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Bunn STX Brewer

The STX Brewer provides up to 10 cups of coffee within 3 to 4 minutes of brewing time. It comes in graphite black color with stainless steel and silver accents. Manufactured by Bunn, the STX Brewer comes with a 3-year warranty.

It keeps hot water constantly available for other uses such as cooking instant noodles, cereals or oat meals. The model is packaged in a stainless steel vacuum insulated container that keeps coffee piping hot without overheating.

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A thermostat is installed internally, which keeps the beverage at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring fast brewing while maintaining the quality taste of coffee. The model’s patented spray design allows for even water distribution, ensuring that every bit of the coffee flavor is extracted while keeping brewing time constant for a perfectly flavored brewed coffee. The STX Brewer comes from a long line of Bunn products and has received 5 star reviews from some users.

Key Features

- It features 3- to 4-minute brewing time.
- The thermal carafe comes with a cool handle for comfortable grip, encased in an insulated container that prevents overheating without compromising coffee temperature.
- It produces 10 cups within 3 minutes of brewing.
- The parts are dishwasher safe.
- It uses a stainless steel tank.
- It has an easy to use close-and-brew lid.
- There's no need for warmers.
- The vacation switch turns off tank heat.
- The patented spray evenly squeezes out the flavor from coffee grounds.


The STX Brewer makes for a fast cup of quality coffee with its internally installed thermostat that keeps water at the 200 degrees Fahrenheit level. The 3- to 4-minute fixed brewing time prevents over-brewing, which accounts for the bitter taste produced by other coffeemaker types.

Since the water is kept hot at all times, users have the option of using the liquid for other purposes like instant noodles or oat meals. The STX Brewer’s patented spray design is unique in that it allows for equal spray distribution, ensuring thorough flavor extraction from the coffee grounds.

Most parts are dishwasher-safe and the thermal carafe keeps coffee hot without the need for a warming plate. Encased in insulated stainless steel, the carafe can hold up to 10 cups of coffee and can keep it hot for two hours or more.

The size is perfect for a corner spot coffeemaker. The STX Brewer is ideal for most coffee-drinking households as well as office locations and other coffee-drinking groups who like their coffee fast and hot.


Some consumers say that using a reusable basket instead of the Bunn paper filters, which come with the product, produces better-tasting coffee. Price is more expensive when bought at stores rather than online shopping sites. Some say that other coffeemakers have the same features as the STX Brewer but they come at a lower price.

- produces good-tasting coffee every time without the bitter taste made by over-brewing
- no need for a warming plate, coffee is kept hot even after two hours or more
- quick and easy operation.
- decanter can hold and produce up to 10 cups of coffee
- thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for a long time
- utilizes an internal thermostat that keeps liquid at even 200 degrees Fahrenheit temperature level
- constantly hot water can be used for other purposes besides coffee (instant noodles, cereals, oat meal etc.)
- fast brewing time at around 3 to 4 minutes
- good choice for coffee-drinking households.

- uses paper filters, which can be a bit messy
- price a bit more expensive when purchased in regular retail stores

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