizona

So excited to buy this coffee machine. I Loved the idea of being able to have fresh ground coffee every morning waiting for me.
Every night I would measure exactly and 40 - 50 percent of the time I would wake up to coffee and grounds all over my counter, dripping into my cupboards (which are so nice and I love), all over my floor.

I thought I was doing something wrong after the first time it happened but no. I did everything just as instructed. I even tried to not grind or use 1/2 the amount of coffee & water - same results.

Much to my dismay, I had to toss the machine.

Good news is I have a thermal carafe that keeps coffee at a drinkable temperature all day and into the night.

Apr 10, 2011
Fading love
by: Anonymous

We received this coffee maker as a wedding gift. We were very pleased with this gift at first, but our love (for the machine, not each other!) is decreasing daily.
The grinder is a great idea, but it's such a pain to clean that we rarely use it. Even cleaning the machine after using pre-ground coffee is a pain- there are many parts that need to be rinsed and dried. Plus, not using the grinder often I worry that the grinder itself will rust. This is because every time you run the machine there's a lot of moisture and condensation that builds up within the grinder. So, even though the grinder isn't being used, it still has to be taken apart and dried every time the machine is used.
My biggest complaint is that the machine finishes brewing before all of the water has gone through. Just this morning I had to press brew 3 times to get 6 cups of coffee... 15 minutes or so for a 6 cup pot. I can see how this would be very frustrarting for people who program the machine in the morning. This doesn't seem like a problem that a coffee maker this expensive should have.
On a brighter note- the coffee (once it actually brews) is really good. When we have company over and I bother to use the grinder feature, they always comment on how good the coffee tastes.

Feb 23, 2011
stay away from this one
by: Anonymous

Have had this coffee maker for awhile - the idea is brillent! The working of it is awful! To get the grinder basket out to clean you need a mechanic - it frequently spills grinds over into the pot - I still have not figured that move out. It makes a great pot of coffee and when it does as designed - it is awesome - when it doesn't it is AWFUL! If monies weren't so tight - I would definitely trade this one in - the selling price is alot of money to spend to get a good pot of coffee only every other time at best.

Feb 01, 2011
Worst Coffee Maker I've ever had the displeasure of owning
by: R.B. (Canada)

For a rather expensive residential coffee maker this unit has been a great dissapointment. Originally purchased due to both the brand recognition and the multiple functionality of this unit; (timer, gridner, thermal carafe - etc).

We have hard water at our house and the unit would have to be cleaned every 2 months, or else it would simply start to cycle (brew) and then would stop. It gave no warning or indication that it required cleaning prior to this point. This was frustration #1. The only way to clean it was to run vinegar through it. Then and ONLY then would it start to work again.

Frustration #2:
If you placed more than 5 tablespoons of coffee in the unit (finely ground)~ if you like strong coffee, inevitably it would overflow on to our kitchen counter. Countless mornings were spent cleaning up our kitchen cupboards and ceramic tiles after the early morning timer went activated, only to find coffee all over our floors when we awoke.

The coffee grinder stopped working about 2 months ago.

We've owned the unit for approx. 2 years now - purchased through a reputable Dept. store in Ontario, and the unit has simply stopped brewing as of 2 days ago. I will HAPPILY be placing it into the garbage this Friday.

I will NEVER purchase another Cuisinart Coffee Maker.

If 10 people read this review and decide not to purchase it, this review will have been worth the time.

Aug 31, 2010
Hate it!
by: I hate the Cuisinart

we received the Brew & grind coffee maker from our kids for Christmas, so we decided we would give it a try--mind you, we're on our 3rd Bunn coffee-maker. Now we've had ithe Cuisinart for 8 months, and like many others who own this model, it quits brewing before all the water has run through. Also, mine is leaking water all over my counter-top every time I use it. My husband leaves for work very early AM, so he makes a pot for himself, then I make another pot when I get up. This coffeemaker is a big pain to clean! I can barely get the lid off the thermal pot, it forms such a tight seal! And if I don't get the lid positioned perfectly, it drips coffee on the counter when I pour. We do like to grind beans some of the time, but in my opinion, it's easier to use a separate grinder--there are just too many parts and pieces on this machine--it's hard to clean! Last week, we put it down in the basement and brought out our old Bunn Coffeemaker--life is good!

Aug 09, 2010
bad door
by: Anonymous

Go back to blenders.

For all the sophistication, you can't make a door hinge that closes properly? Swinging open in the middle of a brew, causing the entire brew to end up on the counter.

This one is terrible.... go buy a $25 Black and Decker.

Jun 28, 2010
ok machine
by: Anonymous

We have the 10 cup grind and brew model. I have two complaints. It is nearly impossible to see inside the machine to tell how much water you have put in and secondly, if you choose to grind the beans you can't make a whole pot of coffee since there are not enough beans. The grinder only allows a certain amount of beans to be ground which results in a half pot at best of coffee if you prefer your coffee on the strong side. I have not had any issues with it turning off or the brew button not responding.

Apr 10, 2010
Stupid machine
by: Pissed Off

You would think in this day and age one could turn on a coffee maker, without the pot inserted, and it would know enough to not dump an entire 10 cups of coffee all over the damn counter and floor.

Stupid stupid machine. I will never get another Cuisinart. This one was a gift and may end up being one again.

Stupid Stupid machine.

FYI I had to step away for an emergency and came back to horror kitchen.

Stupid stupid machine

Mar 27, 2010
Almost outstanding...
by: Anonymous

By far the best coffee maker we've owned. No hot plate to burn the coffee. The only problem we've had is it now won't complete the brewing cycle and has to be restarted. If Cuisinart's engineers could rectify this common problem, they'd have the best thing on the market..

Mar 11, 2010
Makes coffee people comment about :)
by: Anonymous

I purchased my Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew Thermal Coffee Maker in January of 2007 at Best Buy in Evansville, Indiana. My husband thought it was too much to pay for a coffee maker at the time. I told him I had heard about Cuisinart Coffee Makers and I really would like to have it. It was priced at $149.00.

After some debate, he agreed that I could purchase the coffee maker. This Cuisinart Coffee maker has many wonderful features that make it worth every penny spent on it. You can use it with pre-ground coffee or whole coffee beans. It has it's own coffee bean grinder built into it. There's nothing better than having fresh ground coffee every morning.

There is a huge difference in the taste of the coffee when the beans are ground fresh every time you make coffee. The thermal coffee pot keeps coffee warm the entire day. I make coffee in the morning and if there is any left over, it's still warm at the end of the day when I come home from work.

The time it takes to brew a pot of coffee is only minutes and the coffee machine lets you know when it's done brewing with a beeping noise. It's very easy to clean as well. All of the parts of the coffee maker are easily removed for cleaning. It has a functioning clock as well as a timer so you can set it for brewing any time you desire. It has a 12 cup feature which is great for my household because both myself and my husband are big coffee drinkers.

My husband gets home from work before I do at the end of the day, so I put in new beans before I leave for work and when he gets home he has a fresh pot of coffee waiting for him.

My neighbors have commented on the freshness of my coffee when they come over and have some with me. I have told them about my investment, as my husband calls it, and two of them have went out and purchased the same coffee pot. It may seem pricey for a coffee pot, but it's definitely worth what it costs to have fresh tasting coffee any time you want it.

I would recommend this coffee pot to anyone who enjoys coffee. When the time comes, and this coffee pot wears out I will definitely be staying with the Cuisinart brand of Coffee Makers in the future. This is the best Coffee Maker I've ever owned. Highly recommended. Great product!

Feb 20, 2010
by: kelli talley

My husband and I purchased our Cuisinart coffee maker for Christmas 2009. It was in fact a refurbished model but the sales-rep assured us that the coffee maker was returnable if we had any problems. I'm not sure you could call what we experience with problems but we won't purchase this model as gifts.For starters I agree that the thermal unit does not keep the coffee hot for very long and that is part of the enjoyment of a good cup of coffee. The other issues are that the darn thing is so heavy! the weight almost makes it more like a chore to make coffee. the thermos is difficult to clean because you can't get your hand inside it, plus the effort it takes to position the thermos just right so that the water doesn't spill everywhere is just a clumsy design! Not to mention that you can't see how much water you've put in if you're under 5'7"! Whew I guess talking about it I realize that those "are" problems and yeah...no. We don't like it...not somuch..yeah

Jan 01, 2010
Problems with brewing
by: Vanessa

I received this for my birthday 6 months ago and it was refurbished (which was unknown at the time). Anyways, we just realized that we have to press the brew button several times like everyone else. Should have read some reviews first. Since this is refurbished, my warranty was only 90 days. Now I am stuck with a EXPENSIVE coffee maker that has brewing problems.

Dec 15, 2009
low endurance to use
by: Anonymous

water pump is not getting all the water through the brew cycle. Also need to push grind off and brew 3 or 4 times. This problem makes it impossible to have a full pot of brewed coffee in the morning via setting the timer the night before. Not sure how to fix this aside from bying another or getting the company to replace. For as much as it cost we should not be having the problem only a year fater purchasing... It shoulbe built cuisenart tough...:) all aother features have made us very happy. Have had trouble with the front staying closed on ocassion. Do feel this unit is priced high for what it is. It's value to me would be around $95.00.

Sep 06, 2009
slack company
by: Linda P

We did also love our expensive coffee pot butttt the only way we can make coffee now is to tape the door shut because it pops open. despite numerous emails to cusinart we have been 100% ignored by this company to bad because it does make good coffee I found out on fixya.com that this is a common problem with this series of pot.I rate the pot high but the serivce from the company does not even get 1 star

Sep 02, 2009
shutting off before brewing complete
by: Anonymous

We too are having issues with the water reservoir not emptying and the machine shutting off.

Jul 24, 2009
great coffee, some problems
by: Anonymous

We purchased our cuisinart with the appreciation for fresh brewed coffee from fresh ground beans and were immediately rewarded with a great cup of coffee awaiting us every morning for several months...
One morning the unit failed to brew at the programmed time and as the electronics continued to self destruct it eventually became useless to us.
I contacted the cuisnart helpline and they immediately sent us a new unit upon receiving the defective one. Once again we were back in the brew and enjoying life to the fullest, however...
a few weeks ago we noticed that the brew cycle was not sending all of the water thru without shutting down. We are now constantly pressing the grind off and start button in order to get the full amount of water to flow thru the filter.
Anyone else have a similar problem?
A great grinder/brewer combo if we can get the bugs out of the machine.

Apr 09, 2009
by: Sarah D

My former coffee maker, may it rest in peace, was heavily used. I had it for several years and ran it at least twice a day every day. When I finally realized it was on its last legs, I began searching for a new machine. I was skeptical of the Cuisinart grind and brew although it had received good reviews from others. It seemed expensive for a standard coffee machine.

However, after receiving birthday money and a fervent request from my husband to just buy one already, I picked up this model and have been using it for almost a year now. It has been the best money ever spent! This model actually grinds whole beans whenever you want. You can set the timer on it to begin grinding beans first thing in the morning so by the time you're ready for 'joe' it's freshly brewed. The grinding is a bit loud if you're standing right next to the machine, but it actually is a very good alarm clock for me. I get up right when I hear it and by the time I'm ready for work there is delicious coffee.

Plus, the thermos collecting the devine drippings is thermal, which is great. This model of the Cuisinart doesn't have a heated pot which means that even if I leave the machine on all day the coffee doesn't get concentrated and end up like a little dried crust at the bottom of the pot. The thermal pot keeps the coffee just as warm.

The machine also can be programmed to brew without grinding, and it does shut off after a pre-set time, but you can pre-set any time you'd like (as in you can set it for 2 hours or 6 hours). Cleaning the machine is essential, especially if you buy beans that are rather oily. That is really the only down-side to this model - but you should clean-out any machine periodically. Cleaning is easily done in the dishwasher or by hand.


Apr 05, 2009
Thermal carafe seems indestructible
by: Sherry

The Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker does it all. This machine grinds the beans, brews the coffee and keeps it hot. A timer can be set so your coffee is waiting for you when you want it.

It is very well made, a nice compact design with a thermal carafe that keeps the coffee hot for a several of hours. It seems indestructible. Although hand washing only is recommended, occasionally I put it the grinder, filter basket and thermos in the dishwasher. They come out just fine.

This machine was a present from a friend who had it for three years before passing it along. Two years later, it is still going strong. When she couldn’t find it locally, she bought it on the Internet (the Cuisinart site has listing for it).

I highly recommend this attractive, efficient European-design coffee maker. Although it is more expensive than other machines, it is well worth the price.

The freshly ground beans give the coffee an excellent, café quality flavor with a minimum amount of effort and expense. Just remember, the quality of the coffee beans you use will make the difference between a good cup of coffee and a great cup of coffee.

Although your initial outlay for the machine may be more than you have paid for past coffee makers, you get what you pay for. This machine will last you for many years and stand up to constant use.

Instead of buying several coffee makers over the years, this machine offers consumers the option of using the same, outstanding piece of equipment for a decade or more.

Apr 04, 2009
Not user friendly, very disappointing
by: Anonymous

Initially I loved the idea of a coffee maker that not only would grind the beans (as opposed to having to grind them in a separate grinder first) but this machine is just not user friendly. It's difficult to dislodge the contraption that holds the beans to grind them and nearly impossible to pour water into the brewer without spilling a substantial amount.

Furthermore even though the machine comes with a thermal carafe (as opposed to a hot plate that keeps the coffee warm for hours) the thermal carafe does a poor job of keeping coffee warm for more than an hour.

This machine was pricey (over $100) and by far the most disappointing machine I've had.

Apr 04, 2009
Love the thermal carafe
by: Tammy

We bought the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Thermal 10 - Cup Automatic Coffee Maker on line at Lowe's in May. My husband has to have freshly ground coffee in the morning (he used to work in a coffee shop) and I thought it would be easier and less messy to combine the two.

We checked prices for a couple of weeks before we found it at Lowes for less than $120 including shipping. We opted for the brushed stainless steel with black accents. It looks really nice and is easy to clean (my husband cleans it! ha!).

Most of the parts are dishwasher safe, but not the carafe. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee really hot, even hours later; you don't get that lukewarm burnt taste that you get from the glass pot that's been sitting on the warmer.

The book says you should put warm water in the carafe prior to brewing in order to preheat it, but we never do.

It's really easy to program and use. The grinder is really loud but no more than a normal electric grinder.

The only negative thing my husband (the coffee snob) can say about it is that it only does a medium grind. He thinks everything should be on espresso grind. It makes a really good cup of coffee.

We absolutely love the thermal carafe and I will never buy another coffee maker again that doesn't have one.

Apr 04, 2009
A clean, mean, coffee brewing machine!
by: Jeni Diaz

I recently purchased the Cuisinart DGB-600BC and love it. I never realized how hard it was to find a good coffee maker. I feel like I've tried them all. Either the timer just stops working, or it leaks water while brewing, the biggest issue I've found with most coffee makers...it leaks when you POUR the coffee.

But not this one. It's a clean, mean, coffee brewing machine! I definitely recommend it for anyone in the coffee maker buying market. When I first got it, I played around with the water and amount of grounds.

It just took a week to figure out the perfect combination. Now, I make it at night and it's waiting for me in the morning. The best part, it doesn't cost a fortune.

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