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Bunn My Cafe Single serve Coffee Maker

The My Cafe Single Serve Coffee and Tea Pod Brewer from Bunn comes with a two-year parts and labor warranty. It’s perfect for households who only have one coffee-drinking member.

The outstanding feature of this Bunn coffeemaker model is that it accepts any type of pod currently in the market. A pod drawer is made available for easy placement and removal of pods.

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Ideal for people who like to grab and drink, the My Café Single Serve Coffee and Tea Pod Brewer can produce quality coffee within 30 seconds, as the water is constantly kept at ready-to-brew temperatures. The model is separated into two types, the first one utilizing a water reservoir of 46 ounces.

The second model is ideal for office spaces in which water is directly plugged in for unlimited brewing. This Bunn model stands at 8 by 13.7 by 10.7 inches and weighs 13 pounds, perfect for a corner coffeemaker. Styled in plastic and metal, the color is polished black.

Key Features

- This coffeemaker has a patented pod drawer that can accommodate most pods currently in the market.
- Fast brewing within 30 seconds is possible.
- The heating tank encased in stainless steel holds water at ready-to-brew temperature.
- It serves a dual purpose for both coffee and tea.
- The patented head spray is designed to extract every bit of flavor from the pod.
- It has an adjustable tea or coffee strength from 4 to 12 ounces.
- It has two model types. The first requires a reservoir that holds up to 46 ounces, designed for personal use. The second is an automatic model that may be plugged directly to the water source, eliminating the need to refill.
- Its parts are dishwasher-safe, namely the pod drawer, reservoir, and drip tray.
- It comes with two different pot holders to avoid taste transfer for people who drink both coffee and tea.
- It is easy to use with its pour over the top water reservoir.
- It is energy-efficient.


The best thing about the My Café Single Serve Coffee/Tea Pod Brewer is that it can hold different pod types sold in the market. Users also love the idea that tea or coffee strength may be adjusted from 4 to 12 ounces within 30 seconds of fast brewing. Regardless of the speed, the patented head spray ensures that each coffee or tea taste is extracted for a better-tasting coffee.

It comes with two pod holders for those who drink both coffee and tea. Energy-efficient, the tank heater may be turned off when the machine will be kept idle for a long time. Because of the constantly kept heater tank, this coffeemaker can easily dispense hot water for various uses, including instant noodles, cocoa, cereals, and oat meals.


The product is a bit more expensive than other pod brewers. Other consumers have complained that the Bunn My Café Single Serve Pod Brewer produces inconsistent results. Sometimes, there are more water than coffee, and there are times when coffee over-saturates the water. The spray head may require frequent cleaning to avoid lime buildup.

- very fast brewing time
- flexible pod use
- has two available pod holders to avoid the blending of taste for coffee and tea drinkers
- adjustable coffee and tea strength
- easy to use
- Bunn has already predicted the need for frequent spray head cleanup and have provided a unique tool for that very purpose included in the package

- expensive
- the product is intended for loose coffee pods.
- some consumers have complained about the inconsistent quality results of the brewed coffee
- spray head requires frequent cleaning

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