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Bunn 36700.0013 TB3Q Iced Tea Brewer

 Silver 27 gal/hr with Industrial Stand-Alone Brewer and Portable Dispenser

Silver 27 gal/hr with Industrial Stand-Alone Brewer and Portable Dispenser

The Bunn 36700.0013 TB3Q Iced Tea Brewer is not designed for home use, unless you're always serving iced tea in every meal or always hosts parties. That being said, this machine can be an investment as it brews a whole lot of iced tea that will surely be a hit in gatherings with lots of people. Perfect for catering and heavy-duty iced tea production, this may be more appropriate in a cafeteria or the office to quench a lot of people's thirst.

Interior Features
  • The brew funnel accommodates the Bunn filter where the fresh loose tea leaves is to be placed for brewing.
  • The brewer's water tank accommodates at least 3 gallons of water for every brewing batch, guaranteed to be used in one brewing cycle. This makes this brewer ideal for parties or business use.
  • All interior implements can be easily detached. This means that cleaning the machine, which should be done every time it is used, should not be a problem.

    Exterior Features

  • There's no need to worry about getting burned as there is a SplashGard funnel, which takes hot liquids away from the hand.
  • The controls are very specific, catering to every function of the ice tea brewer. From buttons to turn the machine on or off to controls in tea steepness, everything is there with a touch of a button.
  • The sleek silver finish of the whole unit, including the separate but attached dispenser makes the whole machine look sturdy and industrial, yet classy.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 11.6 inches
    Depth: 22 inches
    Capacity of dispenser: 3 gallons


    With the features available in this iced tea brewer, from the adjustable steep time to the dedicated water source, it is one must-have for caterers and business owners who are on the lookout for an efficient ice tea making machine. The 3-gallon per batch capacity is something that should come very handy to heavy drinkers of iced tea. Businesses engaged in the catering and small restaurant line should find this machine a necessity. This iced tea maker has specific controls for everything, which ensures consistent output. With a detachable dispenser, it is very easy to clean.


    This iced tea brewer is not really for household use, unless you'd like to invest in it for an iced tea stand business. The controls can be a bit overwhelming to operate at first and do take a while to get used to. With the specialized power requirements and the dedicated water sources, this is one machine that would not be the easiest to set up. The huge size of the machine makes it difficult to place anywhere. It cannot be put outdoors and it cannot be set up in unstable surface, making it more of a hassle.


  • for industrial and commercial use
  • specific controls for every possible function
  • large brewing capacity
  • sleek appearance
  • detachable dispenser
  • easy to clean surface


  • bulky size
  • difficult to set up
  • not the easiest machine to operate
  • confusing controls/too many specs

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