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Braun KF 520 Coffee Maker 10 Cup

A good coffee maker is essential if you are one of those people for whom a good hot cup of coffee is a requirement every morning. This is where a good coffee maker comes in. Braun is one of the leading manufacturers of coffee makers and coffee grinders in the market.

It is known for its range of coffee makers that consistently produce great-tasting gourmet coffee. It has come out with the Braun KF 520, which is perfect for those who are looking for good cups of joe in an affordable and easy to operate model.

Braun KF 520 is another offering from Braun, one of the pioneers in coffee makers and coffee grinders. This model comes featured with a ten-cup capacity, auto drip stop, and a water level indicator.

The KF 520, also known as the CafeHouse Pure Aroma KF 520, is one of the Braun coffee maker models designed to give coffee lovers a true coffee experience right in their own home.

However, unlike other models, the KF 520 is designed as an entry-level coffee maker for those who simply want good coffee fast, without having to spend for a coffee maker with all the extra bells and whistles.


Features that this model has in common with other Braun coffeemakers include the pivoting filter basket with overflow protection, take-out filter basket, water level indicator, pilot light, dishwasher-safe carafe and lid, and integrated cord storage.

The outstanding features this model has include the Opti-Brew system, which makes possible the optimal relationship between temperature, brewing time, and extraction, and the Braun PureAqua Water Filtration system. This feature gives the best in coffee taste by removing too much chlorine from the water.

You can safely pour hot coffee with its no-slip handle. It also features an exclusive filter release button as well as a drip-stop that allows you to pour coffee even if the coffee is still brewing, without having to worry about spills.

One of the main advantages to this model is the filtration system, which removes impurities and the aftertaste of chlorine. And because of the fewer features, this coffee maker is simple to operate and cheaper than the more complicated models.

Buying straight from the source will also give you access to replacement parts, customer service, and answers to frequently asked questions. You can buy a Braun KF 520 online or in appliance stores.


According to some reviews, you will not likely get the best-tasting gourmet coffee with Braun KF 520. This coffee maker doesn’t have the features that make a good gourmet coffee. It also does not have the auto shut off feature that allows you to do other things instead of waiting for the coffee maker to stop brewing.

Many coffee makers now automatically shut off when brewing is done. They offer safety as well as convenience to users. With this model, however, you may need to check up on your coffee from time to time to see if brewing is done.


- simple, easy to operate
- cheaper than other Braun coffee maker models
- the color blends well in any kitchen
- easy to clean
- dishwasher safe carafe and lid for easy cleaning
- large visible pilot light
- has the OptiBrew system


- not the best gourmet coffee maker
- too few features
- does not have the auto shut off system that other Braun coffeemaker models have
- only comes in one color

Final Thought

Though it doesn't have too many features, Braun KF 520 has the basics to help you make good cups of coffee at home.

It has a good price, especially for those who simply want something that's fairly easy to operate.

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