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Brookstone Single Cup

by Lew McDaniel
(Independence, WV)

The Brookstone Single Cup coffee maker is ideal for people who drink one cup of joe at a time and like it really freshly made. Brewing time is about 2 minutes for a standard coffee mug. The maker has no warming pad, but then the idea is to drink the output straightaway. Since you are making only one cup, the maker takes up very little counter space.

Loading the maker is a snap. Use the filter that comes with it, #2 paper filters, or both for an enamel removing brew. The filter holds about 2 tablespoons if you like really, really strong coffee. The water distribution arm swings out of the way so you can pour a mug of cold water in the reservoir. Push the button and when you hear a click, you have a cuppa freshly brewed java. If you use it in conjunction with a coffee bean grinder, the joe is really fresh. You can also use the maker to brew tea or hot chocolate. When the snow flies outside, try adding some instant chocolate dry powder atop the ground coffee.

The maker is easy to clean with only one removable part – the gizmo that holds the filters. A little vinegar through the perk cycle will remove deposits if you water is not pure. The maker is all plastic with the power circuitry built in, so wipe it clean rather than immersing it in water.

The only thing missing is a timer that would allow you to set up the fixing’s the night before. But since it only takes a short time to brew a fresh cup, lack of a timer is not much of a problem.

I have had mine for eight years and never had a problem of any sort. Except my dogs expect a treat when they hear the coffee maker click to indicate the brew cycle is done.

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