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Braun KF 560 Coffee Maker

As a recognized brand of kitchen appliances including coffee makers, Braun has definitely set the standards for coffee makers that make every cup a truly unforgettable experience. One such model from this brand is the CafeHouse Pure Aroma Plus KF 560.

Braun's CafeHouse Pure Aroma Plus KF 560 is packed with features and is definitely worth a second look. Aside from adding aesthetic value to your kitchen because of its sleek design and color, some of the features offered by the Braun KF 560 coffee maker are an Opti-brew system, a 10-cup carafe, and internal filtration.


Coffee drinkers who love a good cup of coffee every morning enjoy Braun's CafeHouse Pure Aroma Plus KF 560 because of its OptiBrew system. This system allows you to adjust the temperature, brewing time, and extraction to get that perfect taste.

Another feature enjoyed by many consumers is the Braun PureAqua water filtration system, which reduces the water's chlorine amount to achieve a coffee flavor that's pure and full of aroma. And since this model comes with a free Brita filter, consumers get the most out of their budget when they buy this Braun coffee maker.

For convenient and easy pouring, Braun's KF 560 model is equipped with an anti-slip handle. The drip stop feature also allows consumers to avoid making a mess as they prepare their regular cup of coffee. Plus, consumers don't have to deal with too much hassle when putting in the ground coffee because the Braun KF 560 is also equipped with an easy-to-use filter release button.

Because the Braun KF 560 is part of its CafeHouse product line, this model offers a superior brewing experience, a modern yet ergonomic design, and several convenient features. This coffee maker also has a capacity of ten cups, making it the perfect kitchen equipment for consumers who love to entertain guests at home over a cup of coffee.

Braun's official website also offers a convenient service that allows consumers to easily search for replacement parts. Consumers simply have to visit Braun's official website and click on the "find replacement parts" link.

They will then be redirected to a search page that lets them look for the nearest source of replacement parts for their coffee makers. The company also offers excellent customer service, assuring consumers that any concern they have on their specific coffee maker will be addressed promptly.


Unfortunately, Braun's CafeHouse Pure Aroma Plus KF 560 could use some more features. What some consumers don't like about this coffee maker is that it doesn't have a digital clock, which can be pre-programmed when brewing coffee.

This coffee maker model also doesn't have an automatic shut-off feature.

- has easy-pouring features
- has a water level indicator
- has easy to clean parts
- has a filter basket that pivots
- offers overflow protection
- has a take out filter basket
- the lid and carafe are dishwasher-safe
- available in classic matte black
- cord storage is well integrated into the design of the coffee maker
- has a very visible pilot light
- offers good customer and parts replacement service

- no automatic stop or shut-off feature
- is not equipped with a digital clock
- only available in limited colors

Before buying a coffee maker, it's better to consider several factors first. One of these is your lifestyle. If you're always on the go, opt for a coffee maker that lets you brew your daily cup of java fast.

If you love to entertain people at your home, Braun's CafeHouse Pure Aroma Plus KF 560 is perfect because of its carafe with a 10-cup capacity.

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