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Braun KMM 30 CafeSelect White Classic Coffee Grinder

The Braun KMM 30 is a coffee grinder from the CafeSelect line of products, specifically designed to provide you with the best ground coffee anytime. It has all the features that a typical home owner or coffee connoisseur will need for the perfect coffee experience, using your preferred coffee beans. It comes with a classic design and profile that should match well with your other kitchen appliances. The coffee maker is designed and engineered to be energy efficient, easy to use, easy to clean and should provide consistent servings every time.

Interior Features
  • This model comes with a lightweight frame that makes it easy to use and clean. The unit's detachable, air-tight coffee bean container will guarantee the freshness of your specially selected coffee beans.
  • Its unique stone-mill system allows for consistent grinding, no matter the type of coffee bean. This feature helps produce delicious-tasting coffee everytime you use the grinder.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit comes with a classic white exterior finish that should match well with your kitchen decor and other appliances. The coffee maker was designed with a built-in cord storage compartment for easy positioning and a clean presentation.
  • This model has a cycle timer for automatic quantity selection: adjust the unit's operating cycle depending on your needs. It has an adjustable fineness settings feature so that you can adjust its operation based on your serving preferences or coffee requirements.

    Dimension Specifications

    Dimensions: 13.5 x 21.5 x 13.5 cm
    Boxed-product weight: 1.5 Kg.
    Total capacity: 250 grams


  • The unit is extremely easy to set up, use and clean.
  • Its compact design and classic white exterior finish makes it an elegant addition to your home or office kitchen.
  • The stone-mill system designed into the unit allows for consistent ground coffee no matter what type of coffee bean you use.
  • The unit has the essential controls, on/off switch and user-adjustable timer knob, that you will ever need: conveniently located for easy use.
  • The detachable, air-tight coffee bean container will maintain the freshness and quality of your gourmet coffee beans.
  • This model will be able to provide you with three perfect cups of drip coffee per operating cycle.


  • Its compact design means you'll only be able to serve a few cups of coffee per cycle, limiting its use to serving only a small group of individuals at a time.
  • It is quite noisy during its operating cycle.
  • It can sometimes be messy when used frequently.
  • This model is only good for regular coffee grinds or drip coffee, not for espresso.
  • Some users have reported reliability issues: knobs breaking or falling off, etc.


  • very compact design
  • elegant white exterior color
  • conveniently placed controls
  • air-tight coffee bean container (can also be detached for cleaning)
  • relatively inexpensive for its class


  • limited to a few servings per cycle only
  • questionable reliability
  • can't grind beans fine enough for espresso
  • very noisy
  • quite messy

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