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The Bunn My cafe is the one cup coffeemaker for those of us on the go!

For some people, a full pot of coffee is just way too much, so, for the individual cup, there are one serve coffee makers like the My Café Single-Server Coffee/Tea Pod Brewers, which enables a person to brew just one cup of coffee or tea at a time whenever they want it.

The Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade is a coffee maker that brews single cups of coffee using coffee pods.

There are literally hundreds of reviews of this machine available on the internet and this article will summarize all the points raised in the online reviews both positive and negative, so that you can make an informed choice as to whether the Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade is the machine for you.

Bunn MCP My Cafe Key Features

Bunn are well known and respected coffee machine makers who concentrate their efforts on producing a machine that will provide you with the ultimate cup of coffee in terms of taste quality from a well made durable machine.

This attitude is carried through to the Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade machine, as one reviewer noted this attitude can be especially seen in the fact that Bunn only make the machine they do not seek to make more money from their customers by providing specially labeled or sized coffee pods.

The Bunn MCP will actually take any coffee pod currently available for coffee pod brewing machines. (The only pods you cannot use are the special hard packed ones designed especially for espresso machines.)

Many users commented favorably on the ability of this machine to use any sized coffee pods as this allows you unlimited choices of coffee pod brands and flavors.

Bunn MCP My Cafe pros

Tea drinkers also gave favorable reviews of the Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade coffee maker as it has a special pulse brew steeping option for brewing tea, this brewing action mimics dipping a tea bag in and out of the hot water and reportedly makes a much better cup of tea to other machines.

Tea drinkers were also impressed by the fact that the Bunn MCP will brew tea using standard tea bags – you do not have to use specialty tea pods if you do not wish to.


The Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade machine will brew a cup of coffee in less than a minute and there is no waiting time for the water to heat up between cups as this machine has a thermostatically controlled water reservoir that keeps the water heated to the perfect brewing temperature.

This Bunn coffee maker will allow you to make many cups of coffee one after the other as you wish of any flavor or variety of coffee without any flavor or aroma from the previous cup contaminating the next cup because of the coffee pod system of brewing.

The pods are also a cleaner and less fussy way of making coffee you simply place a pod in the machine and once the cup is brewed you throw the entire pod away – you never need to measure out coffee or deal with messy grinds.


Many reviewers of the Bunn MCP My Café Professional –Grade machine all commented on the fact that this machine will not only take various sized cups up to tall travel mugs but that you can select how much water is dispensed by the machine.

Other machines on the market only dispense a fixed amount of water or a choice from two amounts (4 and 8 oz) if you are lucky but the Bunn coffee maker allows you to choose various amounts of water from 4 to 12 ounces.

This feature allows you very good control of the strength of the coffee you are brewing.


The Bunn MCP My Café Professional-Grade machine also received several favorable reviews for the ease with which the large (46 0z) water reservoir can be filled.

The machine has been designed in such a way that you can easily fill the water reservoir without removing it from the machine but you can also remove the reservoir easily to fill it or clean it if you wish.

(A in line machine is also available that is fitted directly to the waterline for commercial applications.)


Another innovation that Bunn offer in the MCP My Café Professional-Grade machine that is not to my knowledge offered by other manufacturers of similar machines is a feature that puts the machine into a sleep mode after six hours of inactivity to conserve electricity usage.

The machine can be easily awoken by simply pushing any of the buttons or by placing a pod in the machine.

Bunn MCP My Cafe Cons

The only negative reviews I have found on this machine talked about a problem some of the machines had with a faulty part that meant that some machines leaked.

According to the reviewers Bunn were aware of the problem and replaced the faulty machines and ensured that new stocks of the machines were not fitted with this faulty part.

My Cafe Specs


Fast 30 second brew
Removable reservoir
Reservoir capacity is 46oz
Pulse brew feature for brewing tea
Change strength of coffee
Change portion size of coffee from 4oz to 12oz
Color = black
height -16 1/4 inches
width - 14 inches
depth - 11 inches

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