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Capresso 580. Disk Burr 14 oz Grinder

The CAPRESSO Disk Burr Grinder 580 has a unique vertical design that catches the attention of coffee drinkers who want something different. It is quite versatile, offering 17 preset grinding options that could satisfy all types of tastes and preferences. The consistent grind and varied application are both offered through this economical model from CAPRESSO.

Interior Features

  • The CAPRESSO burr grinder 580 provides a superb array of grinding texture options, all 17 of them. These options make it possible to prepare coffee from the finest to the coarsest type, providing different coffee drinkers with their type of drink. Because 17 grinding options are offered in one machine, there is no need to buy other coffee makers. This, along with the already reasonable price tag, helps the coffee drinker save money.
  • The timer can be set anywhere from 8 to 40 seconds. This simply means that the pot can be ready in a very short period of time. This gives the coffee drinker a chance to do other things and to get that cup of joe at once. Note that the finer textures take more time to get ready than the coarser ones.
  • For a grinder, the CAPRESSO 580 is pretty quiet during operation.

    Exterior Features

  • The CAPRESSO 580 has a separate On/Off Timer to keep things from getting confused. Over all, the product is very easy to use. Though reading the manual is always advised, this product will not require several readings unless something goes wrong.
  • The upper burr is removable to make way for easy cleanups. The vertical grinding design also helps prevents clogging and keep some areas clean and free of ground coffee. The owner can use a special spiral brush to clean the product.
  • The coffee grinder also includes a safety feature which only allows it to function when the lid is closed and intact. This prevents hot grounds of coffee or even steaming liquid from spilling out.
  • The ground coffee container has a lid and can contain up to 5 ounces of coffee but the bean container can keep up to 14 ounces of coffee beans.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.5 x 10.8 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 5 ounces of coffee
    Weight: 4.8 pounds


    The coffee grinder offers up to 17 texture options. This versatility can be very practical for families with members who have differing tastes. The wide range of options can be economical in the sense that there is no need for another coffee maker in the house. The operation is quiet, efficient, safe and speedy. The coffee grinder does not have to take over the kitchen.
    With its high capacity, the CAPRESSO 580 can store up to 14 ounces of coffee beans ready to be processed. The maximum volume of coffee produced at one time is 5 ounces. Cleaning up is easy because of the vertical design, the removable parts and the special spiral brush provided. The product is also very easy to use.


  • Some consumers complain about claims not being true. Such claims include non-clog design and great textures.


  • easy to clean
  • easy, quiet and safe to operate
  • offers 17 grinding options
  • high storage capacity


  • some consumer complaints on defective parts

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