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by John

Gevalia CM-650

Gevalia CM-650

Gevalia CM-650
Gevalia CM-650

What a piece of crap. I have had two of these thiungs withih a two month period. The second one has lasted less than a week. The first one seemed to be doing fine at first although there a few things I didn't care for about it........ I decided I could live with it. One was the way you pour the water into the resivoir. While pouring the water the coffee pot would "dribble" water even when pouring slowly. That would be caught in the coffee filter and grounds until the next morning when the pot would be programmed to come on. I tried different ways to deal with this but it was all a big pain and an annoyance. Two months later the heating element burned out.

Gevalia sent me a new pot within two weeks. (the same model) I found it "dribbled" water worse than the other one. Anyway, it died in less than a week. I always set the timer to come on 1/2 hour before I get up in the morning. About 6 days into the new pot that Gevalia replaced for free, the program buttons quit working all together. It wouldn't program, set time, nothing. I was so P.O.'d! I called Gevalia and let them know how mad I was and to cancel my membership after many years. They offered to replace the coffee maker again at no charge. How do you argue with that???

I like Gevalia coffee but over the years I have to say the Gevalia CM-650 is without a doubt in my mind the absolute worst coffee maker I have ever had. That being said, I am still pleased to do business with a company who stands behind their products.

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Oct 26, 2015
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