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Capresso 121 Ultima Semi-Automatic Coffee Maker

and Espresso Cappuccino Machine Black 53 oz. with DualFrother Technology and ThermoCoil Heating Pump

and Espresso Cappuccino Machine Black 53 oz. with DualFrother Technology and ThermoCoil Heating Pump

The Capresso 121, 53 oz. Ultima semi-automatic coffee maker and espresso cappuccino machine, receives one of the best reviews from customers today. With a majority of five-star ratings, this machine is capable of creating high quality coffee drinks in mere seconds. Its DualFrother technology makes it easy to produce both steamed milk for latte and thick froth for cappuccino enthusiasts. The ThermoCoil heating pump also ensures a fast production of hot water for different purposes. All these encased in a black stylish exterior, the coffee and espresso maker is definitely a good addition to have around the kitchen.

Interior Features
  • Automatic internal removal of used coffee makes cleanup easy and production faster. The unit comes with the patented ThermoCoil for a fast and efficient heating, while the DualFrother technology ensures that each cup comes up with settings for both latte and cappuccino.
  • Brewing can be done simultaneously for up to two 6 oz. coffee cups, and it creates quality espresso and cappuccino each time. Hot water is also instantly released for other needs like tea, soups, and hot chocolate.
  • The model comes with a large 53 oz. capacity. The removable water tank makes it possible to create up to 30 espressos. Heating time is faster with the ThermoCoil heating pump.

    Exterior Features

  • Double spouts make the unit compatible with any up size.
  • The indicator light for the thermostat makes is easy to judge machine or or off status. The model indicates when the internal tray can be emptied.
  • The simple yet stylish black design blends well with any decor. The unit size is also just right for the kitchen counter without taking too much space.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 16 inches
    Height: 15 inches
    Width: 12 inches
    Total volume/number of cups: 53 oz.


    The ThermoCoil feature makes it easy to heat up water for faster coffee results. The capacity of 53 oz. makes it ideal for household use or office use. It is easy to use with the help of the indicator light indicating the machines current status and also very easy to clean with the help of the automatic internal removal of coffee debris. Removable water tank the increases efficiency of the model. Heated water may also be used for other purposes like tea, soups, or hot chocolate. The double spout makes it possible to use two cups at the same time. The unit is durable and works beautifully each time. An instruction video comes with the model to easily learn how it works. High quality espresso and cappuccino is produced each time.


    Users have complained that it takes some time to learn the functions. The quality produced is not enough for some users. Steam production is limited. Coffee temperature sometimes come out cooler than expected. Finely grounded coffee tends to clog the machine after some time.


  • stylish design
  • creates quality coffee
  • fast production
  • price is average
  • speedy water heating rate
  • very easy to clean
  • versatile to cup size
  • very durable
  • reliable


  • limited steam
  • finely grounded coffee may clog
  • takes some time to operate
  • not hot enough

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