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Braun Aromatic KSM2-B Coffee Grinder

Pro -

- Stainless steel blade grinds the beans to the fineness that I like my coffee to be
- The cord stores under the machine, making it easy to store

- The grinder is not the easiest to clean, since not all the pieces come apart
- The grinder only comes in black which doesn't match the rest of my kitchen accessories which are white

Overall, I get what I need out of my coffee grinder. Since I am an avid coffee drinker and like my beverage to be fresh in the morning, I like to buy the beans and grind them myself, because I find the taste to be more fresh. When I first started using the Braun Aromatic, I was surprised at how fine my coffee was ground.

I had problems in the past with the beans being too thick. The price is reasonable, which is why I was surprised the amount of power I was getting for such a decent priced grinder. I did have a problem with cleaning the grinder after I used it. You can only really pour water and soup inside because the pieces do not come apart.

This runs the risk of a soapy aftertaste if not washed out properly. The grinder is small and easy to store in my kitchen. The cord is kept under the grinder, which is very convenient. I also didn't find the grinding noise to be too bothersome. It actually becomes somewhat soothing and after a few days my dog stopped barking at it when I would use it. Since the grinder grinds the coffee luickly, the noise is not even on for that long anyway. I also found that the coffee grinder could be used to also ground fresh spices for me to use in my cooking.

It gets the spices ground to just the right consistency. Overall, I am very happy with my Braun Aromatic grinder and am happy to have purchased it.

Rating: 4/5

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Aug 12, 2015
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Mar 19, 2010
average grinder
by: Anonymous

- it is not so noisy
- it's price is reasonable

- if coffee is grind for more than 30 sec. it become sticky
- difficult to clean I bought this grinder to replace a $36 Hamilton Beach grinder, which only lasted me about 2½ years.
- The HB's safety interlock was/is poorly designed, and after about 18 months, quit working.

Mar 19, 2010
quiet sturdy grinder
by: Anonymous

I was given my Braun coffee grinder as a gift. Since I had always bought ground coffee in the past, I wasn’t too certain that I would actually use it. I soon discovered that grinding your own coffee beans just before you make your coffee creates a far better cup of coffee. The taste is more complex and definitely more enjoyable. It takes very little time with my Braun to grind a sufficient quantity of coffee.

My Braun is relatively quiet, sturdy and well-designed. I keep it on the counter beside my coffee machine and it takes up very little space. It grinds the beans evenly and quickly by quick pulses, so grinding your coffee will not wake up the whole family. I calculate that it takes me less than 30 seconds to get the right amount of ground coffee for a six-cup pot. The instructions give a good idea of time needed, which takes the guess-work out of it. It is important not to run the machine for too long, or the ground coffee will heat up and lose some of its flavor.

It is safe to use, with a lid-locking mechanism that I have had no trouble with. Cleaning under the blades, however, is a bit more time-consuming and fussy than I would like. Because the blades are not removable, I keep an old toothbrush handy to brush under them.

Although it is also designed to be a spice grinder, I haven’t used it yet as such because I am afraid that any residue coffee oils that I haven’t managed to remove might spoil the taste the spices I grind. I can definitely recommend the Braun grinder.

Nov 12, 2009
A Potable and Reliable Coffee Grinder
by: Anonymous

- It so strong
- work really great and faster
- potable
- simple to use

- Noisy

Beside it durability, it makes loud sound when operating My wife purchased this coffee grinder some couple years ago which I thought it we would be damage by now but it still strong and looking good. I can remember just waking up and feeling feels the power of KSM2. It's potable and reliable.

Oct 13, 2009
Cool and Inexpensive Coffee Grinder
by: Anonymous

- durable
- simple to operate
- good value

- loud
- can be a bit messy to scoop coffee out

I own a Braun KSM2 Coffee Grinder which is about ten years old. It is a basic ~$20 coffee grinder (not one of those fancy burr grinders) and does a very capable job for what it is intended. Loading coffee beans into the hopper is easy, and it operates on a push button.

It is designed such that it would be very challenging to get your finger caught in between the whirring blades during operation. However, this coffee grinder is not perfect. In order to get an even grind, I have found that it’s necessary to shake the grinder a bit while it is operating.

Luckily the grinder is pretty light and small, but it would be nice if it didn’t require this kind of attention to detail. Additionally, to clean all the coffee grounds out, I have to stick my finger in and scoop out the dregs manually. It’s a bit of a challenge to not get a noticeable amount of coffee on the counter or floor.

Additionally, this type of coffee grinder is slightly prone to burning the beans when you’re trying to get a really fine grind. Given these drawbacks, it’s important to note that this coffee grinder is quite affordable and durable. I bought it in graduate school when I didn’t have much money, and I must say that it was the best choice at the time.

It does the basics of the job (grind coffee) reliably and cheaply. When you find a good paying job, maybe that’s the time to do some research and plunk down the cash for a burr grinder, but until then, this model is perfectly suitable for the job.

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