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CAPRESSO 503 Jura electric blades Coffee Grinder

Equipped with both good looks and power, the CAPRESSO Cool Grind 503 can grind coffee beans to the finest texture without heating up. As a result, steaming coffee of up to 15 cups is produced with its full flavor and aroma retained. Spices and herbs can also be easily added to the brew to create more varied flavors.

Interior Features
  • As part of the Cool Grind series, the 503 from CAPRESSO can grind coffee beans up to their finest possible texture while still keeping cool. Cooling, in the case of coffee makers, is not only about making sure the user is not burnt but is also about keeping the aroma and the flavor in.
  • Operation can easily be stopped by one press of a button. This is good for emergencies.

    Exterior Features

  • The CAPRESSO Cool Grind 503 has a large capacity. It can store several ounces of coffee beans at one time. This is to ensure that the owner does not have to load the grinder with beans every time one load has been grounded. The coffee grinder can also produce a maximum of 15 cups at one time.
  • The clear, see-through safety lid allows the user to see the coffee texture without lifting the lid. This feature is designed to provide the user the convenience of choosing to put the coffee under another cycle of grinding if the texture is still coarse for his or her taste.
  • The housing is both sophisticated and functional. The shiny, modern look provides the sophistication while the stainless steel material provides the durability and strength.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 4 inches
    Width: 4 inches
    Height: 8 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 15 cups
    Weight: 2 pounds


    The Cool Grind series can retain the aroma and the flavor of the coffee while preventing scalds and burns through its slow heating feature. The slow heating or cool grind feature may have been partly produced by the stainless steel material.

    Because of its large capacity, the 503 can serve a whole family plus their visitors or a large group of friends with no problem. The grinder can serve up to 15 cups at a time.

    The operation is also pretty speedy. So those two characteristics combined can produce lots of cups of coffee for one session. The coffee grinder is made of stainless steel. The material provides the product with a shiny, sophisticated look while keeping it rust-free. It is equipped with some great safety features. The safety lid allows a peek into the steaming coffee’s current texture. The cord can be safely tucked into the 503’s body during storage as to not cause accidents caused by spilled liquids. The safety stop is also fast enough to prevent an accident.


    There has been complaints about uneven grinding. The results are reported to be better when the user is going for coarser textures.


  • slow heating feature
  • is designed with safety features
  • can produce up to 15 cups at a time
  • stainless steel frame


  • uneven grinding

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