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Braun AromaSelect Classic Coffeemaker

If you have heard of the AromaSelect Classic Thermal coffee maker, you probably heard about the AromaSelect Classic from Braun. This coffee maker shares some features with the AromaSelect Classic Thermal. However, there are slight differences.

Key features

- RapidBrew System - The RapidBrew System was designed for the easy and quick brewing of coffee. Aside from this, the system enables the thorough extraction of the ground coffee. Consumers don't have to wait very long for their coffee. Because of the thorough extraction process, the blend also becomes more aromatic.

- Flavor-selector - The flavor-selector feature of the unit allows the consumers to adjust the flavor of the coffee, from mild to strong. Aside from this, the AromaSelect Classic has a revolutionary multi-path system which filter bitter oil and acids.

- Water level indicator - The water level indicator helps consumers ensure that the water on their coffee makers is just on the right level.

- Braun PureAqua water filtration system - The Braun PureAqua water filtration system helps consumers make a flavourful coffee. The pure coffee taste that this feature creates is made possible by the reduction of the chlorine present in the water.


Many consumers are impressed by this coffee maker. One of the features consumers commend in this unit is the better aroma of the coffee brewed in this coffee maker. According to consumers, the taste of the brewed coffee is pure. This is actually the result of the thorough extraction of the ground coffee.

Aside from this, the unit has a system that reduces the chlorine in the water. Some consumers love the water level indicator of this unit. There are many coffee makers that do not have water level indicator, so this feature is really prized in a coffee maker. Aside from these, some people are impressed by the design of this coffee maker.

According to them, the coffee is easy to pour from the brewing unit to the cup. There are lots of consumers that are pleased by the easy-to-clean design of the coffee maker. The unit actually has take-out filter that allows users to easily and efficiently clean the unit.


Braun's AromaSelect Classic also has many limitations. One of these is that the important features are lacking. For instance, there's no automatic shut off feature. The automatic shut off feature is very helpful if you don't have enough time to devote on brewing coffee.

Aside from this, there's no digital clock for programmed brewing. For many consumers, the pre-programmed brewing is a very important feature because it adds efficiency to coffee-making. Another drawback is the wattage. The unit is 1.25o watts. There are actually many coffee makers that are only in 1.000 watts.

The design-driven consumers view the two-color options for the unit as a major drawback. The unit is available in pearl and titan colors, that for some, not really cool.

- has an easy pouring feature
- has a take-out filter basket
- easy to clean unit and parts
- has a water level indicator

- not that energy-efficient
- only available in two colors
- no automatic shut off feature
- no digital clock for ore programmed brewing
- not widely available

Braun's AromaSelect Classic has many good points. However, it is far from perfect. This unit also has a lot of limitations.

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