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Chef Maker-SH- 601

by Vasanth

I bought a Chef Maker-SH- 601-A model coffee maker in July 2008 and its one of the best and I like it very much because its features which I was mostly admired. It has 4 to 6 cup capacity, Thermos Jug to Retain Heat, Anti Drip Feature, Removable and washable filter, Double Water Level Gauge, Illuminated On-Off switch.

I have the habit of taking coffee more times a day so I bought it first. It’s really more useful to make coffee fast and the coffee is also very nice to have when I compare with my wife.
Choosing a coffee maker can be a daunting task in case one is not clear about the kind of coffee maker one is needs. The coffee market is full of branded coffee makers.

It depends on us to know what kind of coffee maker is looking for. One can choose from single cup to four-cup coffee makers depending on use and requirement. I bought chef maker because of its beautiful looking and comfort to carry where ever we go. Its very important for me to have my coffee maker with me when and there.

Its also essay usage of coffee maker is one of the key factor for me to select this model it is very essay to clean and very comfort to handle.
There are also one cup coffee maker is available in the market.

It is very useful for a small family which holds only husband and wife. It is also more advantage for them to make coffee for them only. It’s up to the usage of the coffee maker for a family.

If the family is join family then the above said 4 to 6 cup coffee maker is need, it depends on the usage.

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