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Bunn GRX-B


BUNN GRXB Original 10-Cup
Home Coffee Brewer

This is the work horse of coffee makers. There is no clock, chrome, bells or whistles. With that said it is the most expensive home coffee maker I have ever purchased.

It is also the best coffee maker I have ever owned. We purchased and threw away probably five different coffee makers before we bought this one. The ones that didn’t last all eventually came to leak; the heater quit working, or the coffee would be burned. Another huge disadvantage to the others was the ten to fifteen minute wait for a morning cup of coffee, and the constant resetting of the clock and timer if the power failed.

Our Bunn will make a 12 cup pot of coffee in three minutes, and that is appreciated every morning. I can’t describe the frustration I have felt in the past waiting for the coffee to be made. Patience is not one of my virtues and I like to have my coffee very soon after I wake up. One other advantage to this pot is that it requires the standard basket coffee filters that are very inexpensive and available everywhere.

It is important to read the instructions carefully when setting this coffee maker up because it actually has a built in water tank. This tank keeps the water at the correct temperature to brew coffee twenty four hours a day seven days per week, which is the secret to a three minute pot of perfect coffee. If you don’t follow the set up instructions carefully you will damage your new pot.

The pot heater is turned off and on by a red switch on the front of the pot, and another black switch is on the back that actually kills all power to the coffee maker for when you are out of town for more than a few days. (When you turn the black switch on the back ‘on’ you will have to wait 15 – 20 minutes for the built in hot water tank to heat up before you can resume your coffee drinking.)

This coffee maker also has very specific cleaning instructions and comes with a cleaning rod to assist you with this chore. The pot is large and pours easily, without the tendency to spill coffee that some of our other carafes have had. We have used this pot for over 18 months and it has served us wonderfully.

One day it will wear out, and when it does I will buy another Bunn as surely as I will drink another cup of coffee.

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