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Braun Aromaster Classic Coffee Maker

One of Braun's popular coffee maker from its Classic collection is the Aromaster Classic. Compared to the two other Classic coffee makers, this one has limited features. Read on to know the pros and cons in using the Aromaster Classic.

The Aromaster Classic from Braun is a simple gadget. Compared to the other products of Braun, this one has less features. However, the Aromaster Classic is less expensive. A unit approximately costs $20.

Key features

- Water level indicator - Braun's Aromaster Classic has a water level indicator. This feature allows the consumer to have an easier and more efficient way of determining the amount of water on the brewing unit.

- Simple controls - Unlike the other coffee makers, the Aromaster has a simple control. The unit has only the switch on/switch off control. The less complicated design lends efficiency to some consumers.

- Take-out filter basket - The take-out filter basket is an important feature. with this feature, cleaning the coffee maker becomes a great deal easier.


According to many consumers, the Aromaster Classic has many good points. According to them, people can benefit a lot from shopping this unit. Compared to some units, this one can produce many cups of coffee. This coffee maker has the capacity of 10 cups.

For many users, the simplicity of the control is an advantage. There are also consumers who cite the cost of the product as its major advantage. Compared to other units from Braun, this one only costs $20.

The water level indicator is also a plus. With this feature, consumers who are not used to brewing coffee would be able to pour the right amount of water. There are consumers who commend the unit because of its energy efficiency relative to other coffee makers. The Aromaster Classic is only 1.000 watts, while others are 1.250 watts and more.

The design of the coffee maker is also excellent according to some. The easy pouring design of this unit ensures safety, efficiency, and waste-free in serving coffee. Many consumers also note that the unit is easy to clean.


The Aromaster Classic is far from perfect. There are many drawbacks that customers noted. One of the drawbacks is the absence of automatic shut off control. One really has to watch over the coffee maker. Unlike the other units in the Classic Braun, this one has no fast brewing feature. Meaning, using this coffee maker to brew coffee would take quite a long while.

There's also no flavor selector feature. The flavor selector could make a coffee blend more aromatic because the feature enables the thorough extraction of the ground coffee. Many consumers cite the absence of thermal carafe as a major limitation. Without the thermal carafe, one has to switch on the unit every now and then because the coffee will cool down easily.

Another disadvantage of shopping for this feature is that it doesn't have water filtration system that could filter the chrlorine that could result to a more aromatic blend. The color for the unit is also limited. This coffee maker is only available in white and black.


- can produce more cups of coffee (10)
- more energy-efficient compared to the other classics
- has easy pouring design
- has take-out filter basket for easy cleaning
- has water level indicator
- has simple controls
- inexpensive ($20)


- no auto shut off
- no fast brewing system feature
- no flavor selector feature
- no water filtration system
- no thermal carafe
- limited color (black or white)

Final Thoughts

Braun Aromaster Classic is for those who want a coffee maker that do not have complicated features.

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Mar 01, 2012
Excellent coffee maker
by: Tom in Toront

My 20 year-old Aromaster has been excellent.
If you want a simple, clean looking unit with a small footprint this is it. If it ever breaks down I will buy another Aromaster.

Mar 04, 2011
Buy this
by: Satisfied

I had to return my "new" Mr Coffee FTX45 (obviously financed and built under federal contract) after several "near misses". Get this coffee pot now. The Braun works. It doesn't hiss, piss, burn or bite. Spend a little extra. It's only a 10 cup carafe but the time saved in NOT having to clean-up after every Mr. Coffee "expedition" is well worth it.

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