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Breville Aroma Fresh Coffee Maker

by Chris Kear
(Tasmania, Australia)

This coffee maker was purchased in the UK several Years ago. It's still in use. We're still waiting for it to wear out!! You ask about worst or best, well it's the only one we use. So I suppose it must be the best otherwise we would use our other machines.

it makes good coffee

it keeps the coffee nice and hot

the claim is that it makes 10 cups. Well it does if you're one of the seven dwarves, and there may be 3 cups left over, but it only makes about 4 man-size cups.

freshly made coffee might not be as hot as you would like, until the hot plate has heated it up.

the filter system tends to drip onto the hot plate when the jug is removed, causing a mess and a smell. (it did this from new).

it takes a while to make the "10 cups" (see above)

it's not easy to clean. Fair enough the jug goes into the dishwasher and being "schott" glass it comes out nice and sparkly but the filter is a pain to clean, it's a nylon filter but although durable, it's not ideal for regular use. The filter holder is difficult to remove for cleaning and difficult to clean.

We also use a small espresso machine which makes even better coffee but is so complicated and time consuming to use, and it makes such a small quantity at a time, that we tend not to use it.

Overall: it's a sturdy reliable workhorse. Takes a fair time to make filter coffee. If it didn't drip onto it's warming plate, was a bit quicker, and easier to clean, it would be top marks. But it doesn't quite do it. But then again, we'll keep on using it until we get fed up of it's "quirks".

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