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Mr Coffee DRX5 Coffeemaker, 4 Cup Programable

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DRX5 The Mr. Coffee DRX5 coffeemaker can provide you with four cups of steaming, delicious coffee. However, you do not have to wait for the whole four-cups full of coffee brew to pour the first cup. The Pause n’ Serve feature makes it possible for pouring while still brewing. The coffeemaker has a removable filter for easy cleaning. It also has a water level indicator that enables you to prepare your brew with just the right amount, without overflowing. The OFF and ON indicator, on the other hand, makes it easy to see if brewing has completely stopped. Not only is the Mr. Coffee convenient, it is also inexpensive and easy on storage. With $20 on hand, you can already have this small coffeemaker. It can fit into most countertops. The Cord Storage feature also makes it easy for the wire to be secured without taking up space or causing accidents.


Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go
Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

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DCM18S If you only need that one cup, you can go for the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug. This particular item is sold as low as $17.91. The item is recommended to students and other coffee drinkers on the go. Its direct to travel mug brew feature is very convenient especially if you are always on a rush. The 15 ounce travel mug should be enough to provide you your needed boost for the day. Other convenience features are auto shut off, permanent filter and dishwasher safe materials. The mug’s standard size fits it into the average vehicle cup holder. So, you can safely position it inside your car while taking sips at stops. The Black and Decker personal coffeemaker sure makes brewing and drinking tasty coffee so much easier. The shiny silver and black design provides a no-nonsense attitude that should be compatible with its typical users.


Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffeemaker

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mr coffee 12 cup For a household with several coffee drinkers, the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffeemaker is ideal. The coffeemaker retails at about $22.60. So, it should be fairly affordable for most families or group of friends. A group of twelve people or even of three or four heavy coffee drinkers will enjoy the big pot provided by this Mr. Coffee appliance. It does have a brew-pause button that makes it easy for the first cup to be served. Waiting on the whole 12 cup pot may be too much for some coffee drinkers, especially during drowsy mornings. The illuminated on/off switch is also good for bleary eyes. For those who take longer to get to the pot, the two hour warmth retention is a plus. The carafe’s drip-free spout and ergonomic handle help avoid spills especially on mornings when everyone is scurrying towards the pot. The Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffeemaker also has a stain-resistant warming plate for easy cleaning and cord storage to keep things neat on the countertop.

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Oster TF5-NP Coffee Maker, 4 Cup, Pause N Serve

The Oster TF5-NP coffee maker can serve up to four cups of delicious coffee, just enough for one brew. It has a sleek, curvy design that is bound to attract not only coffee lovers but also homemakers who want to prop up appliances that will complement their modern kitchen’s look. At an affordable price of $14, the coffee maker is recommended to coffee lovers on a budget. Students who have to brave long nights or workers on graveyard shifts will love the Oster TF5-NP coffee maker. The small price is matched with just the right quality to serve up the daily caffeine fix. There is also no need to wait long for the first steaming cup. The Oster TF5-NP coffee maker has a pause and serve feature. The pause and serve feature is great for those who cannot wait to pour the first cup while the rest of the pot is still brewing.

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Medelco KF111 One Cup Gold-Plated Coffee Maker

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KF111 For a coffeemaker that looks luxurious even at a cheap price, the gold-plated number from Medelco is a great choice. It is easy enough to use for the coffee drinker on the go. The coffeemaker can serve up any size of coffee cup. The only thing to do is to pour freshly boiled water into the coffeemaker. It makes it possible to prepare coffee in a few seconds without having to go the instant coffee route. The coffeemaker, however, is for personal use only. It is recommended to solitary coffee drinkers or to coffee drinkers on the go. It is not recommended to those who want to enjoy their fresh brew with friends or family. Of course, there is always the option of each owning a Medelco KF111 one cup coffeemaker. The gold plating makes the coffeemaker look more sophisticated without making the whole look garish or over the top. At $16.62, coffee lovers can bring home this Medelco coffeemaker.

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