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Bunn BXB - 10 cup coffee maker

Bunn is one of the leading manufacturers of beverage equipment in the industry and has been churning out reliable coffee makers for over 40 years. Bunn is the company that first introduced the fluted paper coffee filter.

The company introduced the Bunn-O-Matic in 1957 when George Bunn decided to place a fluted coffee filter paper into a stand-alone paper coffee filter. They then revolutionized the coffee making industry by coming out with the pour-over automatic drip coffee maker, which first became a hit in the restaurant industry. This soon became a hit with homemakers everywhere, when the company came out with coffee makers for home use in 1972.

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BUNN BX-B Classic is a ten-cup, reservoir-style coffee maker that can brew hot cups of joe in three minutes. It features a stainless steel water tank, an internal thermostat that keeps the water at ideal temperature, a glass decanter, and a warming plate.

It also sports a spray head design that helps extract the best in coffee flavor. Other features include the close-and-brew lid and the vacation switch. There is an off and on switch to let you know if the warming plate has been activated.

The vacation switch also turns the tank heat off to conserve energy. The stainless steel front plate is perfect for those looking for a stylish coffee maker in the kitchen or the office. Customers can expect to make a good pots with this coffee maker.

Products from Bunn often come with a three-year warranty. The company is also known for providing reliable customer service. In the case of defective parts, you can expect the company to send a replacement unit or to give you a rebate. Bunn is known for giving users prompt and reliable customer support.


Users are advised not to keep the coffee maker plugged in at all times. The water tank can boil dry in three days and destroy the internal water heater, not to mention waste a lot of money in energy bills. Another problem that most customers tend to come across with this model and other Bunn models is the seal that connects the plastic top with the steel hot water tank.

However, this can be repaired with a seal gasket and an RTV compound. You can also send it in for repairs when still covered by the warranty. Plastic tops and repair parts are not provided by the company, however.

BUNN BX-B Classic also lacks some good features found in other coffee makers such as the removable water tank, built-in grinder, pause and serve function, and timer. Some users have also complained that the filter bucket is not that easy to clean.


- stylish and sleek design
- makes coffee in 3 minutes
- inexpensive, compared to other coffee makers
- great for an office, where more than three pots of coffee is the norm for each day
- great for a large family composed of coffee lovers


- no removable water tank
- no built-in grinder
- no pause and serve function
- no timer
- filter bucket can be hard to clean
- the unit take 15 minutes to warm up when you power it off for the first time
- wastes energy because it keeps the water hot between pots
- wide dispersal pattern of the spray head coupled with the flow through design makes it difficult to make less than half a pot at a time
- those used to the drip brew variety may have a difficult time handling the design of this coffee maker

Final Thought

You can say that this is the perfect coffee maker for those who have no time to waste in the mornings. However, BUNN BX-B Classic is not perfect in itself. It lacks many features for energy efficiency and convenience. You have to weigh its pros and cons to make sure that it still meets your coffee making needs.

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Comments for Bunn BXB - 10 cup coffee maker

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Dec 18, 2014
pot leaking water NEW
by: patsy austin

I have used the bunn for years and everyone of them after a couple of years starts leaking. I would think a product as simple as a coffee pot that costs over $100 should last much much longer. It would be nice if you would refund my money or send me a new bunn.

Nov 03, 2013
by: Anonymous

I'd just like to say, I've been using Bunn coffee makers for years. They are great except for the pot. I've bought additional ones in an effort to find one that pours better than others, and have been semi successful, but they still pour coffee and water all over the place. I've contacted Bunn about this problem, and have gotten no response. I will be looking for another brand when my current one bites it. Tiered of paying better than 100 dollars for a coffee maker and then have to purchase a additional carafe or two just to get one that won't spill. (as much)

Oct 23, 2012
Works Great If You Never Unplug It
by: Anonymous

My second Model BX-B just died. I had the first one for approx. 6 months. We unplugged it when we went on vacation. It didn't work when we plugged it back in. We received a replacement through warranty and used it for just over two years. We were recently doing some electrical work (replacing outlets etc.) so I unplugged the coffee maker once again - same senario - when we plugged it back in, it wouldn't work. We no longer have warranty, as warranty is only good for one year on replacement models. We love the coffee and the quick brew time (3 minutes) but honestly, I hesitate to purchase another.

Sep 16, 2012
no taste
by: annette wolf

i had other bunns and like them.this one no matter how much coffee and little water the coffee does not taste like real coffee..yes changed brands of coffee to no avail..about one month old ..all i can think maybe heater in the ellemant does not get water hot enough........

Dec 09, 2011
Leave bunn in the restaurant
by: Anonymous

I tried bunn at home coffee maker. It works good. But if you want a quality cup of coffee, stick to coffee presses. Bunn is made for those who want regular folgers or other generic coffee to be made up quickly.

Bunn at home does not have a heating plate and does not keep coffee warm over 4 hours, despite having a solid stainless steel neck and coffee pot. You have to constantly keep pot clean or else it will smell

Dec 03, 2010
Biggest waste of money since pet rocks
by: Anonymous

This piece of junk keeps overflowing. I use genuine BUNN filters, hard-water and coarse coffee grounds.

What a waste of money.

Mar 09, 2010
no too reliable
by: Anonymous

Bought this coffee maker for our office from Staples, as our old, 2 cup coffee maker had broken down. It was way too expensive and I regret buying it, but I had no choice because we could only get supplies from Staples.

This coffee maker works by storing the hot water in a tank; in theory this means no waiting for water to heat up and you can get you coffee as soon as you put the lid down. Somehow, it is 'smart'- you put in fresh water, like 6 cups, and then the coffee maker knows how much you put in and dispenses the hot water it is keeping in the tank and replaces it with the water you just put in.

That doesn't work sometimes and you end up with coffee that is too watery or too strong. Coffee always ends up getting wasted. Also, you have to keep it plugged in all the time.

Sometimes, our cleaning crew accidentally unplugs it at night and when we come in the next day, we have to wait about 20 minutes for the water to heat up.

There is also a minimum cup requirement - sometimes we only want one or two cups at a time to keep the coffee fresh, but you always have to brew at least 4 cups or else it screws up the 'smart' system. After 2 years of struggling, we finally replaced this clunky piece of equipment with a small 5-cup brewer and we're all much happier now!

Apr 18, 2009
String and sturdy
by: Lindsey

I received the coffee maker as a gift from a co-worker who was moving on to a different job. It was received about 2 years ago. I brought it to work to replace our old coffee maker and it was like night and day.

I work at a central dispatch center so needless to say it is on twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. It has never failed us! It is of very high quality and has no trouble keeping up our demand for coffee at all hours especially in between midnight and 6am when we are having caffeine withdrawals.

It is a consistent brew every time, you don't have to worry if it will not be a good pot, every pot has been fantastic. If you are in need of coffee really fast, it will brew an entire pot in about 2 minutes. The temperature of the coffee is also very good, it doesn't burn your mouth off, but has a hot quality to it. I have noticed though if it is accidentally overfilled it will leak some at the bottom of the pot. It is a very easy machine to clean. All of the cleaning products are universal and easily found in any store. Making the coffee is straight forward, no gadgets to pull out and things to push down. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is looking for a high quality machine.

The price is a little higher than regular Mr. Coffee coffee makers, but it is well worth it. We do not have to worry about the machine breaking down. The pot is also very strong, it is a very sturdy machine overall. Everyone here is extremely pleased with the quality of the coffee maker and is grateful for every cup that is brewed in a perfect manner.

Apr 18, 2009
It is so quick!
by: Anna Clark

This is the best coffee maker ever. We have tried other coffee makers over the years, but we've always come back to the Bunn. The best thing about this coffee maker, the Bunn BX, as with all the Bunns, is the convenience.

It is so quick! You can have a fresh pot of coffee in about 3 minutes because there is a reservoir that keeps the water at the right temperature until you're ready to brew your coffee. You just add water to the top and your coffee starts brewing immediately. So, if you're running late you can still have fresh coffee.

If you are planning to be away for a few days, you don't need to unplug it as it has an on/off switch to turn off the brewer. You can also turn the warming plate off to keep coffee for warming up later.

The Bunn BX is an easy to clean coffee maker and comes with a cleaning tool to clean lime and scale. It also has a very nice design. I think it looks very sleek on my counter. I have had other coffee makers that weren't made by Bunn over the years, but they aren't the same. They take forever to brew one pot of coffee, and they could be very noisy while they were brewing, not so with our Bunn. It just seems like it is a step above many other coffee makers.

It may cost more than other coffee makers, but it is worth the investment. I also like the larger size pot. This coffee maker makes ten cups of coffee, so it is great for every day and even if you're having company. Any time I have had a problem with one of their coffee makers, Bunn has been wonderful about taking care of me.

We will probably never have a different brand of coffee maker in our house, we have always been very pleased with the Bunn products.

Oct 19, 2008
quick as a flash
by: Anonymous

I really like this coffee maker because it makes coffee so quickly. The water is preheated, so all you do is add the coffee, press the button, and your coffee is ready in a couple of minutes. I think Bunn makes a quality product, and their customer service is great! I don't expect to have any problems with my current coffee maker, but when I have to replace it, I will purchase another Bunn product.

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