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Capresso CoffeeTEAM S 454

by Marie
(New Jersey)


Capresso 454 CoffeeTEAM-S
Coffee Maker/Burr Grinder Combination

Capresso CoffeeTEAM S coffee maker: $199
1 pound Starbucks Verona Coffee: $10
1 pound Starbucks Expresso: $10
Freshly ground and brewed coffee waiting for us when we wake up: priceless!

I have had 2 of these grind and brew coffee makers for two years and it has been worth every penny. (My husband and I drink different bean and we purchased two.)

We have home delivery of our favorite coffee and we want it freshly ground, so we looked for a grind and brew unit.
Our first attempt was a Cuisinart Grind and Brew. The cleanup on it was so labor intensive that we groaned at the thought of setting up for the next morning. So, when we saw the design of the Capresso system, we were very excited! We purchased them from a Kitchen Kapers.

The Capresso design is successful, where other grind and brews are not, because the grinding is to the side and not over the brewing position. This results in a coffee maker that is light years ahead of other such systems in the cleaning department. Clean up is a breeze! I can set up both coffee makers in minutes.

It allows you to program the time you want your coffee ready, and there are two ways to adjust the strength. One way is to adjust the grind to coarse for stronger coffee. I can make mine even stronger by setting the number of cups to the next higher setting, thereby grinding more coffee.

There is an indicator light to let you know when to change the charcoal filter. The filters can be ordered easily from the Capresso website and arrive very quickly.

I can also recommend the customer service from Capresso as excellent! One of the units developed a spot on the warming plate. I sent it to Capresso and they had it fixed and returned within 3 days.

Best of all, the Capresso CoffeTEAM S makes a cup of coffee that tastes just as good as from the Starbucks store! Priceless!

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