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Bunn GR-10

Last year for Christmas I got the office a Bunn GR-10 coffee maker from Wal-Mart for $100 or so. I thought it was a splurge at the time. I work in an office of caffeine obsessed 20 something year old. We operate 365 day a year and 24 hours a day. The office typically would go though a coffee maker every six months or so before the Bunn. I chose the Bunn because of the name, and I have been extremely happy with this machine.

The biggest advantage for our lot is the instant brew, Bunn keeps the water hot at all the time so it just takes two or three minutes to brew a pot of coffee from when you decide it’s go time, or run out of coffee. Also it uses a unique method of delivering the coffee were most coffee pots “drip,” the water, this little guy “sprays,” the water. The result obviously is the speed but in addition it smells like fresh coffee, it’s a nice bonus for us, the one down side it does require more coffee grinds then most traditional coffee makers, I noticed we are going though more coffee into the machine then we used too. Not a big deal, just an observation.

I probably would not buy one of these for my house because it’s a little bit of overkill however it’s a perfect fit for our office, if you go though coffee by the pound this is a cost effective solution for you.

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