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by Aaron
(Utica, NY)

I bought my Bun coffee pot from Kauffmans at my local mall. I've had this coffee maker for so long I honestly don't remember excactly when I bought it, but it has served me well for several years. I love this coffee pot for it's style, ease of use and the amazingly fast time I can make a pot of coffee.

This coffee maker is a stylish addition to my kitchen, that fits my black and stainless steel decor. It is a great looking coffee maker with it's solid black base, stainless steel cylinder shaft, and a over hanging black top with the bunn name accross the top.

Like the classic style of Bunn coffee makers there is always a supply of hot water available. For those many mornings when i'm running late, and I need a fast pot of coffee, it's there. In my opinion no other coffee maker makes a faster pot of coffee than a bun coffee maker. Cleaning is very easy with it's stainless steel shaft and sturdy plastic.

In my opinion my Bunn coffee maker is as good as it gets. Not only do I highly recommend it, I often brag about it when the subject of coffee makers come up.

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