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Bunn Home Model

by Michelle
(Fairmount, Indiana, USA)

The Bunn I have now is the best coffee maker I have ever had. We live in an area where there is hard water and lots of lime. We were going through 1 $20-$30 coffee maker a month.

Then we splurged last Christmas on the Bunn. I love the fact that even though it doesn't have an auto stop, it only takes about three minutes to make a pot of coffee.

When it starts to slow down, I take this metal coil that came with it and push it through to the reservoir.

It cleans out all of the built up lime and the coffee is back to being made in three minutes. A Bunn coffee maker is definitely and investment, not just a purchase.

I like the fact that there is a back up reservoir that always has hot water ready to make the next pot.

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