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Braun / Tassimo TA-1400 Hot Beverage System

With the rise of specialty coffee shops popping up all over the United States, coffee makers have started to introduce a plethora of products catered to those who enjoy their specialty coffees. Espresso and cappuccino are by far the most popular specialty coffees that can be found from state to state, and a number of largely inexpensive machines have begun to permeate more and more households.

Move aside, Starbucks. Move aside, Coffee Beanery. Have I got the product that is the best for you! For you see, the Tassimo machine is the ultimate espresso maker. It is quick, and it is easy. It provides one of the easiest mechanisms for producing a quality cup of coffee that can hardly be found outside of the specialty shops.

Most of the machines within the shops are harder to use, but the Tassimo machine is just right for the household. All you need to do is place a disk in the top compartment, and then insert a cup into the cup compartment, and what do you know? After you press a button, the greatest coffee in the world of home brew begins to pour out. It may produce coffee like magic, and it may provide a taste that rivals the major specialty shops.

Surely, it is a taste that is far better than what any typical coffee maker produces. Still, though, the taste may be good, but it does not taste exactly the same as specialty shops. For example, Tassimo-type espresso is not produced using original milk. It is produced using processed milk stored in an enclosed disc, which does provide an unusual taste. It is a taste all its own, and still I do find myself longing for the Starbucks kind once in a while.

The unusual taste is a bit of a drawback, but can you honestly expect the same quality coffee as you’d find in a specialty shop from a home machine? Finally, we come to the appearance of the Tassimo machine. It is a cute, sleek machine that can easily sit right atop of your counter top.

It is bound to want to show off to anybody that dares to walk in front of it, for its curves and lines will attract attention at almost the first glance. It wants and begs to be handled, and it wants you to make that cup of coffee. It is not the kind of machine that would rather just sit alone and wait. No, it wants you to press its buttons. So, go ahead! Grab it, and make that cup of espresso you so desire.

- It has the easiest mechanisms for producing a quality cup of coffee.
- It's quick

- Coffee has an unusual taste

4 out of 5

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Mar 12, 2010
recommended this to my family
by: Anonymous

Easy to use Excellent espresso

- Expensive t-discs Only selected stores carry t-discs

I love my BOSCH Tassimo coffee/espresso maker because it is fast and makes wonderful espresso, coffee and tea. It is easy to use and requires no cleaning or maintenance. All you have to do is pop a disc in and press a button. I do find I am constantly refilling the water tank (even though I am a single girl and only drinking a cup daily) it seems to go through the water quite quickly. The espresso is always hot and has great flavour. The Bosch Tassimo is also a great espresso maker because it takes up very little room on the counter. It is also light weight if you want to put it away. It looks great on the counter and comes in more than one colour to suit your decor.

Unfortunately with the use of t-discs it seems to generate a lot of waste. If you have people over and serve espresso after dinner you are throwing away 2-10 t-discs as they are only good for one use. I would recommend this item to my friends and family. Actually 4 members of my family have already purchased Tassimo's since I was given mine and we have also purchased one for our office. I have never had to clean mine.

The system automatically scans a barcode on the t-disc to make the coffee to the perfect amount. You can add more or less water with the simple touch of a button. You can also purchase milk t-discs to make frothy coffee beverages so there is a lot of versatility.

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