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BUNN Thermofresh BTX-B Coffee Maker

Manufactured by one of the leading makers of coffeemakers, the Bunn BTX Brewer is capable of producing ten cups of coffee within three minutes. The model uses a water reservoir that is kept hot for instant access to water.

The product comes in a contemporary design of polished black and a stainless steel trunk. The brewing time is kept at three minutes, specifically timed to produce a perfectly flavored coffee without the bitter taste associated with over-brewing.

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The patented spray head also contributes to product quality, which thoroughly goes over coffee grounds to take out the last drop of taste possible. The size of the model is 15.25 height x 6.8 width x 13.75 depths in inches, and has a weight of approximately 10 pounds.

It may use up to 900 watts and comes with a 3-year labor and parts warranty. Easy to use via two main switches, the brewer’s carafe is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The Bunn BTX Brewer is ideal for large households.

Key Features

- Simple to use, the Bunn BTX brewer is controlled by two main switches.
- It has a vacation switch for those who will be leaving for more than two days.
- It features a stainless steel boiler for better tasting coffee.
- The thermal carafe is dishwasher-safe.
- It uses a durable stainless steel that is made to last.
- The stainless steel thermal carafe is dishwasher-safe and made to kept coffee hot for long periods of time.
- The patented spray head is designed to thoroughly squeeze out coffee flavor for a full, rich cup.
- It comes with a three-year warranty.


BTX Home Brewer makes good-tasting coffee every time due to the unique spray head that produces even turbulence that is designed to squeeze out every drop of flavor from the grounds. The product comes with an excellent and detailed manual as well as a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Unlimited technical service is also available toll-free.

The three-minute brewing time is exactly specified to produce just the right flavor of coffee, eliminating the burned coffee taste often found in other models. The water reserve is kept hot at all times and may also be used for other purposes such as instant noodles, tea, cereals, or oat meals.

Perfect for large households as well as office functions or group gatherings. Vacation switch is made available for those who are leaving home for more than two days. Just flip the switch and the Bunn BTX Brewer stops maintaining the heat on the reservoir. When flipped back, the water will take 15 minutes to heat up, much like the initial installation.


The water must be first allowed to heat for 15 minutes after initial installation. This works because the Bunn BTX Brewer allows for a water reservoir and heats it up. When coffee is ready to be made, users must simply add more cold water to the reservoir, automatically displacing the hot water, which will then be used for brewing coffee.


- produces quality coffee every time
- fast serving within 3 minutes
- carafe size is 50 ounces, translating to 10 cups of coffee per serving
- ideal for large households, office use, or other large groups drinking coffee
- stainless steel thermal carafe allows for preserved flavor and temperature after hours
- stainless steel boiler keeps reservoir water hot and prepared every time
- easy to use close and brew cover


- (at initial installation) the water will first be heated for 15 minutes before being used
- spray head may require regular cleanups, although Bunn has already predicted the need by coming up with a unique cleaner included in the bundle

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Comments for BUNN Thermofresh BTX-B Coffee Maker

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Aug 09, 2013
Can't go the distance
by: Michelle

I love my Bunn coffee maker but we have owned two now and both of them stopped heating the coffee after 2 years. For the price, it shouldn't burn out so quickly. I've had cheaper pots that last so long that I had to replace them based on wear but they were still able to brew coffee. Also had issues with overflow at the filter cup unless i used Bunn brand filters.

Jan 01, 2012
Great Coffee maker!
by: Connie

Received this Bunn coffee pot as a gift. I find that it is great for keeping coffee hot. I made some coffee around 8 am and it was still warm the next morning. By keeping the lid in the closed position it kept the coffee warm for almost 24 hours. I also like the idea of not having a burner on at all times.

Dec 11, 2011
Couldn't go the distance
by: Bruce - TX

Had this model for less than 2 yrs and the heating element went out. Up until then it ran like a champ. I can not see spending $100 plus for a unit that cannot go the distance. Save your money.

Mar 11, 2010
solid machine
by: Anonymous

- It brews a pot of coffee for less than 3 minutes
- The stainless steel thermos carafe keeps coffee piping hot

- Difficult to use
- Needs to maintain a pot of water to keep its balance

This BUNN Coffeemaker is great because it brews a pot of coffee in 3 minutes or less. The stainless steel thermos carafe keeps coffee piping hot and since it's not sitting on a burner, it never gets that stale or burnt taste. The downside is that nobody ever knows how to use it so when I have company, I always end up with coffee all over the counter.

Also, if I go out of town, even for a few days, I have to run a pot of water through the machine to get the levels back in balance (possibly because water has evaporated from the holding tank in the back). Despite the small down-side, the pros of this coffee maker far exceed the cons and I would give it a 5 rating.

Jan 23, 2010
a quality brew
by: Anonymous

I can't say enough positive things about the Bunn Thermofresh coffee maker! I enjoy the fact that coffee only takes three minutes to brew. You really cannot imagine the convenience factor that comes with owning this machine.

It is especially nice in the morning when I am in a hurry to get to work, I don't need to wait ten or fifteen minutes just for the coffee to brew. Even though this machine doesn't have a warming plate, the stainless steel pot keeps the coffee tasting hot and fresh. The exterior of the carafe sometimes gets a little toasty, as to be expected/

The quality of the ThermoFresh model over some of the other Bunn residential models is clear in the build itself. It is made of all sturdy materials, and in the time I have been using it (a little under a year), it is still in tip top shape as the day I bought it. Other coffee makers I have owned have completely stopped working in all of six months time. Bunn stands by their products, and I will definitely be a repeat customer. The added three year limited warranty only reinforces this fact.

The only potential drawback to this coffee maker is the price. It retails upwards of $140.00, but deals can be found online. But when you add up the costs of other, cheaper coffee makers that break and need to be replaced, I feel this is worth the cost. Plus with it's reservoir, paying a little more for the added convenience is definitely worth it to me.

Overall, I am most definitely glad that I made this purchase. Other than the said reservoir, this is a no frills coffee maker that gets the job done. It does have a vacation switch to turn off the heat, but does not have any programmable functions or instant shutoff as some of the other similarly priced coffee makers have. However, I have used Bunn coffee makers in restaurant settings, and will say that this machine keeps up with the best of them, right in my own home.

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