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Braun Tassimo TA1400


Braun Tassimo TA 1400
Hot Beverage System

The Braun Tassimo is my favorite coffee machine. I have owned ten or more coffee makers including Cuisinart, Gevalia, Mr. Coffee, Krups and Senseo. I received the Tassimo as a gift. I was thrilled but had had my heart set on a Keurig (which I had spent some time researching.)

The Braun Tassimo took just a few minutes to figure out. little It is simple and intuitive. I am someone that could drink a pot of coffee in a day. For me the top feature is the quality of the cup of coffee. There is a solid selection of coffees, cappuccinos, lattes as well as tea and hot chocolate. Keurig has probably the widest selection of coffee for a single cup brewer but Tassimo

Selection should keep most coffee drinkers very happy. I especially love that I can brew a chai tea latte or a cappuccino in just a few minutes. The Tassimo uses barcode technology to brew the perfect cup of each product. You can buy the t-discs for the Tassimo through the company or from multiple retail outlets. After using my Tassimo for a couple of months I had the opportunity to use a Keurig single cup brewer for a week. There was no comparison. To me the Keurig brews a weaker, diluted cup of coffee. It is a step up from the Senseo. But on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to the Tassimo it would rate a 7.
I have owned the Tassimo for almost 2 years. Friends that have experienced it love it. It is nice to be able to satisfy everyone’s taste, whether decaf drinker, tea drinker or someone that loves their Latte.

The Tassimo has an ample reservoir on the back of the machine. Rather than remove it to fill it, I usually fill it with a water pitcher that I keep on my counter. The brew time is very quick. It makes a full mug of coffee and you can also get some t-disks that will make a larger serving if you like to take your coffee with you as you walk out the door to head to work.

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Sep 02, 2016
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Sep 02, 2016
Its perfect for us NEW
by: Belle

Its perfect for us, rather than having to boil water for her tea and myself brewing a pot of coffee http://www.192-168-1-1.co http://www.routermobile.com http://www.19216811.co

Oct 09, 2015
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Feb 03, 2010
by: Jim & Patti Zwizda

I have recently become an owner of the Braun Tassimo machine (found it in my father inlaws garage sale so the wife grabbed it, free of course). Im coffee, she's tea. Its perfect for us, rather than having to boil water for her tea and myself brewing a pot of coffee. In the morning I like to make myself whats called an americano (cup of coffee with the starbucks verona and an expresso shot) and the wife has to have her tea.
Its perfect, altho she's hoping for a bigger selection in the tea's, she loves english breakfast, which we haven't been able to find yet. We both get our choice without the hassles, its fast, efficient and very easy to keep clean.
This is a fantastic invention for those who want quality, as well as speed, as most know, the 2 don't normaly go together. We give it 5 stars for sure!


Apr 20, 2009
Neat, clean and compact
by: Anonymous

I recently came to possess this coffee machine through a stroke of good luck involving the migratory patterns of people wealthy enough to purchase it and the evident convenience of leaving it to subsequent roommates. The unit is neat, clean and compact (and kinda sexy in an urban sorta way).

It holds enough water for something like 3 cappuccinos via a clear, shapely reservoir in the back the is easily removed, filled, and replaced (once you understand there is a little hook back there that clips into the machine). It heats up very quickly (less than a minute, really!) whereas I have some bad experiences with time to brew with other machines, which does make me wonder if it uses quite a lot of electricity, corroborated by a beefy cord, although its probably better then keeping a whole pot hot all day.

Speaking of overcoming previous bad experiences, you can actually fit a real coffee cup or mug under the spout, many other machines I've used/seen basically require a saucer. The unit is not difficult to keep clean, occasionally taking out a small piece through which the coffee is brewed is all it takes. My major criticize of the machine is the proprietary "t-discs" it requires, they are very expensive- you end up spending $.10-$1 on each cup (depending on whether you do tea, coffee or espresso). Therefore I have been limited to finding the things on clearance and buying them then, recently got 8 cappuccinos for 3.50$.

It seems to go anywhere from $100-$300, I would hold out for the former if considering, keeping in mind the high costs of continuing use. If I were a serious espresso connoisseur I am sure I would spring the couple extra hundred bucks to get a machine the grinds and brews, giving the benefit of fresh ground beans and cheap refill.

Apr 04, 2009
A cafe-quality cup of coffee
by: Betty

Because I'm on the go throughout the day and never able to finish an entire pot of coffee, I started investigating single serve coffee makers. There are quite a few on the market now and most offer a wide selection of specially packaged coffee.

I began with the Phillips Senseo. It performed as advertised and the coffee was hot and tasty, but the 4 oz serving size seemed small in comparison with the cost of the Senseo pods.

I did some online research to find a better alternative and finally settled on the Braun Tassimo Single-Serve Beverage Center. At $169 retail it's almost twice as expensive as the Senseo but the benefits I discovered made it well worth the higher price tag.

First, the Tassimo serving size is twice that of the Senseo - finally, a full cup of coffee! Because I didn't have to double up on the Tassimo T-disks like I did on the Senseo the per-cup cost of an 8 oz cup of coffee was actually cheaper using the Tassimo T-disks.

Next, I preferred the wider selection of beverages afforded by the Tassimo. Not only could I purchase leading coffee brands such as Starbucks and Seattle's Best, but I can enjoy hot chocolate and a wide variety of tea without having to buy special adapters.

The machine is easy to operate and is ready to dispense coffee around sixty seconds after you turn it on. It features an onboard water filter and comes with a cleaning disk to keep your Tassimo in top condition.

I would certainly recommend this product to anyone looking for a cafe-quality cup of coffee without leaving home.

Apr 04, 2009
A must-have appliance in my kitchen
by: Alex

I was looking for an easy way to get homemade lattes and cappuccinos without the hassle of an espresso machine (too much clean up).

The Tassimo is the perfect solution. In simplest terms, you place a barcoded pod into the machine, push a button, and it makes your coffee.

Lattes and cappuccinos require two pods - one for the espresso shot, and the other for the milk. The results are creamy, delicious, and come very close to something you'd find in your neighborhood coffee shop.

Though the machine may seem a little expensive, it's really paid for itself (considering how much a latte costs at a coffee shop).

It's a must-have appliance in my kitchen.

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