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Braun KF590 - 10 cup programmable digital coffee maker


The perfect cup of coffee can make the difference between a bad day, a good day, and a great day. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee can be difficult without a reliable, well-designed, and effective coffee maker.

The Braun KF 590 is a coffee maker that meets and, in many cases, beats the industry standards for a great coffee maker. Dubbed the "Cafe House Pure AromaDeluxe Timer KF 590," this model has it all and it has received great reviews from customers. Read on to learn more about the features and functions of this Braun coffee maker and why you may want to buy one for your home or office.

Features and functions

- Holds ten cups of coffee
- Makes use of the OptiBrew System, which uses sensors to monitor temperature, brewing time, and extraction levels, automatically making adjustments to ensure a good cup of coffee every time around.
- The Braun PureAqua water filtration system keeps your coffee well-filtered to reduce chlorine levels and improve the taste of your coffee.
- Has a digital clock for pre-programming your brewing time so you can just set and forget. The auto shut off feature also turns the machine off when the brewing is done.
- Other features include an anti-slip handle, filter release button, and a drip stopper when the jug is removed.


What most consumers love about the Braun KF590 is that it is convenient and easy to use. Because of the simplicity of its controls, the KF590 is very convenient to use.

The coffee maker just has four buttons and two indicator lights and the rest is pretty-much automated (with the use of the timers, drip stop feature, and filter release control). Another advantage that consumers have mentioned is that this machine brews coffee that tastes great. It is an effective brewer that maintains a high level of quality and taste in your coffee.

Many also agree that the Braun KF590 looks great with its black and stainless steel design that would look good on practically any kitchen counter. One of the features that most consumers like the best is the pre-programmable timer that will start your coffee brewing at the set time. Users also liked that this coffee maker could brew and hold a full ten cups of coffee, which helps save on time, energy, and effort.


One of the main disadvantages of the KF 590, as mentioned by consumers, is that the coffee maker wouldn't last very long. Some reported their Braun KF590 conking out after a few years, while others reported that the machine would work fine at first, then it would have quality control issues after a while.

Some of the problems that consumers have reported include overflowing coffee from a malfunctioning "drip stop" feature, weak coffee taste, and bad coffee taste when used with water that is hard. Another common complaint of consumers is that this new breed of Braun coffeemakers is nothing like the older Braun models.

Braun has made a name and a good reputation for itself for great coffee makers, but many consumers are disappointed in the quality, construction, durability, and design of the newer models.

Some of the other disappointments that consumers reported include screen clogs, coffee grounds turning to sludge, filter basket malfunctions, and noisy operation.


- has great look and design
- makes a great cup of coffee
- quality build by a quality brand
- automatic timer and stopper work great
- makes 10 cups of coffee


- coffee can taste watered down or metallic
- doesn't live up to past Braun models
- not a durable build (often breaks within one to three years)
- only has a 1-year warranty
- inconsistent as coffee maker
- can be noisy
- pricey

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Comments for Braun KF590 - 10 cup programmable digital coffee maker

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Aug 02, 2011
Limited Life
by: Anonymous

I have owned 3 similar models and all had the same problem - heating element failure after 2-3 years. Braun does not stand behind their products. They refuse to sell the part that would repair the unit. Even though I love my coffee maker I'm fed up with the lack of reliability.

Feb 01, 2011
Love it!
by: david

The best by far! I drink one pot everyday and love this Braun maker. It fits under the cabinets and opens to the front and side so I don't have to move it to fill it with water. This is the quickest I have found as well. Great Coffee!

Mar 09, 2010
no serious problems
by: Anonymous

I received this as a gift for my birthday a year ago and it a good coffee maker. In that year, I’ve had a few problems with it, but nothing that keeps me from using it on a daily basis.

As for features, it has more than I really need. The carafe has a capacity of 10 cups and a slip resistant handle that can seem a bit sticky at times, even if you’ve just washed the carafe. If you like to wake up to fresh coffee, this coffee maker has a timer so you wake up to coffee any time of the day. You can set the timer up to 24 hours in advance. Once brewing begins, it takes less than 10 minutes to make a pot of coffee. You can also pause the brewing cycle by removing the carafe and it has a programmable warming function to keep that coffee hot for up to 4 hours. It comes with a “gold filter”, which is quite handy – no more messy disposable filters! It has a small footprint and easily fits on my limited counter space. It also has built in cord storage so you don’t have to worry about the cord snaking all over the place when it’s not in use.

Now for the few complaints I have with this machine. First of all, if you don’t position the carafe just right (say if you’re in a hurry or half asleep), you will have a serious puddle of coffee on your cabinet and floor.

It is almost as if the water flows too quickly into the carafe during brewing. In that same vein, it doesn’t have a typically shaped spout on the carafe, which can lead to spills if you don’t hold it just right. Secondly, you have to purchase special water filters about every 2 months (according to the instructions). Now, that is not a big deal, but when you figure up the price of buying 6 water filters a year, it can add up.

I have to admit that I’ve not purchased the replacement water filters and I’ve not noticed a change in the flavor of the coffee. And yes, the water filter is different from the “gold filter”, which is really just a mesh filter. I did have to play with the amount of coffee I put into the machine as my first attempts came out rather weak, but that is a matter of taste.

Overall, I’ve not had any serious problems with this machine. It is easily the fanciest coffee maker I’ve ever had and it gets the job done. If you are serious about your coffee and like a lot of features, go for this machine.

Feb 03, 2009
Impressed by its features
by: Anonymous

I bought this Braun coffee-maker from Amazon.com around four to five days before Black Friday last to last year (2007). I got a wonderful deal on the coffee maker which retails at about 120$ and just bought if for 50$.

I have now used it for more than one year and am very impressed by its features as well its brew. It is very convenient and sort of mid-size coffee maker with its ability to make 10 cups. Some single cup makers are very expensive and others are generally 12-16 cup coffee makers which just seem too large.

The Braun KF590 is ideal for a house of about 4-5 and can easily accommodate for times when there are a few guests in the house and you need coffee quickly.

Some of the main advantages of the unit include the 24 hour programmable timer which makes sure you can get your coffee ready right when you get up. Now this is common with many machines these days, but power consumption does matter and that is the area where Braun scores.

Secondly if you have set your machine to switch off at a certain time and you happen to have your coffee bit later, then do not worry, the maker seems to maintain heat of the coffee for more than 1-2 hours in its carafe! Personally I have had Cuisinart coffee maker before this and it still managed less.

Other features include LED indicators, clocks, gold cone filter and a Brita filter (which according to Braun you need to replace after sometime). The filter is quite expensive as compared to the unit itself and it does not make much sense of using it. I personally have a reverse osmosis home filtration plant and so do not feel the need of filter replacement.

Considering the price mainly between 50 and 60$ it is a value buy. Moreover, Braun is a reliable company and after sales support is quite good, not to mention its elegant design which is sure to make your kitchen or other place look fancy enough (not to mention its size too). Also it is convenient to wash and is dishwasher safe.

Overall, I would give it four stars.

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