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Cafe Rico Espresso - Coffee Maker with Frother

Coffee is said to be a stress-buster.whenever you are down,it can definitely elevate your moods to a great extent. But, trust me people its only a few times a week that one can afford good actual taste coffee in the famous coffee chains.after some days,the same coffee starts giving you stress rather because of its price.

So,I also one of the coffee freaks decided to go for a coffee maker when one of my friends suggested me to. I have this model of coffee maker which gives me 6 cups of espresso at one time and has great features of heating the milk using the thermostatic plate.

The heat is not fixed moreover, I can set different strength according to my own choice unlike the stove in which I have to do everything by just estimation. Then, the milk frothing feature makes me go really crazy about the whole thing because it just gives me the feeling as if I am sitting in any great coffee chain restaurant and having the whole thing for no price. Of course, you would be thinking that the initial prices must be out of budget for a middle class man but no, the fact is that its just for 110 dollars which makes it convenient for any coffee freak to not let his taste get curbed for money.

Let me mention the wattage which is 1200 watts of this model and it comes in different colors so what are you waiting for. Just go and grab one for yourself. Feel like a winner and live life, king size.

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