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Cafe Rico Filter Coffee Maker

One of our friends presented "Cafe Rico Filter Coffee Maker" as a Gift on the occasion of our "House Warming Ceremony" at Hyderabad.

It is very simple and easy to prepare coffee using this. We tried to prepare coffee on the same day, as our other friends asked us to prepare coffee for them using this new branded coffee maker. Just 1 and half scoops of coffee powder is enough to prepare 10 cups of coffee, within very short time. (Just 10 minutes.)

It is really very helpful for all of us when we have sudden guests.
It is not necessary to prepare every time 10 cups of coffee. we can prepare as many cups as required. Even 1 cup also we can prepare. Just with small quantity of coffee powder, mentioned in booklet also.

Some of the details of this brands is :
10 cup/1.4 liter capacity
Brushed stainless steel trim
Easy to clean filter
Coffee strength selector
Thermostatic hot plate to keep coffee at a constant temperature
Heat resistant carafe and lid
Illuminated On / off switch
Anti - drip device
Wattage - 1400 watts

As it was given as present I don't know the price, but later I came to know that it is around Rs.2700. Weight is also very less 1.25 kg(s).

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