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Bunn Generation Home Coffee Brewer

by Rachael
(Brighton, CO USA)


Bunn Generation 10-Cup
Home Pourover Coffee Brewer

This coffee maker is one of the best purchases my husband and I had decided to make. We have been through at least half a dozen coffee makers in as many years, and every one seemed to fail in one way or another. We purchased this coffee maker about a year ago and have never once regretted it. We paid a little over a hundred dollars for this coffee maker, and it is worth every single penny.

It has a stainless steel reservoir that keeps water at the perfect temperature all the time. It will brew and entire pot of coffee in three minutes or less. The fast speed of brewing along with the right temperature for making coffee makes an exceptional cup of coffee. The flavor is not bitter or overly strong.

The fast brewing extracts just the right amount of flavor from the coffee grounds without scorching them, so the taste is mild and aromatic. I have two minor complaints about this coffee maker: 1) the water seems to evaporate from the reservoir in just a day's time. When I pour twelve cups of water into the reservoir, the brewer may only brew 8 cups of coffee.

I usually have to add water to the reservoir after brewing to get a full pot of coffee. 2) While the water is heating in the reservoir for the next use, it makes a very loud whirring noise for about fifteen minutes. Like I said, my complaints are extremely minor, and I have no intention of replacing the coffeemaker anytime soon.

When the time does come for us to replace our coffemaker, I believe we plan on keeping the same model since it brews such a flavorful cup of coffee. It is restaurant quality, but with the convenience of brewing at home.

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