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Bunn BX-W

by Gloria


BUNN BXW Classic 10-Cup
Home Coffee Brewer

This is a review of a Bunn BX-W Coffee Maker. I purchased this coffee maker several months ago. I was apprehensive about buying it at first. A Bunn coffee maker is quite expensive and I wasn't sure if they were worth the extra cost. I can honestly say now that I made a wise choice in buying it. I love this Bunn coffee maker so much, it is by far the best coffee maker I have ever owned.

The very best feature is that it makes a pot of coffee
instantly and the coffee is very, very hot. The coffee maker has a reserve tank that is always keeping the water hot, as long as the coffee maker's power is turned on. When you pour a pot of water into the coffee pot, that water goes into the reserve tank for later. The water that is already inside of the reserve tank is what comes out instantly (in other words, you start out with a tank of hot water and every time you
make a pot, the water keeps getting refreshed and it's
always hot and ready). I never realized how nice that feature would be but now I'm completely spoiled to having hot coffee first thing in the morning.

The only downsides to this coffee pot are that it doesn't have an automatic timer to turn it on. Also, this coffee maker is quite a bit larger than most other coffee maker's I have owned. It fits underneath the kitchen cabinet with plenty of room to spare but it takes up more room on the countertop. If space is an issue, you may not like it.

Overall, I give this coffee maker a 5 out of 5 stars rating. I would definitely recommend it to a friend or loved one. I know that would love it, too.

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Nov 29, 2012
Bunn disatisfaction
by: jeffro

I bought a Bunn BX-W reluctantly, after being a ex Black & Decker repairman.. fixing about 5,000? coffee pots, toasters, toaster ovens..& on & on. What really turned me off (leerie/scared) I think it doesn't weigh more than a pound? (Just like all the chineese junk) After buying 3 COMMERCIAL units "The real deal" I bought this unit anyways figuring... the Bunn name. It failed after 2 years. They ADVERTISE a 3 year warranty, but after emailing them (no response). I only drink coffee on the weekends. I think $120.00 for 2 years of weekend coffee is a little bit of a RIPOFF. My last one was a Cuisanart "brew & grind" ($130.00)which I loved but it puked (used gift) After 6 mos? Bought another new one on ebay. PUKED after 2 years weekend use! Cant buy anything AMERICAN MADE anymore? and the price is A RIPOFF. Made in china for 10 cents a hour but sold for $$$$ NO MORE BUNN> Good luck on staying in business. I paid good money and you ran. End of story. Buyer BEWARE! Next pot, $19.95.Bunn was always weak coffee anyways.

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