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Capresso Classic Luxe Espresso Maker

Espresso coffee has caught the fancy of increasing number of persons who have a taste for coffee. The quickness with which the process involved in its making, without losing the essential taste and aroma, that Espresso makers have brought about, has certainly helped the liking for it to grow wider.

The home appliance market today offers a large selection of brands and models of Espresso makers to choose from. The main criterion for making this choice continues be that the appliance presents the cup with froth and flavor at the right temperature. The model under review is good in looks with its stainless steal body in mirror glass chrome finish. The black base it’s mounted on is stable. All tubing is made of stainless steal that is found to be durable. The model employs a pump for milk frothing and hot water or steam that functions efficiently.

The time taken for the maker to reach brewing temperature is just over a minute followed by actual brewing time of 30/40 seconds. These timings may be considered fast enough even when the occasion demands cup after cup in quick succession. The filter is removable with ease.

A drip tray provided helps keeping the area around clean. The dial to control its functions has pictorial symbols rather than alphabet. One quite easily and quickly gets familiar with them. On the electricity consumption front, the appliance is rated at 1200 Watts which is reasonable for the type of powerful pump required to give steady jet of steam or hot water as may be required.

- Fast speed of operation to reach brewing temperature.
- The appliance can be used to prepare Cappuccino variation too.

- May not suit where low price, and not the durability, is the main consideration.
-Is not available in pastel colors with mat finish.


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