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Mr. Coffee maker 4 cups

It is a nightmare to own one of this. In fact we went through 3 already within the past 3 years. It just died on me Within a year. I would not suggest

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We purchased this beautiful red and black coffee maker at wallmart,about three months ago. Woke up one morning ,my husband had made coffee and was outside

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Sunbeam 6102-33.....12 cup coffee maker


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Sunbeam Urban Series Coffee Maker

I bought this model at Zellers for about $60.00 Within a week, the clock no longer worked, so the programmable option is completely useless. I have to

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HB Model #40616 Series #C3 118V

I love percolated coffee! But this particular coffee pot has a cord that is always breaking. I've been having this issue for the past 20 years. I hate

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Type A34, Model 49465

I am so dissatisfied with our automatic drip coffeemaker. It leaks a whole lot while pouring!!! Does anyone else have this difficulty?

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Hamilto Beach 45237RC

We have had this coffee maker two monthes, and it has died already. It was great at first, but now I have to keep pressing the on button to get a warm

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Hamilton Coffee Maker

Worst coffee maker ever. It constantly keeps the water in with the filter, creating a huge mess of ground everywhere. I am getting rid of this awful

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I am still trying to get rid of the 'new plastic' taste after brewing. Dry run brewing is simply running the brew cycle without coffee to get rid of the

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The Best krups coffee maker don't know way Bed bath and beyond don't have Anymore

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cm 1509 black & decker

Tried to use this pot 3 times and got liquid all over the floor each time. returning fast

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W didnt we bought this 12 cup B&D coffee maker and 3 days ago and it seems to work ok as far as making coffee. THis is the one you can purchase at WalMart

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DCM2160B 12 Cup programmable

The description that is provided is very misleading. Obviously this machine was not used by anyone in the company before putting it on the market. This

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l love it, my son got it for me for a gift at Christmas , but l can't find filters for it,, why do u people make these machines and NO filters, and filter

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Black and Decker CM1010B

Carafe isn't worth a flip. Will pour coffee all down the side when pouring.

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love KRUPS panini grill and toaster oven .. really dislike coffee pot. pot leaked and i went thru hell getting it replaced even though they knew they had

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Just purchased. Fantastic machine for the price.

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Krups 4 cup

I love my krups! It is wearing out. I bought it at a thrift store 6 years ago & use it everyday. 4 cups is the perfect size for me. I like having a

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Krups KM8105

I am on my 4th 8105 coffee maker The other 3 would do one cycle then the switch would start blinking and none of them would make coffee. I called Krups

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Cuisinart PRC 12

This percolator does not percolate long enough.As a result the coffee is luke warm and a bit thin.It is well made and pours well.It has a nice short cord

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Cuisinart PRC 12 Cracked Base?

I have been very happy with my Cuisinart percolator unitl the base cracked for no apparent reason. It may have been set down too hard for the very thin

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Had Dolce Gusto for 3 years then wife managed to get a Tassimo real cheap at work. Found the variety more comprehensive love Costa coffee anyway. Ease

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old Braun

I have a Braun coffee maker that is 27 years old and is just now slowing a little. I have used it almost every day and marvel at how well it has served

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Proctor Silex Brew Station

Makes great coffee,easy to use only problem I have is trying to find the replacement water filters.

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Proctor Silex Model: 49654

A great appliance, for 9 months. Waste of money. Have had coffee makers last 5 - 8 years. This one didn't make 12 months. Is anything made in USA anymore?

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Cuisinart DCC-2800

I purchase one in December 2012. In Sept. 2013 it stopped brewing. I sent it in for a replacement. The replacement's carafe leaks as you pour water into

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4 cup cuisinart

You can't pour the coffee without it dripping..I have poured it every way possible and its always all over my counter....

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cuisinart dgb-650

I bought this coffee maker in November 2010 for $125 at Home Depot. I am not satisfied with the coffee maker. It has a aluminum carafe and no reater on

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Cuisinart DCC 1200C DEFECTIVE

We bought a Cuisinart DCC 1200C coffee maker in the early 2000's and while it made great coffee, it began to turn itself off shortly after completing the

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Burr Grinder

This product seems produce a weaker medium grind than its Thermal Grind & Brew unit which was more controllable but certainly messier to clean. Both medium

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Mr.Coffee Keurig

Makes a small cup of coffee quick. However coffee is barely warm and if you don't drink it immediately it will be cold. No warming element.

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PSTX Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker

I have always had good luck with my Mr. Coffee coffeemakers, regardless of the style. With a busy household, it is great to have a coffeemaker that can

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PSTX series

For $80, this coffee pot looks great but really doesn't perform. We've had leakage problems from the reservoir after the first week (and conveniently

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Mr. Coffee CHX23

I like a good cup of coffee in the morning and thought that this coffee maker was going to be my answer - but I was wrong. Had it for 2 days and plan

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GE 5 cup digital coffee maker

Worked fine mechanically and great value but the coffee tasted strongly of plastic, and this did not go away after several cleanings and 2 months of moderate

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ge 12 cup digital coffee maker 169228

the screw from the handle on pot came loss and then i saw it broken the square plastic piece

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GE coffemaker 169209

I will never buy another piece of GE junk like this...only had it a few months and that stupid Er5 won't stop blinking...this piece of junk needs to be

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angie FTX41

With so many problems associated with this product , why is it still in stores? Makes great coffee, and the price was great. I purchased this a BJ's for

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GE coffee maker 169209

I had this coffee maker for a few complaints, no problems...when today I went to wash the coffee maker and the handle fell off!! Luckily, the

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Bunn HG

An absolute piece of junk. Bought in Dec of 2010 and quit working 3 months later. 3 yr warranty my foot. I have never been so disappointed.

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Bunn Phase Brew 8 cup

Love the coffee. Best I've had. I coupled it with a Cappresso coffee grinder. Only one problem. After a month the coffee maker started flashing CLE

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Bunn HG

Bought one despite the negative reviews, but assurance the problems had been fixed, in early December. As of Jan 4, 2012 it will no longer heat the water

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Bunn grx 10 cup

I really love this coffemaker I just wish they will make some other color like red, my small kitchen appliances are all in red aside from the coffeemaker,

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Jura Capresso E9

Just another Jura that lasts about a year and craps out during the cleaning cycle and has to be sent to the factory for repairs at a cost of a Saeco

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Makes an extremely good concentrated cup of coffee. It is old but if you find one it is gold.

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Krups XP2070 is garbage!

I purchased a Krups XP2070 coffee and espresso maker 2 years ago for over $200. The machine has broken down 2x's. The first time, the water line to the

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KitchenAid KCM223ACU

So Disappointed. Looks great but the automatic controls do not work and sometimes the manual does not work either. The carafe has to be turned upside down

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Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker KCM511

Two identical coffee makers. Loved them both for about two years. Then we received error 2 messages on BOTH coffee makers! Called KitchenAid, and the

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KitchenAid 12cup Digital with glass carafe

The first one I had, the water reservoir leaked and I had to return it. Now on my 2nd one after only 2 months the light started blinking while I was brewing

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