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Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew 12 cup DGB700BC

by Karen
(Reading, PA)

If you want just one machine to perform the grinding and the brewing, you may like the Grind & Brew 12-cup Automatic Coffeemaker from Cuisinart. This is a two-in-one coffee machine deal. Not only do you get to use whole bean coffee but you also get to brew up to 12 cups of tasty coffee.

Once you turn on the coffeemaker, it will proceed to grind the beans first before brewing. This automatic setup is very convenient. You can pick a grinding strength setting. This setting can help you grind coffee beans of different textures and volumes.

As with other Cuisinart coffeemaker offerings, the Grind & Brew is fully automatic and programmable.

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Key Features

- The Cuisinart Grind & Brew is programmable up to 24 hours.
- The coffeemaker does both the grinding and the brewing.
- It has a strength selector for modifying the intensity of the grinding.
- The grind does not change the flavor of the coffee.
- Its 8-ounce bean hopper can hold up to half a pound of coffee beans.
- It has an automatic shut off feature.
- It contains the Cuisinart Brew Pause function, which enables pouring a cup of coffee before the whole pot is brewed.
- The coffeemaker has a water filter.


Satisfied users love the Cuisinart Grind & Brew 12 cup automatic coffeemaker. They find the coffeemaker easy to use and easy to clean. Once you know how to assemble all the parts, operating will just come easy.

The parts may also be dismantled for easy cleaning. If users have problems understanding some of the brochure instructions, they can always call on the Cuisinart helpline. The customer service is great, according to some users.

The coffeemaker is also pretty large, containing a whole 12-cup pot of coffee, which for some people is absolutely necessary. The coffee is kept warm for very long inside the carafe. So, coffeeholics can always drink that second or third cup without reheating. The coffee that comes out of the machine is hot and flavorful, just the way users want it.

The flavor is also preserved with the use of a water filter that removes any taste that could have come from the tap water.


Not all costumers are satisfied, however. Some Grind & Brew users have complained about the machine being difficult to wash. Though the machine produces delicious coffee, it must be cleaned regularly to produce that same flavor for every brew.

The water filter may sound perfect for preserving the flavor but it should be frequently replaced. It being expensive does not help score any points for Grind & Brew. Users also complain that though they like the coffeemaker in general, it does not last long enough to make more cups of coffee. Some users have even reported a mortality after only two months.

Yet others complain of loud beeping noises and unreadable non-LED timer. Some costumers have complaints that are completely the opposite of some users' experiences. The coffeemaker is said to be difficult to clean and the coffee does not stay hot for long enough.


- easy to assemble and disassemble
- easy to clean
- preserves the taste of coffee
- fully automatic and programmable
- makes up to 12 cups of coffee
- a two-in-one machine--grinds and brews
- has a thermal carafe
- has a large pot


- has a pricey water filter that needs to be replaced regularly
- has difficult to pry filter basket
- easily gets messy and dirty
- has difficult to read timer

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Comments for Cuisinart Automatic Grind and Brew 12 cup DGB700BC

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Nov 24, 2012
cold coffee
by: Anonymous

I bought this coffee maker thinking it would be a coffe maker i'd keep for a long time. But I am more dissapointred in this maker than the cheaper ones i have owned. My coffe does not stay hot and is barely hot out of the pot. THere is steam so you'd think it would be hot, drink fast in a couple of minutes your coffe will be cold as well as whats in the pot. So I am searching for something else.... "Again"

Nov 19, 2012
Horrible Grinder
by: John

First let me say that this Cuisinart makes great coffee. BUT the grinder has a lot to be said, constantly cleaning it out (3-4 times a month) and it is not easy (there is no instructions included in the manual). Finally after "trying" to clean it (after 1/2 hour), frustration occurred and it "fell".
Will go back to a KitchenAid.

Apr 21, 2012
Waste of money
by: Anonymous

When it is not cloging,or the grinding door pops open.It works good. The thermal caraf is great.It is messy.

Dec 11, 2011
Smash it with a HAMMER
by: Anonymous

Brought this machine home all excited about fresh ground coffee.....This machine did not work right from the get go.....Timer doesnt work...makes hammering noises....took about 3 hours to make a pot of coffee....Gave my kids sledge hammers and they destroyed it....Problem Fixed

May 04, 2011
clogs up
by: oregon

We thought the bean reservoir would be good, but you have to take it off almost every time you make coffee and clean out the chute. It clogs up if you use premium beans from a local roaster, which we prefer. We were told it wasn't meant for beans with any moisture, which I guess means we should use dry grocery store beans instead. ick.

Apr 02, 2011
Do not Buy
by: Anonymous

We have purchased two of these machines. The grinder chute has to be continuously cleaned or the coffee backs up and stalls the grinder.

The drip mechanism backs up and coffee spills over. A great way to start your day.

Look for another product.

Mar 21, 2011
so sad
by: Anonymous

so sad to see this fall short of being a hit.
build quality is poor and gets cold in two hours.

Mar 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

While it brews a nice cup of coffee, the grinder is terrible. We're on our fourth machine now. I think they just sent us the broken one, not even bothering to fix it. The grinder didn't work right out of the box. Obviously we won't buy Cuisinart again.

Sep 14, 2010
Bad machine
by: Anonymous

The design is bad and the function is even worse. Do not think of purchasing this machine.

Jun 17, 2010
by: Mark Ketler

We have owned several Cuisinart Thermal grind and brew's in the past. They were a bit messy and you needed to replace the little rubber thingy on the bean holder cap once in a while but you could at least modify your brew strength to your liking and it was real easy to pour the water into these models.

The Burr Grind & Brew doesn't seem to produce a decent medium strength and the dark is not really too much stronger than the medium. It also seems to me that it uses more beans to produce a medium strength as compared to the 10 cup Grind & Brew.

The biggest problem with this unit is the narrow opening for the water reservoir. It is virtually impossible to add water without spilling some. I hope Cuisinare improves this in the future.

Also if you use #4 paper filters, medium and dark settings use so many beans that they overflow the filter and cause a bit of a mess at the top and sides of the basket.

Jun 09, 2010
Worked Greast at first but not any more.
by: Anonymous

When we first purchased this coffee maker it work perfectly and it was really nice to have to use a separate grinder. Now a year or so has gone by and it does not work to well anymore. It has a tendency to just rotate the disk that is over the filter basket and pop the basket door open, you have to play around with disk, close the door a few times and turn it off and on to get it to work. It can be frustrating. We have friends with the same coffee maker and they have the same problems. Some times maybe a simple coffee maker would have been a better investment, less things to go wrong. In short it's a great idea but has to many internal parts that can and will go wrong.

May 12, 2010
Too high maintenance
by: Bill Pfeiffer

1. Uses a ton of coffee beans
2. High maintenance (I mean HIGH maintenance)
3. Chance of it actually making coffee with fussing with it: 5%
4. Carafe will occasionally drip on the counter

1. Decent Coffee
2. Stays hot without burning for up to 2 hours

Bottom Line: I hate this coffee maker. I want to brew my coffee, walk away, come back for a cup when its done. Its just a crap shoot every morning as to how this thing will behave. Something will inevitably stop it from brewing and I will have to adjust the basket and manually restart the brew cycle HOPING that it will complete. You really have to thoroughly clean it every 2 days to clear out buildup

I emailed CUISINART customer support with no response.

It makes decent coffee that stays hot but the price is too high. I actually skip making coffee some mornings and go to Starbucks just to avoid dealing with this thing.

May 11, 2010
Save Your Money!
by: Anonymous

I just finished renovating my kitchen and added high end appliances with a total cost of $40,000.

I wanted a high end coffee maker to compliment the kitchen and the stainless steel appliances. I did some research and chose the Cuisanart Grind and Brew 12 cup. What a mistake. The coffee maker is temprimental and grinds when it feels like it. I've cleaned it regularly and thats another story. I have recently returned it and am back to my $24.00 Black and Decker.

This coffee maker was one of the nicest paper weights that I owned. I would send others looking to purchase this coffee maker in another direction. This was the Paris Hilton of coffee makers. Expensive, looked great but no substance.

I'm once again on the search for a coffee maker that will finish the look of my kitchen.

May 05, 2010
Money Down the Drain!!!
by: Anonymous

I was so excited to get this machine. I love freshly brewed coffee with fresh ground beans. It is load, but that is to be expected when grinding coffee. I bought this in November, 2009, 3 days later the grinder didn't work. So I took it apart and cleaned it, still nothing. Cuisinart keeps saying I have to reset it. So, how do I reset it?? No clue, must be their secret. I went ahead and made regular coffee in it and it was fine. My coffee did taste better then with my old maker. One thing this does use, is 60-70% more beans, so be prepared and buy more beans, because a pound of coffee with not last long. Maybe a week if you are coffee drinkers. So I'm putting in ground coffee into the basket and aligning the little arrows and pushing the right buttons on the machine (no grind) and on. Not hard. On with my story. Went to take a shower and came out and coffee is all over my counter and the floor. This has happened more than once. Lid on the carafe is perfect, set that stupid lid, aligning the arrows, push my buttons until it stops its little gears moving (no beeping, great, it's fine). Nope!! Coffee all over the place. So, I've had this thing 5 months now, and I'm throwing it out. Well over $150 for this junk. I will never, ever, by another grind and brew coffee machine. This machine is absolutely worthless. Too many buttons, too many rules, too much beeping, too much aligning things up, etc. etc. All I want is a good cup of coffee.

Mar 11, 2010
Filter basket needs improving
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker was purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond approximately two years ago. We chose this coffee maker because it has a 12 cup capacity and you can use whole bean coffee. One measures out the desired amount of whole coffee beans and pours them into the grinder which is built into the coffee maker.

This grinder can be easily disassembled and removed for easy cleanup in the dishwasher or by hand. Standard ground coffee can also be used by pouring it directly into the filter basket as with most other coffee makers. The filter basket uses standard 8-12 cup basket filters. This model coffee maker has a water filter to make sure your coffee does not have any unwanted flavors from your tap water. This filter is small and easy to replace, however it is a bit on the pricey side and should be replaced frequently.

This model coffee maker is also equipped with a programmable start feature so that you can have your coffee fresh and waiting for you upon waking. Another nice feature is the automatic shutoff. This turns off the coffee maker two hours after the brew cycle is completed. There is a beeping alert to let you know when the brew cycle has completed and again to let you know when the coffee maker has turned off. This coffee maker has held up very well with heavy daily use.

The only thing that could use improvement is the filter basket. This pops out on a spring loaded slide. This spring has weakened over the past 2 years, causing the basket to pop out only 50% of the time. The other times, you must poke, push, and prod the front of the basket to make it come out which is not at all convenient.

Overall, this is a great product.

Jan 29, 2010
Grinder is awful!
by: Anonymous

I have had this coffee maker for more than a year and I'm CONSTANTLY having to disassemble the grinder to clean it. I do use dark roast beans and maybe the problem is that the oils in them are causing the clogs that prevent coffee from coming through. At any rate, many mornings I've awakened to a pot of hot water because the coffee hadn't been ground. After cleaning, it seems like I get one good use out of the grinder and then it clogs up again -- and it is NOT easy to clean because there are so many little nooks and crannies. That said, when I grind my beans in a different grinder then put them in the coffeemaker, the coffee is quite good and stays warm for a very long time. The timer is nice, the stop-to-pour feature is nice -- it's a good coffee pot if you don't use the grinder.

Apr 04, 2009
grinder is noisy
by: Anonymous

I bought my Cuisinart Grind and Brew in fall of 2003. I selected it because I loved the idea of having fresh ground and brewed coffee in one machine. It worked really well. I also loved the fact that it had a timer so before going to bed you could set it to brew at a certain time in the morning. The reusable gold filter basket was nice. I liked that i didn't have to keep remembering to buy paper filters and mess around with trying to fit them in the coffee maker. The machine is easy to use and easy to clean. It makes good coffee. A couple of times I have had problems with it making a mess if the coffee is too finely ground. Now that it is getting older the timer beeps before the coffee is truly done and sometimes the basket pops out the front now by itself.

I also broke the grinder about a year ago, but it was my fault for putting too many beans in. When I need to replace this coffee maker I would consider buying another Cuisinart Grind and Brew.

First I would see if they've made the grinder to be more quiet though, because I would say that was another drawback to it.

Overall it has met my needs and made me hundreds of pots of good coffee.

Apr 04, 2009
A fresh and delicious smelling cuppa
by: Anonymous

The Cuisinart Grind-n-Brew is one of the best coffeemakers I have ever come across. While the price is a little disconcerting, I have told my customers that it is well worth it if they really do prefer the freshest, most delicious-smelling cuppa joe they have ever made in their own kitchen.

If paired with a choice roast of whole bean, the Cuisinart will grind the bean to your preference of coarseness and brew a fresh cup within minutes of grinding. This releases the freshest aroma into the air and enhances the flavor - you will think you were in Colombia or right on the Kona coffee plant!

After using this particular coffee maker, I will never again return to the store bought previously ground beans that are just a pile of cardboard in comparison to the freshly ground whole bean that goes immediately into the cup. The temperature of brewing is very important, and the Cuisinart gets it just right. Not quite boiling, but hot enough to release all of the intense flavor of a high quality roast.

The timer function is a live saver, as it is ready for me in the morning just before I head out of the house. I can enjoy the perfect cup on my commute. I have sold this to my customers in the gourmet food retail sector and they all come back to thank me for talking them into this wonderful coffee maker.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good cup in the morning or at any time - it is made fresh whenever you need it.

Apr 04, 2009
A great machine for all coffee drinkers
by: Kim

I bought this from Linens and Things about 4 months ago. I have had other coffee makers that grind coffee before and the grind was never even. This has a burr coffee grinder, which is supposed to be top of the line. And it most certainly is!

I roast my own coffee at home, so I am very picky about my coffee and this is the best coffee maker I have ever bought. It has a timer on it, so the coffee is always done when I get up in the morning. The container atop of the machine holds enough coffee beans for about 2 pots of coffee, and is sealed, so the beans don't lose their freshness. There are also settings on the coffee maker that allow for weak coffee to very strong coffee, so it would be a great machine for all coffee drinkers.

And, since I roast several types of coffee beans, it is perfect, because some kinds of coffee beans are best if brewed stronger and some are best at a medium level. You can also turn off the coffee grinder, which is nice when I make the occasional pot of flavored or decaffeinated coffee.

All components are easy to keep clean. It looks great out on my counter; however, it is taller than most machines, so you have to have more space between your counter and cabinets, or be able to put it somewhere where there are no cabinets above.

This is the best machine I have owned in 30 years of making coffee and would recommend it to everyone.

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