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Bunn GRX Home Brewer

Bunn, one of the leading manufacturers of coffeemakers, has been designing and manufacturing coffee makers known for their quality and durability for almost 40 years.

They revolutionized the way coffee was brewed at home or at the office with their pioneering products such as the first pour-over automatic drip coffee maker and the first coffee maker designed for home use.

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The Bunn GRXB is a reservoir style coffee maker that is capable of brewing ten cups of coffee per pot. Features include a stainless steel water tank, an internal thermostat that keeps water at an ideal temperature, and the patented spray head design which is useful for maximum flavor extraction.

The porcelain-coated warming plate comes with an on/off switch turn and a vacation switch that turns the tank heat off automatically so you won’t have to.

The pull-out coffee filter also makes cleaning up very easy to do. You pop the lid sideways, pull the filter out and dump the contents in the trash. This model, like the rest of the units in this line, can brew ten cups or 50 oz. of coffee in three minutes in the durable glass decanter, perfect for those who like a hot, quick cup of coffee in the morning.

The unit also makes hot water readily available for tea. The models also feature the original Bunn home brewer design.


Customers also like the fact that the model produces great coffee even if they do not use the most expensive coffee brands. Most customers pleasantly find that even with moderately priced brands, they get coffee that tastes as good as those found in coffee shops and restaurants.

Experts advise using filtered water when making coffee because cleaning out the deposits may be hard to do.

When it comes to making sure you get great tasting coffee, always check the spray head which disperses water uniformly all over the filter. Make sure that the sprayhead is tightly attached or else it can become loose and could be thrown out along with the coffee grounds.

Continue to check if the spray head is tight every time you use the coffee maker. The manufacturer also advices that you clean up the carafe and the funnel every after use to prevent the build-up of deposits which can affect the taste of the coffee. Coffee should not be made to sit in the carafe for more than 30 minutes because this will destroy the taste of the coffee.

The model comes in sleek black design with stainless steel accents and every purchase is guaranteed a manufacturer’s warranty. This is a little bit more expensive than models from other lines, for durability and ease of use, not to mention great tasting coffee, a Bunn GRXB is a good investment.

Bunn is known for their reliability and excellent customer service. For parts that need replacements, you can easily a contact the Bunn customer service department and they can send in replacement parts free of charge when your unit is still under warranty.


Unfortunately, this model lacks some useful features. These include a programmable timer, a built-in grinder, a removable water tank, and serve and pause function. These features can offer more possibilities for the consumers. Other things consumers don't like about this coffee maker is that it is quite expensive.

- simple and very uncomplicated design
- no unnecessary features
- flip lid design makes pouring water in or out very easy
- stylish, sleek black design with a metal faceplate
- ten cups of coffee in three minutes
- very durable, lasts for twice as long as cheaper models

- no programmable timer
- no removable water tank
- no built-in grinder
- no pause and serve function
- no strength select settings
- large energy consumption for a ten cup coffeemaker
- fairly expensive, about twice the price of cheaper models
- the coffee maker tends to fill the carafe even if the carafe is away from the hot plate

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Comments for Bunn GRX Home Brewer

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Dec 12, 2016
This product is not worth it. NEW
by: Anonymous

I am tired of these Coffee makers. this is my third one and I have not owned it more then a year and a half. They must be using cheap parts.My first one I had for over 13 years. Since then the last couple last maybe 2 years tops. I will not buy another one till they can make them worth buying again.Like every thing else make them as cheap as they can.This is like buying a new car and getting a junk.

Dec 15, 2015
Filter basket Overflows NEW
by: Anonymous

Even when using the Bunn filters, the basket overflows creating a lengthy counter top clean up. The spray head flow is too fast for the baskets volume capacity. Also, the filters are too short in depth for the basket. For the money paid, this machine definitely falls short on quality. I have only had this machine for one month. Going into the garbage today, and out looking for a cheaper reliable brewer. You failed miserably on this product Bunn.

Jul 08, 2015
Bad Smell!!! NEW
by: Marilyn

I just bought my 3rd Bunn. I have mixed experiences. One started leaking after 1 1/2 years. The 2nd lasted 20 years. This third one SMELLS really bad. Like plastic or glue. Bunn said it was the epoxy that they glued the tank inside the plastic back and that the smell would go away in 2 or 3 weeks. I was forced to put it in the garage to eliminate the smell, it was giving me an allergy attack. I then had to walk back and forth to make coffee and get a cup. I just brought it back in after 2 weeks and the smell is somewhat better, but I still have an allergy attack when I am near it. I wish they would have "used" or tested it until the smell was gone before selling it. Also it says it is designed and assembled in the USA, but it does not say where the parts come from. I hope they are not from China!

Sep 16, 2013
Bunn service great!!!
by: J Payton

At first with my new BUNN, I was not sure if I liked it. It said a cup of coffee in 3 minutes. Well it was more like 30 minutes. I cleaned it and tried it again many times in probably a year. I finally was fed up with it and contacted BUNN. They were great, sent me the new part that they thought was the problem and it took care off the problem immediately. My point is that BUNN's service dept is superb to deal with and now I absolutely love this coffe maker. It gets a 5 star!!!!

Jan 06, 2012
Coffee decanter
by: Georgia Britt

The new design you have the coffee decanters is very poor when you pour the coffee it splatters all over no matter how slow you poor it I personally like the old design better never had problems with it splattering I have always love Bunn was in the Resturant business for more than 15 years and have used home Bunn coffee makers for over 20 years and this decanter you have now is a bigger pot than the old one but the old one was a better decanter than the new one

Oct 30, 2011
Best taste
by: CoffeeLuvR

This maker brews fast and taste better than any other machine we have used (Cuisinart, Mr. Coffee, etc). Bun sent us a special spray head for the Dunkin Donuts original blend grind we use, and the brewing is still finished in about 3 minutes.

We had a leaking problem after about 1 year, but a call to customer service had a new one on its way immediately, and instructions for returning the old unit. Awesome support for a great machine.

Oct 14, 2011
Classic BUNN quality
by: Anonymous

I love these original style BUNN GR coffemakers. They are really fast to brew and built to last. Unlike the BUNN NHB I am throwing away after less than a year, this one comes with a substantial de-liming tool for easy cleaning and with regular cleaning it continues to make coffee in about three minutes. Add to that the three year warranty for solid value.

Nov 11, 2010
by: Cynthia

After reading several glowing reviews, we bought this coffee maker. It has been a complete nightmare. The top cannot be closed after putting the water in the carafe or hot water spews everywhere, you cannot grab a cup while it's brewing (regardless of what the directions say), it makes coffee that is cold, it makes coffee in the middle of the night (not programmed), it makes 4 when you put in 6. Bunn customer service should be called Bunn customer notservice - very nonchalant and said, "If you got it from Walmart, you'll have to deal with Walmart. They're the ones who got the money." That's a quote dear reader. Horrible experience coffee-wise and service-wise. Now we're stuck with the thing but gladly going back to our Cuisinart brand.

Nov 02, 2010
Carafe Issues
by: Greg

Loved the speed of the coffee maker, but had issues with using the carafe.

The carafe has a flawed design which results in spilled water when using it to fill the brewing reservoir.

Similarly, the carafe also spilled the freshly brewed coffee when pouring it into a cup. This could be managed if you poured very slowly, but that mindset doesn't set well for the coffee drinkers in our small office.

For a $110 +/- coffee maker, I expected better results and fewer messes to have to cleanup.

Sep 29, 2010
5 well deserved stars
by: Anonymous

I've been completely satisfied with every aspect of this coffee brewer. It is simple, commercial quality, robust, fast, and most importantly, it brews an excellent cup of coffee. If i could change anything about it though, i would increase the amount of coffee it brews at a time only on those, "one pot just isn't quite enough mornings." I would definitely purchase this brewer again, hands down. Pricey? yes, worth it? worth every cent.

Sep 17, 2010
Misinformation by Bunn
by: Stan Klevgard, ksaklevgard@aol.com

We have just purchased our third Bunn Coffee Brewer.  The second one started leaking when the material in the top tray disintegrated around the area where the tray bolts to the stainless steel tank. I have repaired appliances for a living many years, and being the part was not available, used epoxy to rebuild the area that broke down.  I now use that one in my shop.My big gripe is: Why does Bunn advertise these coffee brewers as 10 cup.  5 ounces does not make a cup, so there is only a bit over 6 cups to the 10 cup line on the decanter.  I am an avid coffee drinker, and it requires making two pots for my wife and I.When you pay over $100.00 for a machine, you expect honest advertising. 

Mar 09, 2010
by: Irish

This bunn coffee maker was given to me for christmas 12-25-2009. Started leaking 2-10-2010,put kit in it ,didnt help. Even leaked more. Threw it away. Will never own another. Went out and bought a cheap proctor-silex .It makes good coffee and only cost $15.

Mar 09, 2010
sound investmenet
by: Damian Carolan

The GRX Bunn Home Brewer is a very reliable coffee maker, my parents have owned Bunn coffee makers for years now and this is the latest one they own. the coffee pot is very durable it has hit the floor several times and we have not had to replace it (mind you we have carpeting in our kitchen) we have also move with it and the coffee maker was in fine working order an the end or our trip.

In addition it is very quick at making coffee due to the heated reservoir system that Bunn coffee makers are famous for, the water needed for the next pot of coffee is already preheated to the correct temperature as soon as you put the next pot of water in the reservoir.

The Coffee maker is easy to clean and the pot is able to be bleached when the coffee stains be come very bad. The coffee maker needs to be completely emptied prior to moving but this too is easy enough to accomplish as soon as you realize you need to do it.

Bunn coffee makers tend to be a little more expensive than your average run of the mill coffee maker, I feel that they are more than worth the extra money because of the durability and the shear speed and ease of use that they provide.

The Bunn GRX home brewer will set you back about $110.00 new out of the box which is about right for any of the non-commercial Bunn coffee makers (they usually run between $100.00 and $150.00).

I believe it to be a sound investment for coffee lovers everywhere.

Dec 27, 2009
Heat it up
by: Anonymous

This is our third Bunn coffee maker. We have had this one for almost a year now and for the last 6 months it doesn't keep the coffee hot. First cup or two is ok but there after it is only warm coffee. I didn't really buy a Bunn so I could use the mircrowave to finish doing the job. The other 2 Bunns we owned after a couple of years started leaking all over. I seriously don't see what people are so excited about. Going to buy another coffee maker and assure you it will not be a Bunn.

Mar 19, 2009
Fond memories
by: Angie

The best coffee maker I ever had was a Bunn-o-matic coffee maker. This is going back almost 20 years ago, but I loved that machine. I'm not sure if it was the model GRX, but something very similar.

My husband and I received the Bunn coffee machine as a wedding gift from my Aunt and Uncle. We were fairly poor college students at the time and wouldn’t have been able to afford a pot of that quality at the time.

I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker back in those days, but my husband drank several cups a day, so it was a terrific gift. Since I was the one who made the coffee in the family, I appreciated the Bunn as much as he did.

What did I like best about the Bunn coffee machine? Well, my favourite feature was that it had reserve in the back of the machine that housed water and kept it just below boiling temperature at all times. The beauty of that is that you when you are ready to make a pot of coffee you don’t have to wait for the water to heat.

Just put the ground coffee in the filter, add the desired amount of fresh water in the front reservoir, and the coffee starts dripping out immediately!

Apparently, what happens is the fresh water forces the hot water in the reservoir to come out and the fresh water takes the place of the hot water and heats up ready for the next pot. The cycle continues.

I suppose these days, it doesn’t seem that fancy or extraordinary to have a pot like the Bunn coffee machine. Now there are digital machines, espresso machines, cappuccino machines, and who knows what else. But no matter what coffee machine I get in the future (and yes, I now am a coffee lover, too), I will always have the fondest memories of my very first Bunn!

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