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Braun KF 570 Coffee Maker

Any time of the day, a good cup of coffee should be served hot. This is the only way you can enjoy its distinct taste and aroma. A hot cup will keep you up for an early morning start, can give you a boost in the lazy afternoon breaks, and can also be a perfect ending to a delectable meal.

All these can be enjoyed with a trusty coffeemaker at home or in your office. If you want your coffee hot and flavorful, then Braun is a good choice. A German consumer products company, Braun is slowly becoming a household name even in America.

From classic coffee makers, Braun introduces its CaféHouse series to bring the goodness of gourmet coffee into our homes. What makes Braun a good choice is not just its superb brewing quality but also its minimalist but sleek design that can easily fit any modern kitchen or office pantry.

One good example of this is the CaféHouse Pure Aroma Deluxe KF 570. Using the Braun Opti-Brew system, flavorful coffee is possible through the optimized brewing time, extraction, and temperature. This 10-cup carafe also comes with built-in water filtration and many more.

Here's a short list of its features and summary of user comments.


In just one brewing, the Braun KF 570 can serve up to 10 cups. Available in metallic black color, this CaféHouse coffee maker has an easy pouring feature that makes it easy to serve hot coffee.

Leaks and spills are also no problem because of the overflow protection of its pivoting filter basket, which can easily be taken out for easy cleanup. It also has a large pilot light and water level indicator to guide you with brewing your coffee.

The cord won't be an obstruction to your kitchen counter with the integrated cord storage. After use, the carafe and lid goes to the dishwasher for a good rinse.

Other good features

OptiBrewSystem - This helps create great coffee taste through optimized brewing time and extraction. With the temperature set just right, Braun coffeemakers with this technology can bring out the flavorful coffee aroma when brewing.

Braun PureAqua water filtration system - To make great coffee, you must use good quality water. The filtration system preserves the good coffee taste by reducing the chlorine odor and flavor.

Anti-slip handle and drip stop feature - The anti-slip handle makes it safer to pour hot coffee into your cup. The jug is also easy to open, which makes serving a lot more convenient. The drip stop feature also prevents accidents when removing the jug.

Filter release button - This makes preparing your coffee for brewing so much easier and safer. You can easily take out the filter basket to add ground coffee or use the coffee filter.

Auto shut off - No need to switch off the coffee maker after brewing. The automatic control will do it for you.


Unlike the other models. Braun KF 570 doesn't have its own digital clock, which can be used to set brewing according to your own schedule. This feature brings ease and convenience to those who are looking for a coffee maker that requires less supervision.

Another disadvantage of Braun KF 570 among the pack is the lack of more useful features such as the aroma switch, cup warmer, integrated coffee grinder, and pressure system. It would have been better if this coffee maker also has its electronic info screen.

It is not widely available in home appliance stores and may have a limited stock when purchasing online.


- has good safety features (anti-slip handle, drip top, filter release button, and auto shut off)
- has a sleek design
- has a water filtration system to make good tasting coffee without the nasty chlorine flavor
- enables optimized brewing time and extraction
- easy cleanup
- prevents leaks and spills


- lacks other useful features (aroma switch, cup warmer, coffee grinder, milk former, etc.)
- not as widely available as other brands
- a bit expensive than other brands with almost the same features

Comments for Braun KF 570 Coffee Maker

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Dec 02, 2010
Braun Coffee Maker
by: Debi

I have used Braun coffee makers for years and want to buy another one plus one more as a gift. I can't seem to find anything or anyone who is selling in Canada either. It is even hard to find on the internet. Why is that? Is production stopping?

Nov 12, 2010
Purchase locations in Canada
by: Malte

where can I purchase a Braun KF 570 Coffee Maker in Canada ???
Appreciate your reply to mmosters@shaw.ca

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