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Copco 2501-9907 Polished Stainless Steel Stovetop Percolator 4-8 Cup Capacity

dripless Spout Filter Basket

dripless Spout Filter Basket

One of the best ways to prepare and enjoy your coffee is to use a purpose-built percolator. It should be a good replacement for a coffee maker or espresso machine for most people. Copco has products that cater to the need of many consumers for a reliable and stylish percolator. One of these products is their elegant stainless steel stovetop percolator (2501-9907) that should be a good part of your home or office coffee bar. Available almost everywhere, this model combines the quality and value you typically expect from Copco.

Interior Features
  • This stovetop percolator will handle anywhere from four to eight cups, depending on your serving preference or the coffee blend. Whether you're entertaining a small group of guests at home or you're having a coffee break with your office buddies, this is the perfect size of percolator for you.
  • The percolator has a dripless sprout for convenient and practical use in your home or office. With this feature, you don't have to worry anymore about messy countertops.
  • The stainless steel filter basket included with this unit makes this appliance dishwasher safe. And because it's made of stainless steel, you're sure to expect this product to last a long time.

    Exterior Features

  • This model comes with either a polished or brushed exterior finish. It's stylish exterior is perfect for any modern kitchen.
  • Its built-in water level indicator makes it easy for users to efficiently serve their favorite blend. There's no need to guess how much water you'd need for every brewing batch.
  • A requirement for all heating appliances today, the discreet heat-resistant handle makes it easy to use. You can also use the percolator as a serving kettle because of its easy-to-manage handles.

    Dimension Specifications

    Shipping weight: 2 pounds
    Total cups per serving: 4-8, depending on the blend or serving preference.


    This percolator has a built-in heat resistant handle that makes it easy to prepare and use. The steel filter basket means the entire appliance is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The dripless spout ensures that your coffee parties won't be an exercise in cleaning after your guests. The compact size and efficient design should save you money on your electricity or gas bill.


    The appliance can only serve four to eight cups of coffee per heating cycle, so despite its easy-to-use design, it's not practical for large gatherings or parties. The compact design of this unit will be somewhat narrow for some stovetops and burners. The plastic dome top might be less reliable than a similar glass or metal replacement top. This stainless steel model is comparatively more expensive than an aluminum percolator.


  • easy to use
  • dishwasher safe
  • dripfree sprout
  • elegant stainless steel exterior
  • built-in water level indicator
  • can serve four to eight cups of coffee, depending on the blend
  • unique coffee flavor and aroma,


  • can only serve a few cups at a time
  • is an acquired taste
  • more expensive than an aluminum percolator
  • plastic dome top is prone to melting
  • narrow bottom won't fit all stovetops
  • sharp edges in the top and sprout
  • narrow interior basket

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    Apr 15, 2011
    love it.
    by: shurlee

    Have made my third pot and love it. It brings back the time when coffee scent filled the kitchen and you knew it was coffee you were drinking.

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